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Femdom Mistress Kiara Hates Blogging!

Where has your femdom Mistress, Kiara, been? I’ve been around. Not much has happened, really. I’m still here, still draining & training  submissive pets lol. Honestly, My life is Perfect, and it doesn’t really involve you 😛 but you can still try to impress Me and maybe I’ll think of you while I’m relaxing and living the life of the Queen I am.

Fuck Schedules!

Mistress has decided that I don’t need to be held down by stupid things like fetish blogging schedules. Let’s be honest, are you even here to read these? Or are you just over there jerking it to My femdom pics and clips? So fuck it – Mistress will update when I feel like it or when I have something big to share. Deal with it lmao!

femdom Mistress Kiara's phone, cam, and text session schedule

Don’t worry – I’ll still be sticking to My login schedule and trying to release clips once every other week or so. you’ll still have femdom content from Me for your spank bank and will be able to setup fetish sessions with your Mistress.

Your Mistress is an Author!

Mistress Kiara is an author of steamy, sexy, spicy gay fiction!

I’m sure most of you already know this, but your Mistress is an officially published author! I use the pen name Ryder O. Cox and write spicy, steamy, and extra sexy erotic fiction. I’ve written four books, one of which is completely free! That one’s called Practice Makes Perfect, and it’s about cross dressing, so I know some of you are gonna LOVE it!

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Fall is Starting out Pretty Great…

September is here, which means that fall has finally begun! And so far, things seem to be falling just the way I like them to… >:)

5K on Twitter

First off, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped Me achieve My goal of reaching 5K followers on Twitter! My old account had nearly 10K followers, but it was around for MUCH longer. This is a HUGE milestone and I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped Me achieve it!

$1K Day Followed by $2K Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Time for HUGE Updates!

Happy Valentine’s Day, pets! It’s time for some sexy updates. And these are EXTRA big updates too…

New Piercing

femdom witch sexy pentacle goth shirt

First off, I finally got My septum pierced! I’ve been wanting it for a while now (ever since I downloaded Snapchat and started playing with their stupid filters lol!) but I finally just did it! On the night of the full moon, I always go to a local witchy shop for a Full Moon Ritual. This time, I left early and went to a local tattoo shop (not the one that almost killed Me last month, don’t worry xD). I had intended to simply book next month’s tattoo appointment for doughboy and Myself, but the piercer who pierced My lips was there and we got to talking about how I’d been thinking about getting My septum done. He asked if I had $70 (which, of course, I did) and I just went for it!

findom femdom witch Mistress domme moon

The full moon was in Leo this month, which is a fire sign. It projects self-confidence, flamboyance, power, and impulsiveness. I’m an Aries/Taurus cusp (Aries being another fire sign) but I also have Aries in Jupiter as well as Sagittarius in Saturn and Uranus, so I’m quite effected by this fiery moon, it seems. I let Dave take Me back (after I filled out the paperwork), laid back on the table, let him pierce Me, and then walked across the street to ritual at Evenstar’s lol! It was a HUGE rush, and nowhere NEAR as bad as the lips. And, of course, it looks ADORABLE on your Mistress ;3

Valentine’s Day Celebration of a Goddess

femdom femdomme Mistress sexy Valentine's Day cleavage

How does a Mistress who is polyamorous celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, I’ll be honest, it gets a little complicated lol. This year, I chose to celebrate with BF-2 on Febraury 11th, just a couple days early. I have to say, your Domme knows how to work it when it comes to dressing up My sexy curves and doing My stunning goth makeup for special occasions! I often wonder why I put so much effort into it when I know he’s just going to fuck Me silly and it’ll all melt away, but I digress…

femdom femdomme Mistress sexy Valentine's Day cuckolding reimburse

We started the evening by going shopping together. Along with many other things, We got Him a 6 pack of one of His favorite beer brands, Me a bottle of some chocolate strawberry wine that’s TO DIE for, and 3 lbs of snow crab legs. The grand total, including condoms and lube of course, came to $183.68 for the whole evening. He’s an AMAZING cook, so He made the crab for Us and then we snuggled and… Well… I’m sure you can figure the rest out… lol! If you want to be a part of Our celebration, feel free to message Me for instructions on how to properly reimburse.

