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May With Mistress Kiara

I skipped last month’s blog in order to fully enjoy celebrating My birthday properly, so you better enjoy and appreciate this month’s!

Mistress’s Birthday Was Great!

I’m sure that this will shock literally none of you, but My Birthday was amazing! I spent it with BF, baked Us a cake (He’s celiac so We couldn’t just buy one, plus I love baking!), and, of course, got a ton of tributes! Celebrate if you missed it by sending a tribute or buying Me something!

PS – this is NOT OPTIONAL for subs who are under a blackmail fetish contract with Me!

Twitch Affiliate

DominaKiara Gamer Girl Twitch Streaming Affiliate

Another amazing thing that happened on My birthday is that I became a Twitch affiliate! That means that I can now make money off of just hanging out and playing video games on cam LOL! Honestly, I’ve been loving it! It’s so much fun and it’s a great way to connect with My subs on a more personal level. We get so caught up in the D/s side of things sometimes that we tend to forget that there’s an actual human on the other side of the computer.

sexy femdom blackmail Mistress DominaKiara streams on twitch

I’m still offering gaming together, but now those who can’t/don’t play can watch Me game too. Be sure to subscribe and use ‘bits’ to do random things – that’s how I get paid! Those with Amazon Prime can subscribe for free 😀  You can also just watch and hang out in chat, suggest games for Me to play, etc. I’ve already given away a few games on stream as well, and will continue to host game giveaways when we reach bits milestones, so subscribe and never miss a stream! Also, I am still offering femdom & fetish sessions during My scheduled hours, even if I’m streaming on Twitch! I will just pause the stream, do the session, and then go back to streaming. Simple 😉

Sub to My LF, Get Free Clips!loyal fans loyalfans sexy femdom fetish domme Mistress content

I’m still continuing to move all of My too-sexy-for-Twitter content to LoyalFans, a platform that has had no problems adhering to the new adult content guidelines. I’ve been focusing lately on releasing clips there for free, and I’m running a permanent sale of ‘first 3 days free for new subscribers’ just because I know that once you subscribe you won’t be able to resist seeing more of My sexy fetish content! Don’t miss out on all the hot pictures and videos that I’m posting there every day, go subscribe!

$10K Club for a Long-Term Financial Blackmail Sub!

So one of My long-term (though somewhat flaky) financial blackmail subs has achieved a goal of his – joining the $10K club! We went through all of his transactions together and figured out the total, which was just shy of $10K. So he decided to be a good blackmail sub and pay the remaining balance. you can read more about his journey in his blog post on BlackmailFetish.com!

Custom Issues

femdom hypnosis hypnodomme fetish

So I know that some of you are still waiting on custom clips. As it stands right now, I have 4 customs that need to be finished. One is recorded already (the femdom hypnosis one from above) and the other 3 need to be recorded still. The issue I’m having is with Adobe. No big deal, right? Just buy new software. Well, I did, and UPS sent it to the wrong damn address! So now I’m fighting with them to get software that is powerful enough (and not as buggy!) to do what I want with the clips. I apologize for those who have been waiting for your custom femdom clips, and for those who have noticed that I have not been putting out much new content lately. This is why – I don’t want to release new content until the custom fetish clips are sent out.

Still Rocking the New Femdom Twitter

Just wanted to remind you that I have a new twitter  – @TheDominaKiara so go be sure to follow Me now and get all of My safe for work femdom & fetish updates – like this one!


Descent Hypnosis

I am happy to say that I am now a proud member of the Descent Hypnosis team! If you want to listen to the other lovely hypnodommes on the channel, click the link above! Everyone there has been great and super supportive, so I highly recommend them! Don’t miss out, go listen now!

Free SPH at RateMyTinyPenis.com

rate pindick tiny penis little cocks

Another of My favorite fetishes of course is small penis humiliation. That’s why I made rate my tiny penis; a free website dedicated completely to tiny pindicks showing off their short comings for Me and My Domme friends to laugh at lol! We average between 200-600 views every single day from other tiny dick boys and the Mistresses like Myself who love to laugh at them. Want to feature your little dick for free small penis humiliation? Check out the site and get your pinidck posted LOL!

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August Update – New Projects, New Content, Same Sexy Domme!

Blackmail sub Opening

Another month has come and gone and your Goddess is still kicking ass and taking blackmail information… In fact, I have room for two more blackmail bitches in My stable as of this week! I had two scared little bitches buy out of their blackmail contracts. Sad to see them go, but good news for those I’ve had to turn away while My stable was full! Think you can handle it? Click here to learn how to begin your real blackmail fetish journey now!

Stickers for Sale

ass worship Mistress Kiara thic curvy BBW

Isn’t this pic of My thic, curvy ass in a thong soooo hot!? I bet you want to look at it every day, don’t you? Well good news, because now you can! I bought a sticker printer, which means I am now offering printed stickers for sale that I will mail right to your house, place of work, PO Box, anywhere you like! Price is $5 plus shipping & handling. And quick reminder – I don’t blackmail anyone who doesn’t explicitly request blackmail and then also sign and pay the agreement fee for their individualize blackmail contract.

Findom Addiction Rehab 12 Step Program is COMPLETE!

addict findom financial domination rehab program addicted cured

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans Stars subs!

After many years in the making, the financial domination addiction rehabilitation 12 step program is finally complete! Step 12 is the most intense, and you MUST have completed steps 1-11 before you see step 12, which is why step 12 is more expensive than the others. This is step 12 of My financial domination addiction rehabilitation program. I’ve created this 12 step program to help rehabilitate you and help you completely recover from your addiction to financial domination. Be sure that you have finished steps 1 – 11 completely before attempting to take on this final and most important step…

It isn’t healthy to try to finish them all in one evening. This is a process, and it will take time. But your Mistress will be here to support you and guide you through this difficult addiction.

