Mistress Kiara’s slave Gallery


Here is where you’ll find images of all the slaves that I’ve had the joy of tormenting. These pics were either taken in cam sessions by Me or sent to Me by slaves who have done phone, cam, texting, or real time sessions with Me. If you’re looking for pictures of your Mistress and a slave together, check out the Mistress & slave picture pack on the right sidebar.

Because I’m sick of getting emails from some of you losers begging to be featured here, let Me explain to you exactly how this works. I do not just post any loser pics on this site just because you think I should. Let’s get this straight right here – I HATE losers who try to top from the bottom. Begging Me every time you see Me to post your loser pics on My slaves page is telling your Mistress what I should do for you which is topping from the bottom. Not only is it obnoxious and the opposite of submission, it pisses Me off. It’s not like I can just snap My fingers and have this shit done. Editing a website takes time and effort on My part. Yeah, I love doing it, but I’m not going to take time out of what I’m doing just because you want your loser pics in My slave gallery. If you want to be blocked and ignored indefinitely, by all means keep doing it.

If you’d prefer to stay on My better side, however, here’s how it works. If you want to be represented on My slaves page as a slave or submissive male who serves Perfection, then you must first session with Me. For information on how to set up a session, visit My sessions page. During our session, you can either allow Me to take My own pics or you can take pics and email them to Me. you have to let Me know that you want the pics on My slaves page or else I’ll just keep them for My own amusement.

If you follow the rules listed above, then the next time I update My slave gallery, you may just find your pictures here. Look at that sentence for a minute; Let Me break it down for you.

1. “IF you follow the rules…” – meaning there is a qualifier of the rules NEEDING to be followed before anything else is possible.

2. “…Next time I update My slave gallery…” – meaning that I will update My slave gallery whenever the fuck I feel like it, so don’t rush Me and assume your desires are important in My life.

3. “…you may just find your pictures here.” – meaning there is a chance that I won’t post your pics. Don’t send Me whiny, bitchy IMs about it. If you are polite and ask Me why, then there’s a much greater chance that I’ll tell you.

I really didn’t think that this needed to be spelled out like this, but some of the losers contacting Me are just getting rediculous. I’m a fucking Mistress, not a machine that does things instantly, and I sure as HELL don’t do things just because you want Me to. Deal with it.

Pics coming soon…