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Beat Down, Fetish Wrestling, & Face Slapping

Strong Mistress flexing fetish boxing gloves

As many of My long term puppets know, I greatly enjoy training in fight sports. Grappling, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Silat, Sambo, I’ve trained almost every form of fighting imaginable. It’s no surprise, then, that I’ve incorporated beat down and fetish wrestling into My femdom life as well!

fetish grappling head scissor Mistress slave

fetish boxing Mistress kicking slave barefoot

I’ve enjoyed grappling since about 2010, so I’ve got quite the repertoire of techniques to implement against My grappling fetish subs. Head scissors, arm bars, and chokes are My favorite, but I’ve trained most techniques and there’s not much I don’t feel comfortable doing where grappling is concerned. I also did a fair bit of Muay Thai, so kicking is something I also enjoy in My beat down sessions. Be warned, though, kicking can be far more powerful than punching!

fetish boxing Mistress punching slave boxing gloves

fetish boxing Mistress uppercutting slave

Along with grappling, I’ve done a fair bit of striking as well. I have several different glove types that I can wear, depending on how much the sub is allowed to be bruised or how deeply he wants to feel it.

Strong Mistress flexing fetish boxing barefist bare fist

For those who don’t have to worry about bruising issues, I also can do bare-knuckle punching and beat down. However, this can be dangerous in that it can cause injury more easily than using gloves. It’s something reserved for those slaves who have done beat down sessions with Me before and want to take it to the next level.

fetish boxing face slapping Mistress

Lastly, there’s face slapping. I love the CRACK as My hand lights up the face of a naughty sub! The eyes water and he just looks so shocked, even if he knows it’s coming. Face slapping is pretty low in terms of risk of injury or bruising, but I enjoy it all the same.

I have several beat down, fetish wrestling, and face slapping clips for you to enjoy as well, for those of you who live too far away to set up a real time session.


“When My landlord ‘doughboy’ refuses to fix things in My apartment, I bring My boxing gloves and work him over. I punch, kick, and slap him into submission, then make him worship My feet. I make him kiss them, suck My toes, and even fuck his throat with My whole foot LOL! When he’s completely down for the count, I help Myself to what’s in his wallet.”


In another exciting encounter with ‘doughboy,’ Kiara and Mal have just moved into their new home, purchased with the savings they’ve drained from losers while working as findoms. Unfortunately, they immediately begin having problems with their middle-aged next door neighbor, doughboy, who calls the authorities to file a noise complaint every time the dommes have their friends over for a party.

Things go from bad to worse, and one day when Dom Mal is out walking their Great Dane in the backyard, and sees doughboy staring at them from his kitchen window, stroking his tiny penis, and ejaculating into the kitchen sink, the dommes decide it’s time to punish the creep, and teach him a lesson he will never forget. Intending to inflame doughboy’s lust as well as his rage, and thereby provoke a confrontation, Domina Kiara puts on a sexy new outfit and takes the out for a walk …. on doughboy’s property!

When doughboy sees the gigantic take a massive dump in his yard, he’s filled with hatred for his new neighbors, and when he sees Dom Mal leave the house to go run some errands, and he is certain that Kiara is home alone, he goes next door to confront her.

Kiara is pleasant and charming as she welcomes doughboy into her home. She offers him a cup of tea, and tells him she’s sorry that the two of them have gotten off on the wrong foot, and hopes that they can resolve their differences. doughboy is in a far less conciliatory mood, and he orders Kiara to immediately go out into the yard and clean up the . Kiara laughs at this absurd demand. It’s just what doggies do, she reasons. What’s the big deal? If it bothers doughboy so much, he can go and clean it up himself.

Doughboy is incensed by Kiara’s flippant display of disrespect for her elders. He unleashes a tirade of personal insults, threatening her with physical bodily harm, and telling her that she is about to get everything that’s coming to her. Kiara just laughs and puts an end to doughboy’s threats with a well-deserved kick to the balls. She then punches, slaps, and kicks doughboy until he is knocked out.

Just then, Dom Mal returns home to find Kiara shoving her stiletto heels down doughboy’s throat. She invites Dom Mal to stick their toes into doughboy’s mouth as well, and the two dommes take turns humiliating their neighbor. Now it’s Mal’s turn to put on the boxing gloves and administer a beat down to the man who had so obscenely gotten off to Them without Their permission.

When he has again been knocked , the dommes lather up a large soap dildo and fuck his face with it, washing his mouth out. To further humiliate him, they feed him food, and then bring him to his ultimate disgrace by making him wear a leather hood. Finally, they fuck his nice, thick wallet, and celebrate their victory by counting their money while talking about their plans for the future …. plans that include having doughboy live in their ‘s old house, and taking possession of his house. The dommes have friends, after all, and they all deserve a nice place to live…




Finally, Domme Mal and I beat and sissify this loser because of his sick little fantasy…..

Kiara and Mal had been closely following a court case in which doughboy, a local self-defense instructor, had been brought up on charges of having beaten up one his young female students after the girl had refused his demands to “caress, kiss, lick and suck his penis and testicles.” But when the judge sets doughboy free due to a lack of witnesses or video evidence, Mal and Kiara decide to take matters into their own hands and punish doughboy for his outrageous actions.

To trap him, Mal signs up for doughboy’s beginners level boxing course, and sends him some of Their most provocative lingerie photos, suggesting that They are interested in much more than just learning how to box. When doughboy suggests conducting the lesson in his private hotel suite, Mal enthusiastically agrees.

Mal arrives for Their lesson, and doughboy helps Them on with Their boxing gloves. He begins by showing Them a few basic techniques, but things take a dark turn when special emphasis is placed on learning how to clinch, and soon doughboy has his arms wrapped around Them, telling them how pretty They would look if They would only let their hair grow out and put on some pretty red lipstick and a sexy little dress. He orders Them to remove Their clothing and “show me them titties.” When They refuse, doughboy says he’s going to “make a woman” out of Mal, and he grabs Their shirt and tries to remove it himself. Mal puts a knee into his groin, and doughboy falls to the floor.

Mal tells doughboy that Their friend Kiara has been secretly filming everything that’s happened since they arrived, and now they have enough evidence to put doughboy away for life. He tries to get to his feet, but now it is Mal who is giving the boxing lesson, and doughboy is on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown. While he is , Kiara and Mal cross-dress him. He comes to just as Kiara is standing over him with his wallet. Doughboy demands to know where his clothes are and that Kiara give his wallet back, but the Dommes just laugh and take turns slapping and beating him frurther, once again knocking him out.

The Dommes drag him to an office chair and Kiara ties his hands behind his back. Doughboy comes to again just as Kiara finishes smearing lipstick across his unsmiling mouth. Kiara holds up a mirror in front of doughboy so he can see how pretty he looks, and he lets out a mournful sob. The Dommes laugh and proceed to humiliate the sissy by his wallet and then beating him up again. In the end, he’s bound and gagged by pairs of Their dirty underwear, and ready to be turned over to the authorities. Kiara and Mal celebrate by counting Their well-earned cash.

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