Shopping With doughboy

femdom witch valentine's day findom shopping spree

The very next day, doughboy took Me shopping at a witchy shop that’s a bit further away but has a MUCH better selection. It’s called Earth Lore and it is by far one of My favorite places to shop! I drained him dry, charging up $751.28 with 3 new rings, a huge trilobite fossil, and a fluorite skull that’s nearly human sized! I love them all sooo much! Now who’s going to buy Me display stands for them…?

I know I hinted at a matching tattoo appointment with doughboy for next month, but be sure and follow My Twitter for an even bigger announcement about his continued loyalty, devotion, addiction, and servitude to Me later this week…

Valentine’s Day Assignments

femdom witch sexy goth dress cleavage fuck you flipoff

Do you have any plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well you’re in luck because I don’t, which means I’ll be here to do sessions with you All night. Not available today? That’s ok. Are you married, dating someone, or single? I’ve made individual assignments for each category for you to choose from. Click the proper link below for a hilarious humiliation assignment just for you lol!

By some miracle, I’m dating someone 

I’m sad, lonely, and single

I somehow managed to trick someone into marrying me… 

I can’t wait to see how well you do on these assignments lol! BF-1 and I brainstormed together on them, so you KNOW they’re super sadistic… And don’t worry if you don’t see this until after Valentine’s Day; these assignments can be done any day of the year!

Valentine’s Day Clip

Valentine's day toilet slave cuckolding humiliation clip

So what happens when a slave messages his Mistress the day before Valentine’s Day, begging for My attention, but can’t afford a full cam session? Well, this clip of course! This loser couldn’t afford to pay My rates for normal cam sessions. he apparently has no self control either (let’s be honest, I’ve probably warped his mind with My beauty and intelligence). Instead of saving his pennies for a regular session, he pays a cheaper tribute and begs Me to let him stare at My garbage can or toilet bowl xD

In this 14+ minute special Valentine’s Day clip, he stares at the potty as I talk to one of My boyfriends on the phone. Then when BF hangs up I switch to teasing and tormenting this pathetic freak, even giving him a swirly LOL!

Subscribers to My LoyalFans Stars get a FREE preview of this clip, along with aaaallll the other sexy content I post there every week! Aren’t they lucky…? Why aren’t you one of them!? Go sign up, and then buy the full clip using one of the links below!

manyvids femdom fetish clip for sale


New Femdom Content

That’s it for now, pets. Ok, it’s not, but if I kept going I wouldn’t have time for all the sessions I’ve been booking today! If you can’t play right now, then check out all of My hot femdom content that I’ve created since My last blog post…

Clip – Double Domme Matching Boot Worship With Empress Hana

double domme ebony boot worship humiliation clip

Empress Hana and I have matching new boots that a sub purchased, and you’re going to worship them for Us! We show off Our sexy knee-high steampunk boots, shoving them right up into the camera lens for you to worship and adore, all the while humiliating you for Our amusement for 7 minutes!



Clip – Cursing a HUGE LOSER!

femdom witchcraft sorceress curse 

How many times do I have to warn you not to mess with a witch who practices black magic? you still have time to learn, but unfortunately, loser stevan is completely, irreversibly FUCKED. Well, I guess I COULD reverse it… If he paid Me to lol! My uncursing fee is $200. Unless you can afford it, don’t piss Me off….




Simple Homewrecking Question…

home wrecking Mistress Domme fetish homewrecker

Just a simple question… Do you have a wife or a girlfriend? And, if so, am I better than her? Why, in what ways?

HOT previews of My day at the hot tub with My boyfriend enclosed ;3 Full versions available to LoyalFans Stars Subscribers only! Click here to subscribe now and get ALL My hot content!





extremely brutal cbt assignment pain slut torture 

This assignment was a collaborative effort between Myself and My Boyfriend. Only for seasoned CBT pets! Requires: lots of thick & sturdy string, scissors, and lots of clothespins (the pinchy kind) or binder clamps… Be prepared to HURT for Us…





Clip – Peel Off Mask Fail + Surprise Sneezing Fit

Femdom Mistress peel off face mask sneezing fetish 

Wasn’t sure what to call this one, but let’s just say it didn’t go to plan… First off, this thing SUCKS! It hurts like hell to peel off, and it hardly even worked! In fact, it hurt SO MUCH that it sent Me into a sneezing fit… I think I’m gonna save it to put on a sub’s balls lol!

you at least get a close up of what little it did pull out of My pores, which is super gross…On top of that, the video recorded at a crappy framerate, which made editing it a pain and the final product not what I wanted… Therefore, you get this whole 13 minute clip for just $5 ($11 on Clips4Sale due to size limitations)!




