Serve your Findom Mistress in a Real Time Fetish Session

real time in person femdom fetish sessions with Mistress Kiara

NOTE: I have reopened real time sessions but with some additional rules!

Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, I am now requiring that the initial meetup is done somewhere outside like a park or just walking around downtown.

I am immunocompromised due to some of the medications that I take, and so are one of My partners and a few of My family members. I will not endanger their safety and their lives just because you want to get off. Therefore, I am also requiring two (2) covid tests to be performed on the spot when you arrive for your session. Each test must be negative and you must not show any symptoms. If you show up with symptoms or your tests come out positive, you WILL NOT be refunded the money for your session!

Real time femdom Mistress sessions face sitting

So, you want to worship this Goddess in person? you think your are worthy to actually see My face as I react to whatever absurd things you say and do for Me? you want to feel the sting of My whip as I punish you for your failures?

I love doing real time sessions with My subs who wish to serve Me, so if you’re in the Ann Arbor, MI area or able to commute, let Me know! However, this is a dangerous world and in order for Me to feel comfortable about having a real time session with you, I will need to meet you and get to know you first. Feel free to purchase My screen names and add Me to your messenger list, or send Me an email at

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More time can always be added later if you decide you would like to serve for longer, so long as you bring the required funds to the session. Session prices are a base $200 per hour. Depending on the fetishes desired, the price may go up from there. For example, financial domination and blackmail sessions are FAR more expensive than sissification, bondage, caning, or humiliation sessions.

*DISCOUNT!* If you will allow yourself to be filmed during our session, and sign a model release allowing Me to sell it in My clips stores, then the cost will be lowered to $150 per hour. I do allow the use of masks/hoods/etc in order to keep your identity secret, and I will choose slave name, which I will use to refer to you during the clips and in the descriptions.

Next you will send a $50 nonrefundable deposit to Me via any means listed on My tribute page. The $50 will go toward the cost of the first hour of the session. Then we will need to set up a meeting between you and Me where you will purchase Me dinner/coffee/whatever and we can chat and get to know each other in a public place. If you feel comfortable, we can talk about what fetishes you would like to indulge in the session. If that’s too embarrassing, or if our meeting place is more crowded than usual, feel free to write them down or email them to Me after the meeting. If the meeting goes well, we will decide on a date and time for the session and get all required paperwork (model releases, waivers, etc) signed.

NOTE: I DO NOT DO same-day sessions! I require at least a week’s notice to book a session, and I do not book sessions for ‘if it goes well’ immediately after the initial meeting.

RESCHEDULING: If you need to reschedule or cancel the initial meeting, I require at least 24 hr notice. There will be a $100 fee for canceling our initial meeting with less than 24 hr notice. This fee will be paid before discussion of rescheduling can occur. 

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There are only certain fetishes that I will indulge in real-time, and I will NOT perform anything considered ‘prostitution’ by the local laws of the state of Michigan. This includes but is not limited to ANY FORM OF PENETRATION (yes, this includes strap-on. If a Mistress offers you strap-on play in Michigan, she is ENGAGING IN ILLEGAL PROSTITUTION). If you want more information on this, feel free to email Me.

To set up a real time femdom fetish session with Me in Ann Arbor, Michigan, send Me an email at or talk to Me about it on Skype – My screen name is GoddessKiara. In the message, you MUST tell Me these things if you want Me to treat you like a serious client:

1. When is best for you for the initial meetup (days and times)
2. How long of a session do you want?
3. What are your key fetish interests and intentions for this session?
4. How did you send your initial $50 deposit?

Once you have sent Me this specific information, I will reply with the meeting place and time. If you didn’t send answers to ALL FOUR QUESTIONS, I will just respond with a link to this page and tell you that you need to read this page and try again.

 Realtime findom financial domination Mistress cash meet sessions

If you are a financial slave seeking a real time shopping session with Me or a cash point meet, then you will need to be prepared to spend. DO NOT attempt a real-time shopping or cash meet session if your finances cannot handle it! There is a $50 deposit to be paid BEFORE we meet for the shopping or cash meet. This $50 does NOT go toward your shopping or cash meet total and is nonrefundable. you will be expected to carry My purchases and follow Me around whichever mall I choose. you will spend a MINIMUM of $200 on this trip and receive in return the thrill of shopping for a Perfect Goddess, as well as any pictures or videos or anything that we agree upon.

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Several of My good Domme friends live in the area. If you want to serve more than one Mistress, the fees are doubled, as We will BOTH be paid. If you are interested in serving Me and one (or more) or My friends, be sure to include this information in your emails to Me.


Everyone has limits, Myself included. No amount of money will make Me do ANY of the things on this list. Anyone who asks for these things exclusively will be ignored. I won’t even bother to respond to your message.


  • Me naked
  • Me topless
  • Me bottomless
  • Unclothed facesitting/ass worship
  • Anything that involves Me submitting to anyone else
  • Direct toilet play
  • handjobs
  • a sub to penetrate Me
  • a sub to get bodily fluids on Me in any way
  • blood
  • needles
  • anything involving live animals
  • anything involving anyone under the age of 18
  • anything involving anyone who did not or cannot consent to our fetish play.
  • anything involving vomit
  • farting

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