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Addicted to Financial Domination? Rehap Step 2

That’s right My puppet, your Mistress is back to help you once more with your financial domination addiction with step 2 of My rehab program.

To purchase step 2 of My financial domination addiction rehabilitation 12 step program via alertpay, papal, or Amazon Gift card, send an email to dominakiara(at)gmail(dot)com . To purchase the video via your favorite clip store, click the buttons below.


There is an issue that needs to be addressed regarding these videos. Since I released step 1 of My financial domination addiction 12 step program, I have had several pay puppets approach Me with some fucked up assumptions. They either assume that I want to cure every pay puppet’s financial domination addiction, or that I no longer enjoy financial domination. Neither of these things are true.

Every pay puppet does not need to be cured. The only pets I am interested in curing are those who are in danger of falling into total ruination because of your financial domination addictions. The rest of your wallets are still very much at risk from the malicious and manipulative wiles of your money Mistress, never forget that….

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