The First Step in your REAL Blackmail Journey…

real blackmail Mistress questionnaire 

This 23 item questionnaire will begin the process of your blackmail journey with Me, the best blackmail Mistress on the net.

This is not a questionnaire for gathering personal information (that comes later) but rather a way to get to know your mind specifically, particularly when it comes to your ideas about how blackmail fetish works.

Filling out this questionnaire is not committing to a blackmail relationship with Me, but simply giving Me enough insight to write you a fully personalized blackmail contract to read over. The blackmail itself will NOT begin until that contract is filled out and paid for…

—Connect With Me—

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom NiteFlirt

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Beginning of the Year Update – Free Femdom Clip + Contest!


Remember when I was like, “2020 is gonna be My year!”? Well, things haven’t quite started out according to plan… First, I was sick for New Years, and was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to My planned tattoo appointment on the 7th. Luckily, I was feeling better by the 6th, but when I messaged doughboy to schedule our cash meet so that he could pay Me for the tattoo, he was feeling sick. he still got My money to Me, because he’s a good boy who wants to make his Mistress happy no matter what, but I was planning to make him take Me to a local witchy shop that day too and buy Me some ingredients, which we had to not do due to his illness.

gothic Queen femdom bitch Mistress Domina Kiara hospital

Then again, maybe it wasn’t so lucky that I made that tattoo appointment after all… Long story short, the tattoo itself went fine, but I had a local shop put a new covering on it the next day. The person who put the covering on it didn’t wash it or put on gloves first. Then 2 days later, I went to the hospital with a skin infection and an abscess… At least My tattoo looks amazing though.

gothic Queen femdom bitch Mistress Domina Kiara sph humiliation
That blue line is how far out the redness & swelling was in the hospital…

Next, My poor elder cat, Copernicus, got sick. So, of course, I rushed him RIGHT to the vet (to the tune of $300-ish). He had an eye infection, which means we now have to give his grumpy ass eyedrops every day for a week, but the really upsetting news came from his blood panel. He’s 15 years old, so he’s getting on in years, and he’s starting to develop kidney disease. We’re taking him for a urinalysis this week to see how far along he is… I’m sure I’ll keep you all posted on how he is doing, seeing as he’s one of the most important things in My life.

Serious Improvements

But it’s not all been bad, and I’m trying not to focus on the negatives too much. In the positives column, I’ve been keeping a decent facsimile of a schedule. I have a list of things I’m trying to get done each day, each week, and each month, and so far I’ve been staying on-task almost every day! One of the things on My ‘daily’ list is to log in to take calls on Niteflirt and IWantPhone every day. I even made a cute little graphic for My weekly schedule. All times are in EST:

femdom Mistress phone sex domme

Along with staying on track, I’ve also achieved one of My lifelong goals! I’ve always wanted to be a published author, and now I am! I have published the first of 5 parts in what will be a full-length erotic fetish novel. The story is called The Transformation, and it’s about how I, Mistress Kiara, transform you from an ordinary guy into cock guzzling cum craving sissy slut! I’ve been getting GREAT reviews so far, and at only $2.99, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Best slutty sissy Mistress femdom erotica
A chance encounter at a local coffee shop throws you head first into the clutches of a sexy, punk rocker Mistress. When Mistress Kiara sees how tiny your package is, She begins an onslaught of well-deserved punishment and humiliation. She openly begins an affair with a stronger man while making you do Her chores! She MAY let you have some fun with Her, too, IF you follow Her rules…

Sissification, cuckolding, cum eating, bi curiosity, and all kinds of sexy femdom fun await you in part 1 of this series! Do you have what it takes to let the transformation begin?

22 pages, roughly 33,600 words. Available in kindle, .epub, or .txt format. Available now on IWantClips, Niteflirt, and Amazon.


