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Happy New Year! 2022 is the Year of the Mistress!

2022 is the year of the Black-Water Tiger. She is fierce. She is bold. She is strong. She enacts changes she wants with the patience and planning of a predator and executes them with the confidence that her power gives her.

Like everyone, I’m experiencing the jarring reality of going into 2022 with all the same fears of 2020, but I’m determined to make the most of it. There are many new beginnings for Me, and I’ve already got My first 2 findom blackmail fetish contracts of the year!

New Femdom Twitter

Fetish Domina Kiara femdom goth alt Domme Mistress Goddess Worship domina Kiara hypno femdom


The first thing I did to prepare for all of these great new changes was to get a new twitter. My new twitter ID is @TheDominaKiara and I encourage you ALL to follow for My latest updates and mostly-SFW content. This is My third twitter, and I still regret the loss of the first 2 (with a combined follower count of around 16000), but 3rd time’s a charm, right? And, of course, the first day I had a lovely little findom blackmail relapse! So Perfect 😉

LoyalFans is out LoyalFans is in, subscribe NOW for 30 days FREE!

loyal fans loyalfans sexy femdom fetish domme Mistress content

The second big change is dumping LoyalFans! Ok, ok, I can’t take credit for the breakup. LoyalFans dumped all sex workers’ abilities to make money there, so of course they’re out of My life! I’ve moved on to LoyalFans, a platform that has had not problems adhering to the new Mastercard Guidelines. I’m in the process of moving everything over from LoyalFans to Loyal, and it’s a huge process. There’s no way to bulk-upload anything, so I have to upload each picture and video individually, which is taking a ton of time. Because of that, I’m offering everyone a FREE 30 day subscription if you sign up before Jan 31st! Don’t miss out on all the hot content that I’m posting there every day, go subscribe!

Mistress Movie Nights

Another fun thing that I’m going to do this year is Mistress Movie Nights. My best friend lives kind of far away so we’ve been watching movies together every night with some other friends as well. I use Hyperbeam, and I’m selling ‘tickets’ to join Us in the chatroom to watch the stream. We take time off when her fiance is home from deployment, but when he’s away we pretty much watch 1-3 movies every night.

I’m sure you know this, but I’m a big horror fan, so most of what we watch are horror movies. We start anywhere from 5pm to 10pm EST time (whenever My bestie gets home from work, basically) and I’ll be posting about the movie nights on Twitter and LoyalFans. Follow Me now so you don’t miss out!

Polycule Covid

Lastly, sine we’re talking about reality a little bit, I’m currently absolutely terrified of what’s going on in the world. My entire poly family of 6 has covid. My boyfriend and I were the only two who didn’t get it, and that’s because I don’t leave the house anymore. I’m on Humira now, a very strong immune-suppressant medicine, and it’s really scary. So please be careful everyone! Get your vaccines and your boosters, wear your masks, and stay safe and healthy! Continue reading Happy New Year! 2022 is the Year of the Mistress!

Welcome your Femdom Queen Back Plus Twitter & IWC Update!

Took some personal time off but I’m back now and ready to keep kicking ass!

Twitter Issues

So as a lot of you know (and love Me for), I am an opinionated bitch. I made the “mistake” of calling someone out for being racist last year (I think? I don’t keep tract honestly) and suddenly they made a new Twitter account to attack Me with and now all My twitter accounts (including My personal ones and My backup ones and the one for Rate My Tiny Penis) are suspended.

I will keep everyone posted on whether or not I get them back obviously, but I am not hopeful. My long-time subs will remember that I got My last account, @DominaKiara suspended at around 10K followers. That means that I will probably be making a new Twitter account soon and starting 100% from scratch. Keep your eyes here so you can be sure to follow it!

IWantClips Reviews

So I’m sure any clip addicted subs have heard by now, but IWantClips has decided to review every single clip ever uploaded for sale on their site. They have gotten rid of any that have not sold after being up for 6 months, and they are also individually watching each and every one to make sure that they adhere to the ToS. That means that some of My IWC clip links in My shops page may not work. I am a big fan of having you pay Me via Cashapp, Venmo, or Amazon gift card for clips anyway, but if you insist upon using another site, try My Niteflirt or Clips4Sale.

Vacation’s Over

As I said, I took a break for personal reasons, but I’m back now! If you’re waiting on a response from Me and haven’t received one, feel free to send Me an email or Niteflirt message. As stated above, I no longer have access to My Twitter account, and this is the second time that this has happened, so if you sent Me a Twitter message then there is no way for Me to see it. I always encourage email as the best means of contacting Me.

