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Hospitals Suck

Wow… I honestly can’t believe everything life has put Me through lately. First, I want to apologize for being so absent for the past few months. Things have just been insane and I have had no time or brain space to properly dedicate to dominating My puppets. I would also like to apologize for this giant wall of text, but I’m literally just posting this to update everyone.

Those who follow Me on Twitter will know that a few months ago, one of My partners went into the hospital with severe stomach pains. We were in the hospital for about a week and a half while they inserted a JP Drain into his abdomen to drain the abscess that had formed there due to complications from his undiagnosed Chron’s Disease.

Wow… He has had these pains on and off for about 16 years now, but to finally have it diagnosed and be on what We thought was a treatment plan was a crazy feeling. They told us that he needed an ileocolectomy, and We were all prepared for that and everything that came after as well. And then they changed their minds. They said that if he talked to a specialist, they would put him on biologics to suppress his immune system which would, in turn, manage his Chron’s.

We were sent home, with the drain still in his abdomen. We had to take care of it every day… I’ll spare you the gory details, but it wasn’t fun. He wasn’t able to lift much so I was charged with doing a lot of the things around the house – cleaning, cooking, etc. We went in to get a CT scan later that week and then a few days later went in to talk to the specialist about the results of the scan, getting the drain removed, and where to go from here. They ended up removing the drain, but the CT scan showed a fistula… DON’T GOOGLE THAT BY THE WAY, JUST SAYING…

Anyway, the fistula meant that he WILL need the surgery after all. They scheduled it for about a month out and I thought we would be golden until then. Until a couple days later when he called Me saying that he had “a large zit” near the drain site. Spoiler: it wasn’t a zit… Basically, they didn’t pack the drain site so he had ANOTHER abscess in the exact same spot. So we went to a different, more competent hospital (U of M ftw!) and they inserted another drain and then it was back to Me needing to do everything to help him out. Don’t get the wrong idea – I don’t mind doing it at all! But it IS a TON of work and it leaves no time for things I want to do, like Domination.

So they scheduled his pre-op appointment for the day before his surgery. But then, due to insurance fuckery, they delayed the surgery by a week. Ugh. Finally, he had his surgery about 10 days ago. They removed 2 whole feet of intestines, which is about double what they said they were planning on, and they also removed his drain along with a lemon-sized abscess. Recovery was VERY slow… Nothing to eat or drink for a day after, then only clear liquids for another 4 days, then slowwwly adding solid foods back in. It was torture to watch, but I learned so much… Like how to pack a wound and give him shots that will stop him from getting a blood clot. Wow. I don’t think I could ever be a nurse…

So we were in the hospital for about a week and only just got home a couple days ago. Due to the donations of My good boys, I was able to get him some things to aid in his recovery. Firstly, I got him this $400 recliner to sleep in (there’s no WAY he would be able to get in and out of his low bed!). It’s FUCKING AMAZING, by the way… The whole time We were in the hospital, I had to help him in and out of bed every time he wanted to stand or walk anywhere. But this chair helps him get up and I am so thankful! I also used the extra gift cards that were sent to get him a new 49″ 4K LED wall-mounted TV to replace his tiny ass 32″ LCD 1080P garbage TV.

So now all I need to do is cook, clean, and give him shots every day, which I hate doing. Look, I’m sadistic as fuck, but I don’t like needles and neither does he. There’s nothing sexy about Heparin shots is what I’m saying lol. So yeah. I’m not home. I’m still staying with him at his place so that he can, yanno, survive. He can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time, he can’t get up on his own without the assistance of his fancy chair, he can’t eat certain things, I need to give him shots every day… Just wow. It’s so much. But it’s getting better! And it’s currently better-enough for Me to log in to take calls every day at least. So that’s what I’m doing. We’re enjoying a nice evening in together for Halloween and just waiting for him to heal and finally get on those biologics to prevent this from happening again.

So TL;DR, I’ve been gone for personal reasons and I’m mostly back now. I can’t film or anything here, but I can do Skype and phone sessions. And I am SO FUCKING READY! I’ve missed it SO much! I can’t wait to hear from everyone that I was using and abusing from before and I am so excited to get to know and play with all of My new fans! I’m dumping a ton of money and time and effort into advertising and I’m going to make the end of 2018 the best I can.

So I’m going to do somethin I NEVER do… I’m going to ask you what you want. What do you want to see? What type of picture packs, MP3s, clips, etc do you want from Me? Think of this as a free way to request semi-custom content from Me. After all, I’m only able to do this because of all of My adoring fans! So think of the hottest, sexiest thing you can imagine and tell Me! I’ll pick My favorites and implement them as soon as I get back home.

Until next time… ;3

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