In more good news, I’m currently at 880 followers on My Twitter! Still a far cry from the 9700 or so that I had on My account that got iced in late 2018, but hey, I’m growing by about 10 followers per day. That means I’m closing in quickly on My first 1000 followers! When I get to 1000 followers, I’m going to give away 5 free 1-month subscriptions to My LoyalFans Stars. I’ll also be giving away free one month subscriptions between now and Valentine’s Day for everyone who purchases Me a gift from Pretty Punk Princesses Financial Domination Mistresses Wishlist.There is one catch though… In order to win, you’ll need to be both on My mailing list and also following My Twitter. Both actions are free, and both get free, exclusive content, so what are you waiting for? Do it NOW!

Another smaller but ongoing giveaway I’ll be running for the foreseeable future involves Niteflirt. One of the best ways to help your Mistress get better exposure is by leaving good Niteflirt ratings. From now on, anyone who leaves Me a 5 star rating on Niteflirt will get at least one free minute. This includes goody bag purchases, PTV mails, and Niteflirt calls. you know you’re going to serve Me and binge on My content anyway, so why not do it now?


findom Mistress financial domination Queen goddess worship money slaveru pay pig tribute

My current goal is saving for a Caribbean cruise! My best friend invited Me to join her on a cruise next January (2021) and I’d like to bring My at least one of My partners. It looks like that will be about a $1500 expense for the cruise that We’re planning to go on, but I’ve made the goal $2000 since the site takes a cut as well.  Use any of the payment processors on My Tributes page to contribute!

The Contract – Part 2

Last but certainly not least is this new clip. It’s actually part 2 of “The Contract,” and I’ve included a free little preview in the beginning of this clip so that you can see just how hot and fun Part 1 is. I suggest purchasing Part 1 before you watch Part 2 here so that you have a better idea of what’s going on in this scene. In this clip, I officially collar doughboy and make him sign a slave contract for Me! I read every line to him while he worships My feet, then force him to eat My toenail clippings and foot dust. I fuck his loser ass with 2 different toys, then I rape his wallet and count his cash while smothering his face with My sexy, curvy ass.


New Femdom Content

All of My hot femdom content that I’ve created since My last blog post…

Clip – Birthday “Bash” With slave doughboy!

beat down foot worship panty stuffing anal training slaveFree 2 Minute Preview on Dickie Virgin!

How did I miss this clip! For My Birthday in 2018, doughboy and I had our second ever session. doughboy tries to get fresh with Me at My hotel and I put him through the wringer… We start off with some beatdown pummeling, complete with knees to the balls, kicking, and slapping in the face. I move on from there to leg scissoring and a hefty dose of foot worship that he didn’t bargain for. Then I bust out My boxing gloves and really go to town on him! Once he’s had enough, the real fun begins… I grab a nasty, used pair of panties that I brought and shove them in his mouth. I rub them on his loser face, making him inhale My beautiful scent. I shove My feet in his face again, mingling the scent of My Perfect Feet and My unattainably Perfect Pussy and Ass. When he continues to struggle, I fit him with an RNC and let him slump to the ground. I wrap his head in My panties while he’s out, then it’s time for some more leg scissors. Once I’m sure he won’t be struggling anymore, I climb on top of him for some sexy face sitting smothering. After he’s been smothered, he tries to play dumb, but I slap him back to reality and spit in his loser freak mouth for fucking around on Me. I put him on his hands and knees and fuck his loser ass for the very first time, then I finally decide he’s had enough… Well… ALMOST… After a little more beat down fun, I drain his wallet and count My cash.

Guide to Discovering your Inner sissy

sissy quiz questionnaire

This questionnaire will lead you down the path to becoming your true inner sissy. This isn’t exactly a quiz, where you answer a few questions and then get told your sissy style; this is a set of 25 prompts to meditate on which will help you to discover your ideal sissy self, along with some pictures for inspiration…

The Contract – Part 1

trans dom beat down training slave

In part 1 of The Contract, Mal and Harley are having a romantic evening alone together. Mal ties up Their girlfriend Harley and then leaves to go get something special for them. A masked stranger breaks in and menaces Harley while Mal is gone, but Mal has forgotten Their car keys. Mal rescues Harley by beating up the stranger and unmasking him to reveal it is none other than doughboy! Harley and Mal sissify and tie up doughboy, then pummel him senseless. They rifle through his things and finding some beautiful toe rings that Their friend Kiara will surely love…

—Connect With Me—

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom NiteFlirt

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