April Update From Mistress Kiara

Happy Spring! Summer is My favorite season, but spring feels like the drumroll before summer’s official arrival. Some BIG updates are coming soon to make sure that My summer is the best it can be, so let’s jump right into it!

My Birth Month

femdom fetish Mistress Kiara DominaKiara birthday gifts

April is the month in which I was born, and thus the whole month should be spent celebrating! As you can see by the screen shot above, My good subs are already working on getting Me the lovely gifts I deserve. Get your ass over to My Amazon Wish List and buy Me a gift yourself, or check out My tribute page and just send over some sexy cash to make Me smile! The 20th is My official birthday, so be sure NOT to bother Me with ANYTHING but tribute notifications on that day.

Getting Vaccinated – 1 Shot Down, 1 to Go!

real time in person femdom fetish Mistress Dominatrix Domme sessions

Last month I posted about My plans for doing real time dominatrix sessions after being vaccinated for covid. Well good news! I got My first shot last week and I will be getting shot 2 in about 2 more weeks. 2 weeks after that (around the second week of May) I’ll be as protected as possible! At that time I will start contacting people who have paid to be on the wait list. If that’s  you, you will be contacted via email in the order in which they were added.

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Awaiting Spring with Mistress Kiara

First off, sorry that this blog is so late! I usually aim to release a blog during the first week of each month, but things got a little hectic this time around. I had to take My oldest sweet kitty to the emergency vet for a very scary-looking issue involving a lot of blood in the litter box. Fortunately, it was just a bladder infection and he’s back home and fine now. But in the chaos, I completely forgot to write this blog! So without further ado, let’s get to the updates!

Mistress’ Birthday Approaches

femdom Domme Mistress Kiara DominaKiara

Mark your calendars because the most important holiday of the year is coming! My Birthday is April 20th, and I will be expecting a LOT from you this year. I have had many subs slacking as of late, both real time and online. I shouldn’t have to remind you that a Goddess like Me only keeps subs around if they are actively pleasing Me. So get your lame ass over to My Amazon Wish List and buy Me a gift, or check out My recently updated tribute page and just send over some sexy cash to make Me smile!

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New Month, New Look, & New Updates from Mistress Kiara!

February is here, and I am SO ready! I’ve gotten most of the little issues that have been plaguing Me squared away, and I’m raring to take on the new month, year, and season to come!

New Punky UV Reactive Hair!

femdom Mistress Domina Kiara curvy thic goth punk BBW fetish humiliatrix

I’m sure by now you all know that your Mistress LOVES doing fun things with My hair. Well, I thought it was time for a switch again, so I went with one of My favorite color combinations, blue and pink. I wanted to strut My stuff like a sexy peacock lol! But I also wanted to try a new brand which was more class conscious and didn’t test on animals. So I chose this one, which has a UV-Reactive option! I love it SO much, and I can’t WAIT for it to be safe enough to go the club and show it off!

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Welcome to 2021 With Mistress Kiara…

In case you didn’t notice, things are looking great for the coming year! In 2020, I made over 6 figures with Domination as My only source of income, and there’s no WAY I’m stopping in 2021! I know things were a bit concerning with the SISEA bill, but thanks to the ‘lame duck’ period, it has been thrown out. It’s not QUITE a victory, since they could just easily reintroduce the bill (or a similar one), but at least it’s no longer an imminent threat!

New Year, New Layout

goth femdom latex leather fetish Domme cleavage

Just a quick and easy layout change to the site which SHOULD help it look and function better on tablet and mobile devices. Be sure to let Me know if anything looks off, or if there’s anything I can do to change the site which will make it easier for you to use on your device! With so many platforms going the way of Tumblr (like Instagram has recently done), I want this website to be as useful as possible!

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Stop SISEA if You Wish the Worlds of Internet Porn, Online Sex Work, and Adult Artwork to Continue


SISEA was thrown out but only because of the ‘lame duck’ period — meaning that nobody in the Senate wanted to put any effort into anything when there was so little time before the next elects were set to come in. It’s a win, but not a victory, since another Senator (or even the same ones) could just come in and submit the same or a similar bill once everything is settled with the new crew of Senators.

What SISEA Will Mean for the World of Sex Work and Internet Pornography:

SISEA (the Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act) was proposed by and will be voted on by Senators first. If passed, it will require ALL websites who host and make adult entertainment media available to follow certain regulations.

What Websites Will Be Affected?

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