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luis is Back, and More Hilarious Than Ever! *FREE CLIPS!*

blackmail fetish loser tranny domme

blackmail fetish loser tranny domme

luis, luis, luis… Why do you ever leave? you and I both know that you’re just going to come crawling back… And this time, wow, did you come crawling with a vengeance! he went to see someone who self-identifies as a T*anny Domme (will be referring to Her as TD from here on out because I have trans friends and do not wish to offend them) and put on QUITE a show for Me! Of course, these pics and vids were just for Me… Until he managed to fuck up his first week back…

So of course I was THRILLED when he listened and made an appointment with the TD and sent Me such hilarious evidence! he CLEARLY loved every second of sucking and pleasing Her huge cock for My amusement! And the fact that She loved teasing and tormenting him over it made it even better!

blackmail fetish loser tranny domme

But poor luis, you just don’t know how to keep a good thing going, do you? you said you’d be sending Me the cash that you owed, and then disappeared. I thought perhaps that something had happened to you, so I called your cellphone, but you didn’t answer. Then a day or so later you tell Me that you ‘were too busy with work’? That’s not how a good boy treats his Mistress, is it? And so now you will suffer the humiliation of your pics and clips being posted on My blog, yet again…

Blackmail Mistress Blackmail Fetish Video Removed

At least you know how to make Her happy, right? LOL! you know the drill… $50 per pic to get them removed and $150 per video… But part of Me really hopes you don’t get the vids removed. They’re so hilarious, especially this last one where you let Her shoot in your disgusting loser mouth! LOL!

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