Findom Addict Came Crawling Back

findom findomme financial domination mistress goddess worship tribute wallet rape 101921 findom findomme financial domination mistress goddess worship tribute wallet rape 101921-2

Enough of the bad news, let’s see some good news! As soon as I came back, I had an old addict come crawling back too! This sub has spent thousands on Me in the past, and he hasn’t disappointed this time around either! Unfortunately he ran away again (they always do) but not before I extracted another few thousand dollars from him lol. He’s My biggest spender so far since My vacation ended but I’m sure someone else will come by to blow him out of the water lol!

New Hair

Fetish Domina Kiara femdom goth alt Domme Mistress Goddess Worship domina Kiara hypno femdom

More good news – your Mistress got a sexy new haircut! It’s so much easier to take care of and I think it frames My face very well. I’d ask what you think, but honestly I don’t care that much. I’m happy with it, and that’s what matters.

No More doughboy

femdom Mistress Domme dominakiara brand tattoo sub

Speaking of getting rid of things that no longer work, doughboy is no more. he was caught cheating on Me and then tried to blame his lack of communication on the fact that I am a professional who requires money in exchange for interaction with Me. I’m sure he will be seeking out other local Michigan or Ohio Dommes, so if he comes to you and you want the full story feel free to send Me a message. I may write it up in a blog at one point, but I really can’t be bothered to care enough anymore. he, of course, signed a model release though so I do have the rights to continue selling all of the content (pictures and videos) that I created with him. I hope he enjoys having My lips and a matching tattoo with Me on him for the rest of his life, or at least until he decides to go through the painful process of getting them either covered up or removed LOL!

Continue reading Welcome your Femdom Queen Back Plus Twitter & IWC Update!

Mistress Kiara’s Birthday is Coming…

Mistress Kiara’s Birthday Celebration!

Hello My pets! It’s April, and that means it’s time for My Birthday! My Birthday is April 20th and I will be turning 33 this year. Of course, We’re under quarantine due to Coronavirus, so I am finding other ways to celebrate this year, and one of them involves you! you can ALWAYS send Me tributes via any of My payment processors, as well as gifts from Pretty Punk Princesses Financial Domination Mistresses Wishlist. And I, of course, always appreciate them. But this year, I wanted to celebrate BIG! And what bigger way than to have a HUGE sale on My IWantClips content? If you purchase at least $10 worth of content, you can use the coupon code Kiara33 and get 33% off your entire purchase! What are you waiting for? Shop now and save BIG!

New Clip – Eye Entrancement Brainwashing Mindfuck Hypnosis

hypno hypnosis brainwash brain washing mind fuck mindfucking spiral eyes

Just in time for the 33% off sale, I am releasing one of My most addictive clips yet just today! I spent hours editing this clip to make it as potent as I possibly could. I learned new editing techniques and tutorials until I got it just right. I’ve been hinting at this sexy, hypnotic clip since Monday, and now it’s finally here! What are you waiting for, pet? Buy it now, get addicted!
  clips4sale Buy femdom clips now on SextPanther! manyvids femdom fetish clip for sale loyal fans loyalfans sexy femdom fetish domme Mistress content

Gaze into My eyes… Feel your choices being taken away… Feel your mind being infiltrated by My eyes, My voice, My will, My desires… 17 whole minutes of staring into My eyes, listening to the binaural beats brainwash you, mindfuck you, and surrender to the Perfection before you…

Premium LoyalFans is Just $6.66 Per Month!

For My Birthday, and to help you all stay in and deal with the quarantine boredom, I’ve also lowered the price of My LoyalFans to just $6.66 per month, so I guess you can say that that’s 33% off of what it was as well. I’ve also added some bonuses for joining either of them, including 1 minute minimum previews of all of My new femdom clips, Custom content requests, 1 on 1 chat, 15% off on IWantClips Purchases, 1 free dick pic rating just for subscribing!

ABB is out, BBR is in!

