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Mistress Kiara’s first ever hypnosis recording!

Click here to listen to My first ever hypnosis recording – complete with new pictures from My more recent photo shoots. This is a simple, short recording, only 7 minutes, where I put you under My hypnotic spell and get you accustomed to the feeling of hypnosis, then bring you back out again. This recording is meant to prepare you for a one-on-one hypnosis session with Me where I can take you down much deeper than this short hypnosis recording allows.

The thing I enjoy most about hypnosis is that it fits perfectly into any existing femdom fetish you may have. Hypnosis allows Me to easily bypass the critical thinking and judgemental portions of your brain – the portions which decide whether or not certain information will be accepted into the subconcious or refuted and ignored. Hypnosis allows Me to speak directly to your subconcious, allowing us to enjoy fetishes much more deeply… If you have any questions, feel free to contact Me – dominakiara@gmail.com

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