The Femdom Dungeon of Mistress Kiara

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to harassment issues, My Yahoo screen name has been changed! My screen name is now ONLY available to purchase via NiteFlirt using the button below, or by emailing Me for additional payment options.

Congratulations on recognizing Perfection when you see it. you've taken the first step to giving your miserable life a purpose by serving Me, Mistress Kiara. I have been a femdom Mistress for 5 years now and I don't have, need, or want any other job. Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life, and I LOVE being a femdom Goddess! If you have any questions for Me, or if you would like to set up a session where you can completely surrender to Mistress Kiara, then send an email to dominakiara(at) or you can purchase My YIM or Skype screen name at the top of any page of My website. Don't have Niteflirt? email Me for additional payment options.

Take a look around My femdom dungeon. There are many sexy fetish pictures to drool over in My gallery. If you want to start a shrine to your femdom Goddess, visit the sale page and buy some of My old stockings, toenail clippings, pedegg dust, used cigarette butts, or even a pair of My old nasty panties - you fucking freak! I've also got plenty of picture packs, videos, and assignments there. Or if you're REALLY brave, you can go to the sessions page and serve your Goddess. I offer webcam, phone, instant messaging, and real time Domination sessions.

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About Mistress Kiara

Q. How should I address You?
A. Mistress, Goddess, Princess, or Queen - all are fitting and acceptable.

Q. What are your favorite fetishes?
A. I enjoy many fetishes, but My favorites would have to be sissification, humiliation, blackmail, and financial domination.

Q. Besides owning submissive men, what are your hobbies?
A. I love being active. Currently, I am training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu submission grappling. I'm the only woman in My gym, which is great! I love being the only female there submitting all the men LOL!

Q. What is your favorite Book
A. Kiss My Tiara: How to Rule the World as a SmartMouth Goddes by Susan Jane Gilman

Q. Do you smoke?
A. Yes

Q. Do you like to make your slaves cry?
A. Yes, when I'm in the proper mood to.

Q. How long have you been a Mistress?
A. Since I was 18, so 5 years.

Q. How did you know that you were a Domme?
A. I first realized I had a special power over men when I was in middle school. I had an admirer - I was one of the girls who developed early. He would follow Me to My class before going to his. It was only natural that I made him carry My books as well. Eventually he would do My homework and have it ready for Me before class. It felt so good to be breaking the rules. Not just in making him do My homework for Me, but in making him serve Me.

Once we graduated into high school, our relationship had developed into a more traditional D/s relationship. It turns out My little jonathan was a foot lover, and I discovered the joys of foot massages every day after class, and he discovered the joys of My stinky used stockings, lol! He began to beg Me to allow him to serve Me. He craved only to be in My life, no matter what the cost. And I enjoyed upping that cost at every chance I could. After that, My place in life was clear.

Q. Do you have a favorite movie?
A. Yes, I have several actually. Fight Club, Momento, Cool World, SLC Punk

Q. Do you get physically turned on from your fetishes?
A. Of course! Otherwise, they wouldn't be fetishes.

Q. Are you currently seeking slaves?
A. Always!

Q. How do I know you're really who you say you are?
A. First off, I've been doing this for 4 years, and 99% of the slaves who've asked Me this were just time wasting losers. For the 1% of you who has been duped by someone claiming to be a Mistress in the past who was either a guy playing games or using fake pics, I am on many different sites which cam verify every member of their Mistress community, including DommesandSubs. I also Offer cam listings and have been getting excellent ratings on NiteFlirt and VIP With Me for years, which is simply not possible if I were a guy or a fake. I also have a youtube account showing several recorded videos of your Mistress, one of which is linked on this page.


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