Femdom Mistress UrgodBB BBR

My more observant pets may have noticed a little bit of a change in My Twitter profile. In January of this year, I joined a Twitter group called ABB. I quickly rose in the ranks, of course, and found Myself an admin to a group of about 100 Dommes. From brand new Girls to those with years of experience, We all banded together to help and promote one another. But unfortunately, due to poor management on the part of the group owner, that group seems to have dissolved. I made many friends from the experience, though, and will be forever grateful for it.

femdom Mistress Domme humiliation humiliatrix flipoff flip off middle finger

Immediately before the chaos with ABB’s implosion, I was invited to join the much bigger and more established BBR. Run by the lovely and sweet @UrrGodBb, BBR has been around for a few years. When My account got frozen last year, BB took Me in and helped Me regain a lot of My following. At the time, I didn’t see the wisdom that She provided in suggesting that I create a separate account just for retweeting, so I simply left the group and moved on. Since then, I’ve created a RT account and it now has over 500 followers of its own! I’m in 13 different RT groups, and I am so pleased to be invited back into BBR. So when you see the tag $BBR in My tweets, know that it is a sign of solidarity for Me and My fellow BBR Dommes.

April Fools Jokes!

Femdom Mistress joke fuck you flipoff flip off middle finger Femdom Mistress joke loser

Last, but certainly not least, I simply had to brag about the April Fool’s jokes that I played this year! I found an old wig that I bought and inspiration hit – I was going to pretend to be ‘normal’ for April Fool’s day! I made a Twitter post about having shed My punky & goth ways, removed all of My piercings, and redyed My hair to a more ‘normal’ color. I even tried My hand at regular makeup! The crowning glory were these pictures, one with an intentionally-backward loser sign (which is one of My BIGGEST pet peeves in findom!!!) The joke seemed to go over well with everyone, and it was kind of fun to feel like a changeling. Maybe I’ll start a catfish account with these pics… LOL!

New Pictures, Clips, & Assignments

That’s it for now, pets. I also updated My gallery this month with all My hot new free femdom pictures for you to worship! But remember to pay your cum tax if you make a little mess… LOL! In addition to the sexy hypnosis clip, I’ve also added 5 new clips, 1 new blackmail exposure assignment, and a funny Snapchat filters picture pack. Buy them via the links below, or send Me a message to let Me know what is your preferred payment processor!

Clip – Dirty Feet Bath With Underwater Cam & Bath Bomb DESTRUCTION

dirty stinky feet underwater under water crush

manyvids femdom fetish clip for sale

2 Min preview for LoyalFans & OnlyFans subscribers!
1 Min preview on DickieVirgin!

This clip is HOT! My feet are DISGUSTING, and I am going to wash them right in front of you. I even use My underwater cam so you can stay up close and personal with these nasty soles…

Then, once I’m sure I’m good and clean, I sit down and enjoy the hot water of the bath, even tossing in a bath bomb. I start to poke at it, and then I start to squeeze it with My feet, toes, and eventually My fingers, all the while telling you how it’s a perfect metaphor for how I treat subs like you…

you won’t want to miss this 6:54 min long clip, so buy it now!

Blackmail Fetish EXPOSURE on Niteflirt!

femdom real blackmail fetish exposure 

A lot of you CLAIM to want blackmail, but what you REALLY crave is exposure… you know that the world deserves to see you for who and what you are… When you purchase this PTV, I will send a Niteflirt mass message to all 2200 of My Niteflirt customers and friends. Do you dare…?

If you do not have Niteflirt, either sign up by clicking here, or send Me a message to let Me know which payment processor works best for you.




Pic Set – Silly Snapchat Filters

silly comedy femdom fetish findomme domme pictures

10 pictures of Me using the silly snapchat filters to make Myself look weird, creepy, or just downright amusing.

If you do not have Niteflirt, either sign up by clicking here, or send Me a message to let Me know which payment processor works best for you.





Clip – Slave Worshiping My Feet (Recorded Cam Session)

dirty stinky feet drain findom loser

manyvids femdom fetish clip for sale

2 Min preview for LoyalFans & OnlyFans subscribers!

A sub called and begged to worship My sexy feet and gaze upon the beauty of My soles, high arches, and cute toe rings. he already paid $5 per minute for the privilege, but I decided to record it and sell it anyway lol. Listen to him beg for My feet while I berate him and demand that he pay for them for 10 whole minutes LOL!


Clip – Slave Worshiping My Nose & Eyes (Recorded Cam Session)

Femdom Clip Nose Eyes worship  manyvids femdom fetish clip for sale 1:45 Min preview for LoyalFans & OnlyFans subscribers!

A sub called and begged to worship My sexy eyes and gaze INTO My nose, what a freak! he even begged to eat My boogers! LOL! he already paid $5 per minute for the privilege, but I decided to record it and sell it anyway lol. Listen to him beg for My sexy face, eyes, and nose while I berate him and demand that he pay for them for 10 whole minutes LOL!


