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Blackmail Mistress Kiara Blackmail Mistress Kiara

This is a page dedicated to all of the blackmail losers I’ve encountered in My many years of being a blackmail Mistress. There is information and pictures here for each blackmail slave who entered into a blackmail contract with Me and failed to keep up his end of the contract.

This section of the site is for pictures and information that My blackmail sluts have given Me and are contractually obligated to allow Me to post here. If you see your blackmail information here, then wipe the shit out of your panties and know that there is still hope. Depending on how dire your offense, you can send retribution tribute to your blackmail Mistress and have your pictures and information removed.

Scroll down to your pictures and see how many pictures of you are posted and how much information I have on you. The retribution fees are $50.00 per image and $10.00 per line of information. If you find your blackmail information here, then rest assured that I have also added it to several loser lists and blacklists for other Dommes and Mistresses to see.

Blackmail losers – if you want to sign up for My blackmail contract and be one of My blackmail slaves, send an e-mail to dominakiara[at]gmail[dot]com and be sure to tell Me that you want Me to be your new blackmail Mistress.


Blackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slave


Blackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slave

madasahatter1000: on YIM – This loser in these MANY many pictures is not following the very simple rules that go along with serving his blackmail Mistress. Besides the fact that he never pays on time, he thinks that I should always remember him because his pictures are on My site. I guess he doesn’t realize that he is small potatoes compared to My blackmail slaves who actually follow the rules and pay their Mistress regularly!

Blackmail Mistress slave

So when he asks Me for favors, of course I’m going to turn him down! And nobody receives mercy from this blackmail Mistress, especially this loser! he begs Me every time he contacts Me to take down his blackmail pictures for free – what bullshit! Then he continually whines about how he can only pay $20 now, but maybe he can pay the rest later. Well guess what loser? $20 isn’t what you owe – it’s not even close! $20 is going to keep you from getting blocked, but it’s not going to get your blackmail Mistress to remove you hilarious pictures!

It’s really upsetting, becasue I thought he was going to be one of the good blackmail slaves who always tributes his Mistress on timBlackmail Mistress slavee… he even ate his own shit on cam for Me! LOL! But he had to go and be a loser – pay Me once or twice, and then disappear. Well, his pics won’t disappear from here, LOL!

The point is, I am really an understanding blackmail Mistress when you play by My rules. I only charge $50 for the removal of each pic.Many of My blackmail slaves beg Me to keep them in My stable after the initial 4 month trial period is up. Many of My salves LOVE serving Me as their Blackmail Mistress, and those are the ones I remember. Those are the ones that I enjoy having in My stable and want to keep around.



rawmk2004 on NiteFlirt or travelerseason YIM – This one is a REAL doozy! After signing a blackmail contract and promising to buy Me at least one pair of shoes per week, a pedicure per month, AND pay Me a tribute for every time I call him loser, he defaults on his blackmail contract. On top of that, he promises to buy Me anything I want from My wish list, but backs out if I choose anything other than shoes & stockings.

REAL loser, this one, tops from the bottom like no other, and bald face LIES out his ass. he tried to get Me to turn on ‘other Mistresses who blackmail him and tok it too far,’ and wants Me to take the other Blackmail Mistress to court, lol! Guess what loser? I am WAY closer to the other Mistresses than I am to ANY of My slaves!

I love the warm rush of blood and the pitter-patter of My heart that comes with the thrill of outing a blackmail loser… This time, in order to get his info taken down, he will have to buy his blackmail Mistress over $1,500 in dresses, shoes, and handbags. I am seriously tired of dealing with his lying bullshit! I doubt he will pay, but we’ll see. Some losers change… In the mean time – be sure to call him and his boss lol! I checked, all the numbers work.
Full Name: matt glupo
Age: 34
Married?: n
Faithful: y
Sex (How often? good/bad): good and rare
Brother: Phillip
Best friend: Rob – 314 565 4710
What kind of work do you do?: Golterman & Sabo
Kinkiest fantasy: feet
Car you drive (make, model, year): jeep 2006,
Wife’s Name: n/a
Kids names: matt, josh, tamara
Yearly Income (approx): 80k
Cell Phone Number: 314 623 8164
Name Of Work Place: golterman and Sabo
Boss’ Name: J Davis
Home and Work Phone Numbers: 636 225 8800




Another loser who called Me on NiteFlirt and gave Me all of his blackmail information over the phone, only to refuse payment once I sent him the PTV mail. he told Me that he thought I used made-up information for the losers I post on My website and blog. Let’s see what he thinks about his Mistress now, lol! he still calls Me periodically, telling Me how much I’m ruining his life by being a real blackmail Mistress. he’s the star of My slaves gallery – I love the images of him fucking his loser ass with a hotdog LOL!

