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Sick Again, Back Again

Femdom Mistress Bitch Princess foot fetish dirty feet


So as many of My good pets know, I have some medical issues which sometimes keep Me from being here. The beginning of this year they flared up again and I had to go through a whole bunch of shit with medicine changes and everything just to get them under control.

Femdom Mistress Bitch Princess loser

So once that all got figured out, I went on vacation for a little relaxation. I got My lip pierced and it’s sexy as hell. I went out of town with some friends and had a blast! Of course, the second I got home I got conjunctivitis, which leads Me to think that whoever was in charge of cleaning the pool that week didn’t… Seriously pissed off! I’d never had it before, so I wasn’t really sure what to do. I went to the doctor and got some eye drops, but it took quite a while to clear up, and I couldn’t wear makeup the whole time. Had to throw out all the makeup I used on the trip too -_- NOT a happy Mistress…

Femdom Mistress Bitch Princess foot fetish dirty feet

So now I’m finally back on My sexy feet and able to Dominate you like you so deserve… I want to apologize for being so MIA lately with stupid medical issues. Believe Me, it would have been a GREAT relief to have been able to put you all in your places if I could have, but you should know by now that I never half ass anything. If I can’t offer you My whole bitchy self, then there’s nothing to offer. I’m back now, though, pets, and you are gonna get it… ;3

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