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Forced Intoxication

I know you can’t get enough of Me. I know serving Me often makes you lightheaded, as though you’re drunk just being in My presence.  I just love how easy and pliable you become after a few drinks, a couple hits, a sniff of some poppers, blowing a line… Whatever form of intoxicant you choose, I love the amount of control forced intoxication gives Me over you.

forced intoxication poppers slave

When you’re flying high for Me, you will do whatever I want. your barriers come down and you beg Me to take whatever I want, force any pain on you I like, and make you even more intoxicated in any way possible. you become completely obedient and will reveal any secret, give any gift I demand, endure any abuse that I throw at you, all the while slurring and begging for more.

Whether you do shots, drink beer, or even if you enjoy some less than legal substances, I am more than happy to get you completely fucked up. Mindfucking forced intoxication pets is so easy, and so much fun!

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