Niteflirt SN: lonelyinside
Full Name: Jared Matthew Lynch
Age: 28
Married?: No
GF: Tracy
Faithful: no, he told Me that he sleeps with hookers and also steals panties from his girlfriend’s friends to wear & sniff like the loser he is.
What kind of work do you do?: He works for National Envelopes
Yearly Income (approx): 40k/YEAR
Cell Phone Number: 724 217 0159 – verified as his, I checked.




This next faggot contacted Me via YIM, trying to tell Me that he thought I wasn’t a real blackmail Mistress. Let’s see how fake he thinks I am now… his name is james meyers from **REMOVED FOR A BLACKMAIL MISTRESS TRIBUTE**, his niteflirt name is **REMOVED FOR A BLACKMAIL MISTRESS TRIBUTE**, e-mail is or **REMOVED FOR A $100 BLACKMAIL MISTRESS FETISH TRIBUTE LOL!** and his instant message names are willbro_kin and nuggets720 and frizz_citi and range_swivel, and black_rose888, and goldeneye818, phone number is **REMOVED FOR A $100 BLACKMAIL MISTRESS TRIBUTE LOL!** **Paid $50.00 blackmail tribute to remove it, but fucked around again so it’s back again LOL!** – I think you losers should ALL call him and let him know that little boys should not mess with real Mistresses. Oh, and be sure to send him and his wife a letter lol **REMOVED FOR A $100 BLACKMAIL MISTRESS FETISH TRIBUTE LOL!**

[03:38] dominakiara: Actually, I’m just redoing My website and transferred hosting.
[03:39] dominakiara: Now that I have your real screen name (I’m surprised you weren’t too pussy to hide behind a proxy again) I can post it along with the fucking HILARIOUS pics of you sucking your own cock.
[03:40] dominakiara: Prove it
[03:40] dominakiara: you’re too pussy to send it. I knew it.
[03:40] range_swivel: i would send it fag
[03:41] dominakiara: Riiiight, that’s why you are pussyfooting around and haven’t sent it?
[03:41] range_swivel: u know i would
[03:43] range_swivel: ok if your so confident how long will it take bitch
[03:43] dominakiara: As long as it takes, longer with little faggot bitches bothering Me.
[03:45] dominakiara: Unfortunately, the admin of where I had the pictures hosted said that you were too much of a faggot to have appearing on her site, so I don’t have the pics, but I’ll be posting this conversation with your screen name and phone shortly.
[03:46] range_swivel: lol i would send the pics again fag i know ur a little fake
[03:46] dominakiara: If you want your pics on My site so badly, send them again by all means. I know My viewers love to see faggots with cocks down their throat – especially when it’s a black cock, and even more if it’s their own! lol!

 Blackmail Mistress slave

Blackmail Mistress slave
Blackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slave

Of course, as soon as he saw these humiliating pics…

[04:05] range_swivel: okok u win shit i was kidding
[04:05] dominakiara: Pay up or they stay, like everyone else, cock.
[04:05] range_swivel: hell no im not paying you
[04:05] dominakiara: then your information and pictures stay. Have fun 😉
[04:06] range_swivel: omg cant i do something else
[04:06] dominakiara: nope, you pay or you stay outed for the world.
[04:07] range_swivel: how much do i have to pay
[04:07] dominakiara: $50/pic.
[04:07] dominakiara: Actually, $100/pic, because I hate you and you tried to fuck with Me.
[04:07] dominakiara: Plus $20.00 for the other information.
[04:08] range_swivel: 720 bucks???
[04:08] dominakiara: you’re own fault, loser.
[04:08] dominakiara: Better make a payment plan – hundreds of people view My site every day.
[04:11] range_swivel: kiara please i beg u
[04:11] range_swivel: im ur bitch ok u win
[04:11] dominakiara: Keep begging. I won’t listen until you start begging with your wallet.
[04:11] range_swivel: please stop humiliating me
[04:11] dominakiara: you deserve every second of it, faggot.
[04:12] dominakiara: Look at your pictures! you’re a cock-sucking faggot who sucks his own faggot cock!
[04:13] range_swivel: dont post any of this chatting got it….but im sorry i never should have messed with u i submit to u ok ..can u please take them off i beg u
[04:15] dominakiara: I’m posting this convo and going to bed, it’s been fun cockwhore.




ben smith, 26 or 27 (though he is probably a little girl lying about his age), is the next loser on the list. His address is 13 blackburn rd, birmingham UK and you can ring him at 0829745733. he thought he could ‘challenge’ Me in his unwillingness to give up information, but he wound up fucking himself over when he refused to pay up. e-mail him at and let him know what a loser he is! lol!

