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Femdom Hypnosis, Brainwashing, & Mindfuck

Hypnosis Certified Mistress femdom hypnotist

As the above certificate indicates, I have been hypnosis certified since early 2009. Since then, I have been using what I’ve learned there daily in order to mold the minds of My slaves. Brainwashing and mindfucking a sub is so easy. In fact, most sub males like you actually crave to be controlled so completely that your actions become an extension of My will.

femdom hypnosis pendulum mindfuck brainwash mistress

The wonderful thing about hypnosis and brainwashing is that, when done properly, the subject is completely unaware that anything has changed in their way of thinking. The type of hypnosis I studies is called NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am able to use My words, intonation, and in some cases even visualizations or binaural waves to completely reprogram the mind of My submissive.

femdom hypnosis brainwash mindfuck Mistress

Once you are under My power, limits become meaningless. Brainwashed slaves do anything I say, whenever I say it, without argument. When I mindfuck you, I plant post-hypnotic suggestions in your mind which will cause you to simply do the actions that I have programmed you to do. The best part is, you will think that it was your idea all along… If you want to surrender your life, and your mind, to Me, fill out My femdom hypnosis quiz. The questions may seem arbitrary, but they will give a trained hypnotist like Myself a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your mind. Once I have this information, it will be that much easier to put you under My spell…


Here are a few of My best selling femdom hypnosis, mindfuck, and brainwashing clips

Brainwashing, Hypnosis, & Mindfuck Explained


femdom hypnosis brainwash brainwashing mindfuck mind fuck

I am a legitimately certified hypnotist, and this is a clip of Me explaining to you just how an why it works, as well as why you keep coming back for more…

Financial Domination & Cum Eating Brainwash Mindfuck Hypnosis


Financial Domination CEI Femdom Hypnosis Binaural Beats

Be warned! This clip is very powerful! This clip is not to be listened to unless you are in a safe environment, can sit or lay down, and you have ample time afterward to come back around. Being a certified hypnotist, mindfuck and brainwashing comes naturally to Me. This clip will bring you under with a slow induction, at which point I will plant post hypnotic suggestions into your brain. Brainwashing takes time. Anyone who says they can do it in one clip is deluding themselves. However, this clip is a great start. Listening to this clip with headphones and enjoying it at least once per day will ensure the best mindfuck brainwashing mesmerize you’ll ever get.

CBT Hypnosis


cbt mindfuck brainwash hypnosis

This was a custom request. “Most Devine Mistress Kiara, i humbly request that you create for this pathetic loser a custom video. i want YOU to hypnotize, entrance, brainwash, and mindfuck me, make me beat my loser cock for YOU, and then wrap it in duct tape so that when i pull it off for YOU, the skin comes off too.”

Financial Domination Mindfuck Brainwash Hypnosis


financial domination mindfuck brainwash hypnosis

This clip was so much fun! I’ve already tested it out on 2 of My pets, so HEED THIS WARNING! Once you watch this clip, you WILL be addicted to serving Me financially! I am a certified hypn0tist, and I take this VERY seriously. If you don’t have the funds to spare, DO NOT buy this clip!! you have been warned…

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