Chastity & Key Holding

extreme real blackmail Mistress blackmail slave outed

Chastity and key holding are two of My absolute favorite tools for training My slaves. Let’s be honest, most men think with the little head more often than not, and if they get horny enough they will seek the orgasm nearly 100% of the time.  When  your balls are blue and aching there is almost no end to what you will do in order to earn an orgasm. There is no task you won’t at least attempt and no tribute that is too high when you’ve been denied an orgasm for so long that just taking a piss makes your balls ache.

extreme real blackmail Mistress blackmail slave outed

extreme real blackmail Mistress blackmail slave outed

Most people think that when you’re wearing a chastity device you can never get hard or feel pleasure, but that’s simply not true. Simply observe the look of ecstasy on My little luis’s face as he tugs at his chastity device for Me. And observe how swollen his testicles have gotten as well. In this session, I was even able to get him to cum while wearing a chastity device lol.

The important part of chastity is that it puts Me in total control. When I am your key holder, I control when and if you cum, and I set the rules for exactly if and how you are allowed to masturbate. This is especially effective when the device is worn overnight, as men get an erection from an average of 1:15 – 3:00 hours each night. Being in a chastity device doesn’t prevent an erection, but rather makes it more painful to have an erection. This can wake the slave during these erection periods (usually 3-5 each night). That means that there are 3-5 times each night that you are up and laying in bed thinking of Me. Isn’t that wonderful?

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For those of you who are too scared or too new to allow Me to be your key holder, there is still the option of chastity play without actually surrendering your physical keys to Me. There are companies which make plastic locks with individualize serial numbers on them. Each day, you’ll simply need to take about 5 minutes to hop on cam and show Me that your lock is still attached and intact. If there is a medical emergency, you simply take a pair of regular scissors and cut the lock off. Of course, if you cut the lock off of your chastity device for any OTHER reason, there will be punishments…

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