Trampling, Shoe, Boot, Stocking, Nylon, & Foot Worship

Feet are the lowest part of the body. They are often the dirtiest part of the body as well, especially when I’ve been out shopping all day. Yet you still crave to worship them, don’t you puppet?


slave forced to suck Mistress foot fetish


you want to sniff and lick My nasty dirty feet, swirling your tongue in between each toe. you can’t resist My nasty foot sweat, can you? It’s all you think about, isn’t it? But there is more to foot fetish than just feet…


sissy slave sissified boot worship fetish


Some of you crave boot worship… Thinking of how sexy My legs look in My boots, sometimes even adding to My collection with your paycheck. Bowing down to kiss them. And not just the tops, either. I know what you really want… you want to lick the grime off of the bottom of My sexiest pair of boots.


Financial Domination Findom Princess Money Mistress moneydomme


Or perhaps it’s shoes that really get you going. Especially ones like this stiletto sandal with a 5 inch heel! you want to be the slave in this picture, don’t you? you want to be as close to My Perfect toe cleavage as you possibly can. you want your entire world to revolve only around My Perfect feet in sexy shoes.


femdom goth fishnets fish nets stockings foot spread toes


Or is what’s under the shoe what gets you going? Do you crave to have a pair of stockings which have caressed My Perfect feet drenched in My sweat and foot stench? I’d love to have you on your knees with your hands tied behind your back and use My socks as a ball gag on you LOL!

Then there are the boys who crave to see My gorgeous legs and feet in nylons. Nylons are SO sexy! Just that light, sheer material separating you from My Perfection. The smooth sheen on My legs as I sit there, teasing you with them… And they ALWAYS get nice and stinky when I wear them with My sexy shoes or boots!

And finally there those puppets who wish to be trampled by Me… Feeling the weight of My sexy, curvy body bearing down on you while I literally walk all over you. It’s one of the most real experiences of servitude you could possibly have. you are literally the ground that My Perfect feet and shoes walk on. you support Me in every way, dealing gratefully with what ever pain you may feel, and relishing every second of it…

Whatever your attracted to in regards to My shoes and feet, here are just a few of My favorite clips. There are SO MANY MORE than I can put just here, so be sure to check out My clip stores for even more foot fetish fun!

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Follow Me, puppet... I know you can't resist.