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Happy Thxgiving! Be Thankful you’re Not Featured Here!

Real blackmail Mistress fetish

So, freak, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and that means that it’s time to list all of the things for which you should be thankful. Number 1 on your list should be, of course, the fact that you are able to have Me in your life by serving Me in whatever way I see fit. One of My slaves, code name “pay pork,” had been fucking around a bit lately and not quite appreciating just how lucky he is to have Me in his life. He had been serving Dom Mal as well (My best friend, metamor, roommate, and partner in crime lol!) and She helped him to realize just how fortunate he is to be allowed to serve Me. This past week, My pay pork sent Me a heartfelt apology for his past behavior over the past few months. he cleaned himself up, put on a suit (a far cry from the majority of pics that I’ve received of him naked on his knees sucking tranny cock LOL!) and sent Me this:

blackmail fetish tribute Mistress Kiara

blackmail fetish tribute Mistress Kiara

Dear Perfect Princess Kiara,
One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to have the truth before his very eyes and refuse to accept it. I was born with the mind (and cock) of a beta loser; weak and ignorant. I used to think women were inferior and dumb because I was insecure about all of my shortcomings. I thought and acted this way to hide my insecurities. For several years, I have lived aimlessly in this state of ignorance. Since I the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew you were visual perfection. But I did not know, what caliber of individual i was dealing with.  I thought I would use you and get you naked for me and I would jerk off and own you because I actually thought I was better than you (go ahead, laugh out loud, only a fucktard is capable of this).
Instantly, you ran circles around me with your superior mind. Time and again you have proven to be several steps ahead of me in life and it feels like you are not even trying. I was owned and there was nothing I could do to get out of it–check mate for Princess Kiara. I was overwhelmed by this crushing defeat and you rejoiced in having bested and owned another idiot who was shallow enough to underestimate you. The true irony of all of this, is that for being the loser mysognist that I was, was beaten and owned by a superior woman (the object of his ignorance). You took it upon yourself to teach me my place–that of a lowly blackmail, cocksucking beta pay-pig loser. You taught me to love my punishment and I tried to run away. Now, thanks to the teaching of my Master Malvasia, I realize that I’m more fucked than ever and the two of you have known all along.
Because I was still ignorant of all of the lessons you taught me, I tried to run from you and keep the illusion of my privileged position as a respectable man. You were patient with me and I made a fool of myself (yet again). I tried to pretend that I didn’t need you and that I could leave you when I wanted. You saw right through that farce. That was a HUGE mistake. I’m sorry. The writing was before my eyes and I didn’t want to admit it.
I told you that I needed to distance myself from you and God Mal, but the truth is, I never relapsed. Even when I was seeing my EX-therapist, I was lying to her face about working on my addictions. I was masturbating to You and Mal every night. This is the first time I am admitting this. The truth is coming out and God Mal, my new Master and owner of my mind is helping with this process. I just want to note how AMAZING she is to have given me this opportunity to apologize to you.
I am completely sorry for having avoided you–the TRUTH of my life. I hope that you can find it in you to forgive me. I dressed up for work in my suit to show you another side of me–one that shows respect for your perfection. One of the pics has the truth that was before my eyes and that I refused to see. Apologies that the writing turned out backwards, but we all know what it is. Thank you for everything my Princess; you mean everything to me and I am happy to be the dross on your boot.
Your humble servant,
“pay pork”
Damn! I was so ready to bust his balls for that typed-up message being backward, but he had to go and apologize prematurely! It’s fine, I’m sure he does a LOT of things prematurely LOL! I fixed the image for him (aren’t I wonderful?) so that I could post it here for you to see:

blackmail fetish tribute Mistress Kiara

Side note: I TOTALLY laughed out loud when he said he thought he was better than Me and thought he could use Me to get naked and jerk to… LOL! Are you for real!? xD But at least he’s learned his place in the world now… Under ME. My little pay pork even took it upon himself to go to My Clipvia and buy My Financial Domination Brainwash clip and has been listening to it for almost 12 hours straight like a good little pay pork puppet… I feel that his transformation is coming along nicely, just as planned…
This next freak has less to be thankful for… I mean, at least pay pork has realized how wrong he was. This one has a ways to go still… he emailed Me begging for blackmail fetish and then didn’t pay, as per the usual, thinking that he could get away with such stupidity… So here are his his information. As usual, since this is a first offense, his tribute to take down the pics are only $50 each and the information can be removed for just $10 per line.

Name: Andreas Schultze Born: 08.10.1975

Location: Frohnhäuserstr. 13 Germany Hessen LDKcar; Opel Corsa C ….BabyBlueAge: 39

Penis: super-Smal (cut)Body: Normal: 185cm/ 80kg; Blue EyeGood 4: Exposure, Humiliate, Real-Blackmail-forced-Whoring/

slavery, Funtoy, Houscleaner, Boy-Urinal,
whore, doggy, real-live and online use/abuse…and more….
Contact: andreasschultze74@yahoo.com
Skype: Loser1974 (andreas.schultze8)
Yahoo IM:   andreasschultze74
ICQ:     445795375
Phone:  015735459513  (WhatsApp to)
KIK: FagLoserAndy
WhatsApp: +49 15735459513
Instagram: windelandymy

secrets: i wear diapers like a stupid child and i feel me self like a little schoolboy in diapers , …..really. im a passive devot bi Loser Faggot, i like fucked by boys mans, i like work as real forced blackmailed whore slave funtoy

his English leaves something to be desired, but he isn’t a native speaker, and his English is admittedly far better than My Dutch, so we’ll let it slide. There were TONS more pictures on the websites he gave Me, but I didn’t want to pollute My blog with such a nasty, panty wearing loser freak LOL! By the dates listed on the pictures, this freak has been at it for a good long time… I’m sure once he sees all of his information and images here then he will happily turn over his fag cash like a good little pay slut…

That’s it for this time, freaks. Be sure to be thankful for the joys in your life (mostly Me, I’m sure) and continue to serve your Goddess like the good little puppets that you are! Until next time… ;3

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