Clip – I Strip, you Worship My Feet LOL!

femdom foot humiliation strip tease manyvids femdom fetish clip for sale

2 Min preview for LoyalFans & OnlyFans subscribers!

It’s finally here! My first ever clip featuring your Goddess fully nude! Of course, since you’re a pathetic little foot bitch, I’ve angled the camera so that you don’t get to see My bare tits, ass, or pussy. Why would you want that when you can stare at My feet for 10 minutes? I put you close enough to see every wrinkle on My soles and every speck of dirt on My Perfect heels… you’re welcome…



Clip – Ass Worship In Jeans With Mandy!

double Domme denim ass jeans worship manyvids femdom fetish clip for sale

Mistress Mandy and I use Our sexy asses in these denim jeans to make you completely weak for Us. Can you handle BOTH of Our sexy asses in these sexy, tight jeans? One way to find out… Buy it now!

NOTE: This clip features Mandy from MandyLovesMoney, who is now retired.

Note 2: The price on Clips4Sale is higher due to length and file size restrictions.


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Happy Solstice – Let’s Celebrate With a HUGE Update!

Many people who do pro Domination try to build a wall between themselves and their Domme persona. Over the years, I have striven to break down this wall and be more and more Myself in every way when I interact with My subs and slaves. Today marks a huge moment for Me when I’ve knocked down one more of those walls… And what better time than on the morning after the longest night of the year – the winter solstice.

femdom witch Mistress pagan sorceress

Join the Cult of Mistress Kiara, Femdom Witch

I have been a practicing Witch from a young age, and now I am embracing that practice in My femdom lifestyle. Of course, this isn’t truly the first time for Me… I’ve been casting spells, curses, and hexes to influence My fetish life for YEARS. Causing relapses, bringing subs to obsession over Me, and just generalized spells to bring Me more money and subs in general. But now I’m bringing that part of My life into the forefront with a brand new listing, clips, assignments, and more!

Call Button

Not quite ready for a call with a sorceress? That’s ok. I have plenty of femdom witch PTVs for you to choose from, starting with this hot erectile dysfunction curse clip!

Buy the clip here!

Along with this clip, you can find several other PTVs involving My Pagan practices in My shop. And to give you a bit of a taste of how I do things, here’s a free clip showing you how I celebrated Yule last night…

New Femdom Shop!

In keeping with the above state goal of not procrastinating, I would like to introduce you all to My latest updates in this blog post. First, there is the new shop feature! I have added almost all of My clips, picture packs, assignments, and other PTVs to this new page where you can search and sort them any way you like! I will be going through all of My sales platforms in the next few weeks to make sure that all of My content is available on all of the places I know you like to shop.

doughboy Holiday Session & Clip

Buy the clip here!

Like every year, My lovely little doughboy treated Me to some fun and a big, fat tribute for the holidays. So, of course, I had to film our fun for you to see! This festive role play clip has it all – tons of punching, kicking, and slapping of course, along with some strapon fun, sissification, face sitting, gagging, boot worship, wallet rinsing, and TONS of humiliation! All this in a 26-minute clip, how can you resist? doughboy plays a sugar daddy who uses women for their bodies when they need his money. However, today, he picks on the wrong Domme… I lure him in with My sexy femdom outfit and then proceeds to give him everything he deserves…

The scene starts with doughboy talking to his viewers. he has set up a webcam so that his internet followers can watch as he humiliates and fucks a desperate sugar baby that he has enticed with his huge wad of cash. I enter the scene dressed to kill – thigh-high leather boots, opera length fingerless leather gloves, a sexy leather corset, and a short leather skirt. doughboy takes the time to give My razor-sharp nails some much-deserved worship, then starts to kiss My neck, trying to turn Me on. When he reaches under My skirt, he gets a huge handful of My strapon LOL! After a long scuffle, wherein doughboy is slapped silly, I finally use the belt that doughboy had threatened Me with earlier to choke him out…

doughboy awakes and realizes he is tied to a chair. he looks down to see that I have sissified him with a humiliating pig mask, rainbow bikini, and high heeled sandals. I take some more easy shots, using his own boxing gloves, while he’s bound. Then I release him and allow (force) him to worship My boots. I make him kiss, lick, and suck all over these sexy leather boots, from toe to heel.