[12:10] dominakiara: What fetishes are you involved in, how will you be serving (online/over the phone)
[12:10] subliminal80: i have a fantasy for watersports, on cam
[12:15] dominakiara: And what drew you to Me?
[12:15] subliminal80: you are stunning
[12:16] dominakiara: lol, I know
[12:16] subliminal80: and i like redheads
[15:40] subliminal80: if only i could drink your pee Mistress
[15:40] dominakiara: lol, what makes you think you are worthy?
[15:41] subliminal80: maybe i am not Mistress. it is a fantasy of mine to drink the pee of a readheaded woman i am not worthy
[15:44] dominakiara: lol, you can always try to prove yourself
[15:44] subliminal80: but i may be humiliated Mistress, i’m shy
[15:47] dominakiara: Why is that?
[15:48] subliminal80: i’m worried i’ll be laughed at or seduced into doing things i wouldnt normally do
[17:09] subliminal80: do you entertain blackmail?….although i dont believe it works
[17:10] dominakiara: I LOVE blackmail – it’s one of My favorites. Why do you think it doesn’t work?
[17:11] subliminal80: i just dont think i would give much info out, and i dont think i can be tricked into doing it either. i just dont see how it can be done easily
[17:11] dominakiara: Well, most of My boys give their information willingly in a contract, but I have a few ways to get information out of them as well.
[17:12] subliminal80: the thought, i admit, does excite me, but really dont think it can be done easily with me if i’m honest Mistress
[17:13] dominakiara: It is a 2-way street – you have to be willing to try as well.
[17:13] subliminal80: yeah i appreciate that to an extent
[17:14] dominakiara: But, since it is My favorite, I would be up for a challenge if you’re up for a try?
[17:22] subliminal80: do you think you an break me Mistress?
[17:23] dominakiara: I will definitely try 😉 I think it will be a fun challenge – make Me think of new ways to play. e-mail?
[17:39] subliminal80:
[17:49] dominakiara: I am used to at least getting SOMEthing up front. It’s part of the fetish.
[17:56] dominakiara: I’m still shopping with a PAYING subbie, so you will have to wait.
[17:58] subliminal80: lol, i think youre giving up on me , too tough a challenge
[17:59] dominakiara: Well, what do I stand to gain vs what do I stand to loose? you aren’t willing ot give Me anything but a first name, city, and country. you aren’t going to tribute until I crack you – why bother when I make thousands/week on those who are WILLING?
[18:00] subliminal80: because it is different to your usual losers, keep you mentally strong and test your skills so that you can use them on others in the future. consider me a training
[18:00] dominakiara: I consider you a wanker who wants something for free, actually.
[18:01] subliminal80: no, not free. i’m good for it, if you can crack me
[18:01] dominakiara: There’s that IF – YOU have to be willing to be cracked, which you are obviously not.
[18:03] dominakiara: I can say “I WANT THIS” to My subbie in the other AIM window and it will arrive within 7-10 business days. and he gave Me his information willingly
[18:03] subliminal80: thats all well and good but dont you want a challenge. crack me and you’ll have achieved something
[18:04] dominakiara: he ALSO takes care of advertising My MySpace, CollarMe, SugarDaddyForMe, Google Alerts, etc.
[18:04] dominakiara: I HAVE achieved something.
[18:09] subliminal80: i’m 27 by the way and attractive aparently
[18:10] dominakiara: do you have a pic to prove it?
[18:10] subliminal80: maybe
[18:12] subliminal80: i once went on cam as a slave and was emailed photos of what i did on cam. i didnt know the pics were being taken at the time
[18:13] subliminal80: was quite a shock. it was strange seeing myself but exciting too ….part of the reason i kept them
[18:27] subliminal80: the pics are from nov 2007 but i saved them
[18:52] subliminal80: my pics were taken by a gay master
[12:39] subliminal80: its shots of my cam and conversation
[12:46] subliminal80: how old are you by the way?
[12:46] dominakiara: 21, you?
[12:46] subliminal80: really? you seem older i’m 26. which aspects of this do you get off on?
[12:57] dominakiara: blackmail is really fun, the findom, of course, I LOVE tease & denial
[12:59] subliminal80: i like the idea of exploring things i havnt done before and wouldnt normally do in rt
[13:00] dominakiara: did you e-mail the pics yet?
[13:00] subliminal80: not yet but will do
[13:32] dominakiara: And I don’t have an e-mail from you
[13:34] subliminal80: ive been day dreaming today, wondering how pee and cum taste
[13:35] dominakiara: have you never tried?
[13:35] subliminal80: no
[13:36] dominakiara: I’ll be honest, I’m really not willing to do any fetish play until you pay. Even though you are a challenge, I am not going to treat you any different financially than any of My other slaves.
[13:37] subliminal80: how much do you normally demand?
[13:38] dominakiara: $50 initially, and then more as the play gets more demanding.
[13:38] subliminal80: and can you blackamail the initial payment from me?
[13:39] dominakiara: I just told you that I am not willing to any in-depth play until you have paid
[13:39] dominakiara: Not only will it be insurance as payment for My effort, but it also will prove to Me that you are of age to play these games.
[13:40] subliminal80: do u need info to blackmail me?
[13:40] subliminal80: or pic to show my age
[13:40] dominakiara: If you will give Me the info willingly, then I will do it.
[13:48] dominakiara: Have you sent the picture yet?
[13:48] subliminal80: not yet
[13:49] dominakiara: then hurry – you still have to tribute, too.
[13:49] subliminal80: tribute?
[13:50] dominakiara: the initial $50.00 tribute
[13:50] subliminal80: no
[13:50] dominakiara: Send the picture now or never hear from Me again. your choice. I’m a paid professional – you don’t wanna pay, you don’t get to play. If you don’t tribute, how will I know that you are of age? BDSM is quickly becoming illegal in the UK – I could get in a lot of trouble if you’re under age.
[13:52] subliminal80: i am 26 yrs old
[13:52] dominakiara: How do I know that?
[13:52] subliminal80: i would show on cam
[13:53] subliminal80: must pee
[13:53] dominakiara: if you leave, I leave.
[13:53] dominakiara: we finish the business first, then you get the luxury of relieving yourself.
[13:54] subliminal80: its dribbling, i wish you would kick me in my faggot balls.
[13:54] dominakiara: good, you deserve it for fucking around with Me and wasting My time. Maybe you should lick it off to see how it tastes, lol
[13:55] subliminal80: if u order me too then yes. i would do anything you ordered me to, even suck a cock. i secretly want you to out me because i’m a little faggot.
[13:55] dominakiara: I ORDER you to pay Me and send Me the pictures before I am going to let you piss
[13:55] subliminal80: pics but no money
[13:55] dominakiara: send them
[13:58] subliminal80: on bed or in bath shot?
[13:58] dominakiara: both
[13:58] subliminal80: just one
[13:58] dominakiara: you are not cooperating again. I don’t want to play with you anymore. you are too much trouble and I doubt you will be worth it
I am posting your information and screen name so that all the other Mistresses know that you’re a loser who doesn’t pay.
[13:59] subliminal80: please dont
[14:01] dominakiara: Either learn to play the game, or get fucked, you desereve this for wasting My time. I’m putting everything up, like I told you, including our texting conversations, unless you send Me BOTH pictures AND a tribute – that is how the game works.
[14:09] subliminal80: dont think i said anything bad anyway

