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Impact Play

Just look at the joy on My face as a beat this restrained sub’s ass with a paddle! I think it’s pretty obvious how much I truly enjoy impact play. Paddles, floggers, whips, crops, canes, and even just a good old fashioned spanking never fail to bring a delighted smile to My face.

I usually prefer My subs to be bare-assed when enjoying impact play together, but unfortunately this clip was done at Exxxotica Expo where only the porn stars were allowed to be nude. I prefer an exposed ass for impact play because it is so much more fun to see the marks I leave on you!

chain bondage slave caning bruises

I want to see the red marks and welts that I leave from intense impact play like the picture above. I want you to remember Me every time you sit down for the next week. Every time you look in the mirror, I want the bruises to remind you of all the fun I got to have using you for impact play…

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