After I make him suck My strapon, I decide that he needs to have his loser mouth filled with cock all the time… I strap a penis gag to his face and he presents his ass to Me. Using a vibrating anal toy, I stretch his ass wider than it’s ever been before. When he is well and truly sodomized, I decide to have some fun by sitting on his face and smothering him with My thicc ass.

In the spirit of the Holiday season, I decorate doughboy like a Christmas tree, wrapping him in Christmas lights. But that’s still not enough humiliation for Me… I want this to be a day that this freak will never forget, and I leave him some claw marks from My manicured nails as a reminder not to fuck with Women ever again. Lastly, I steal a lock of his hair, which I will be happy to use in some nefarious ritual, curse, or hex in the near future… Satisfied that he is fully humiliated, I rape his wallet and flip off his viewers lol!


The last thing I want to say for this post is that I will no longer be accepting Kinkbomb. I may go into further detail later, but suffice it to say that they took over a YEAR to pay Me last time, so I’ve removed all of My content from their platform. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause some of you. If you would like to discuss other payment options, feel free to contact Me personally.

That’s all for now, My pets. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to having lots of fun using you in the new year.

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you Can Try but you’ll NEVER ESCAPE…

This month has been absolutely wonderful for your findom Queen! I love Halloween, so there’s that of course. But beyond that, My good little cash slave doughboy took Me out on the most lovely date for Sweetest Day, and I have had several good pets, old and new, serving your Financial Domination Goddess quite regularly.

First off, here are a few findom tributes from a few good pay pets this month. This is far from everything I’ve drained from My good puppets, but I thought this was a nice sampling without flooding this entire blog post with just tribute images lol.

And that’s just the online ones! you’ll notice, I’m sure, that loser luis is in there yet again… he thought he could escape, was even doing a decent job of staying away from his findom Queen for a while! I hadn’t heard from him since June I think. But then the night of the 28th of October he texted Me and asked to pay for his custom brainwashing MP3s so that I’d send them to him again lol! Then he sent Me this hilarious picture of him worshiping My Perfect Feet…

Findom Pay Pig Returns…

Look at what a tiny dick he has – fucking pathetic LOL! Even when it’s hard it’s barely 3 inches! I let him call Me and he told Me why he relapsed into financial domination again too – he went out with friends a couple weeks before he messaged Me. his friends tried to hook him up with a girl and I guess they danced all night and she wanted to take him home. Can you imagine, wanting to take someone home when they’re addicted to financial domination like this guy??? he told Me he blew it because he couldn’t even get it up and the girl AND his friends left him at the bar LOL! he admitted to trying to avoid Me still – he said he looked at other findom content for a while, but it was just nothing compared to how serving ME made him feel…

Sweetest Day Findom Drain

Now let Me go into intimate detail about My Sweetest Day date with doughboy… I know Sweetest Day is kind of a midwest thing, so if you’ve never head of it just think of it as a second Valentine’s Day. Totally a Hallmark holiday, but I’ll use any excuse to milk My pay pig dry! Above is the picture of the bill he paid (not shown: the $150 tip) for our meal that day.


he also bought Me this lovely $220 necklace from Pretty Punk Princesses Financial Domination Mistresses Wishlist, along with a $350 hotel suite at the casino where the fights were held. After we watched the fights, I took him back to My room and used these cute MMA gloves he bought Me to practice My striking on My little punching bag. And since he’s such a filthy pay pig, he wore this hilarious pig mask the whole time! I rocked and socked him until I was bored, then made him take off that ridiculous mask so that I could have access to his mouth…

I rammed My sexy feet down his throat for as long as I wanted, wearing the expensive toe rings he bought Me of course. I made him cry and gag on My Perfect Feet that were all sweaty from being in My boots all day while we ate and watched the fights LOL!

Here’s a free video I took of this pay pig worshiping My feet like a good boy. Look how good he takes My perfect toes into his mouth, sucks them, licks them with his eager tongue, and gags on My foot when I shove it all the way down his throat!

I ended our little ‘date’ by raping his wallet in the true findom way. he had brought $2500 to the meeting, but about $600 of that went to dinner, so I ended up taking $1900 from him. he, of course, thanked Me for it, and I took it to the casino downstairs and made $200 more so I say I did pretty well LOL.

For those of you who also find yourselves struggling with a financial domination addiction, I have released Step 8 in My Financial Domination Addiction Rehabilitation 12 Step Program clip series. Be sure to start with Step 1 if you are new, but Step 8 can be purchased on all of My clip platforms:

That’s all for now, My puppets. Be sure to keep up with the latest from Me by using the links and information below!

Serve your Mistress

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