What do you think? lol!




This next loser has been proving to Me how pathetic he is since November of 2007! he has filled out My blackmail contract and promised to give Me $100 on the 17th of every month. Of course, only ever got around $100 TOTAL from this piece of shit! I did get some humiliating blackmail pictures though… And a fun conversattion to boot!

Mistress Kiara: Next time you text Me before the contract is sent, I will post it.
mike smith: do i have to give my work info?
Mistress Kiara: your number is posted.
Mistress Kiara: you have to fill out EVERYTHING you fucking loser!! I can’t believe someone can be as retarded as you….
mike smith: are you serious?
Mistress Kiara: I TOLD you not to text Me anymore until it was done, you can’t follow ONE SIMPLE FUCKING COMMAND!?
Mistress Kiara: you’re lucky I even LET you pay Me to pay attention to you!
mike smith: you know what ur right
Mistress Kiara: I know I am, that’s why I’m posting your information for the world to see so that THEY know that I’m right.
mike smith: yes Mistress Kiara
Mistress Kiara: Now, fill out the fucking contract and I don’t want to hear another word from you until you click the send button in your e-mail. I am going to take a smoke break with My fiance, and when I get back, if it’s not in My inbox, I’m adding you and ALL of your information to My new “losers” page.
mike smith: is it ok if i pay you next week?
Mistress Kiara: That’s it, I’m posting it now, before My break, because you chose to ignore Me, AGAIN.
mike smith: im sorry
Mistress Kiara: If you choose to pay Me next week, then your information will stay on My site for that week, you know the rules, don’t be a fucking loser, oh wait, you are one.
mike smith: yes miss

Full Name:michael hoffman
Sex (How often? good/bad):a few time a month
What kind of work do you do?:warehouse
Kinkiest fantasy: forced oral
Yearly Income (approx): $36000
Total expenses (approx): about 1500 a month
phone # 416 231 7776

Blackmail Mistress slave Michael Hoffman Blackmail Mistress slave Michael HoffmanBlackmail Mistress slave Michael HoffmanBlackmail Mistress slave Michael Hoffman