Want 10% off on My clips?

Join My mailing list! Every month, subscribers get a new coupon code for 10% off on purchases in My IWantClips store! You’ll also get free exclusive content & additional coupons. It’s free, so what do you have to lose? Subscribe now!

LoyalFans Stars Subscription is 25% OFF!

LoyalFans Stars discount coupon

I’ve shot WAY up the rankings on LoyalFans Stars, so I’m running a 25% off sale this month! Now through the end of August, get 25% off a month-long subscription to My page! you don’t want to miss this – sub now! All subs get 15% off on IWC every month, plus tons of sexy pics and clips for free that aren’t available ANYwhere else! I’m also throwing in a free honest dick rating for all new subscribers! Send Me your best dick pic and I’ll let you know what I think of it. What are you waiting for? I SAID go Sub NOW!!!

July Income

findom findomme financial domination mistress goddess worship tribute wallet rape 72020

Speaking of My unimaginable success, I had another record-breaking month in July! $12859 gross, which was $32.46 more than I made in June (My previous record-breaking month!) I included a graphic of My income averages by weekday, as well as what percentage of My income comes from which fetishes that I enjoy. Have I mentioned that I LOVE spreadsheets and charts? LOL!

Sex Worker Tips

Due to the popularity of My posts about My success the past couple months, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel called Sex Worker Tips. I will be releasing videos for My fellow sex workers and giving them the knowledge that I have gained and My tips, tricks, and tutorials for things which I feel lead to My success. Check out the first episode above, and be sure to follow @SexWorkerTips on Twitter as well as subscribe to the YouTube channel! If you have some tips you’d like to offer, or if you have some questions about sex work that you want answered, feel free to drop Me a message!

New Pictures & Clips

That’s it for now, pets. I also updated My gallery this month with all My hot new free femdom pictures for you to worship! But remember to pay your cum tax if you make a little mess… LOL! In addition to the clip above, I’ve also added SIX other new clips, one of which has already skyrocketed up the best seller list! Buy them ALL via the links below, or send Me a message to let Me know what is your preferred payment processor!

Big Boob Addict Premature Ejaculation Curse (Best Seller!)

femdom witchcraft sorceress big boobs premature ejaculation curseFREE Preview for LoyalFans subscribers!

Have you found yourself coveting giant breasts? Pining after them, longing for them, becoming more and more obsessed with them? Then this curse is for you!

When you watch this clip, you are agreeing to be hexed by Me. This curse will cause you to prematurely ejaculate in your pants whenever you encounter large breasts. The bigger the tits, the faster you shoot your load LOL! Think you can handle it..,? It’s only $200 for the curse removal fee….




Stroker Addict Brainwashing Mindfuck Hypnosis

hypno hypnosis brainwash brain washing mind fuck mindfucking spiral jerk off addictyou already stroke to Me frequently… But this clip will brainwash you into an even bigger jerk off addict for Me! This 20 minute clip includes post hypnotic suggestions and some very entrancing special effects as well. Binaural beats, subliminal messaging, induced paralysis – I’ve pulled out ALL the stops for this mindfuck clip! Buy it now!






Black Magick Curse – your Cock is Shrinking Even Now…

witch curse hex magick magic femdom witchcraft sph penis shrinkingFREE preview for LoyalFans Stars subscribers!

Magick is all about manifestation. In this clip, I manifest the fact that your tiny little pindick is shrinking… Even now… Watch as I cast the magick circle, then call in the powers that be to cause you to become even smaller than you already are! SPH lovers, sissy bitch boys, this is a MUST!






Ass Addict Blue Balls Curse

femdom witchcraft sorceress big ass blueballs curseFREE preview for LoyalFans Stars subscribers!

The last curse wasn’t enough or you, was it? you wanted to be punished for craving giant breasts, so I did exactly that. Now you want more… you want to be fucked over for encountering and lusting after sexy, thicc asses too!

When you watch this clip, you are agreeing to be hexed by Me. This curse will cause you to be blue balled whenever you encounter a large, thic, curvy ass. The bigger the ass, the longer your blue balls last LOL! Think you can handle it..? It’s only $200 for the curse removal fee….



sissy Makeup Tutorial Series – #2, Eyebrows

sissy training makeup tutorial femdom fetishyour eyebrows are one of the most telling features when it comes to makeup. They are one of the most expressive features on your face, so you don’t want to fuck them up, sissy bitch. There are SO many BAD eyebrows out there, and even more who just don’t do ANYthing with them. This video will show you how to draw on your eyebrows like a pro!






Goth Rings & Hand Fetish

femdom Domme witch goth ring hand finger fetishAs requested by one of My good pets, I made this clip of Me showing off all the rings I wear every day. I seductively show off each ring, silently allowing you to gaze at My sexy, long fingers the whole time. Enjoy… (7 min clip)

FREE for LoyalFans Stars subscribers!






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Flipflops and Shrinking Cream, and a New Layout, Oh My!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally decided to update My entire website. New look, new content, and even more ways than ever to serve Perfection! There’s still a bit of work that needs to be done, but I’ve done a serious overhaul on a lot of the pages, so be sure to take a fresh look around and see what’s new. I’ll be working the rest of the weekend to get the rest of the pages up to snuff.

foot fetish Mistress Kiara buy nasty worn shoes

How NASTY are these after pedicure flipflops? I wore them for FAR longer than I usually do, and the bottoms are just covered in grime! They’re SO GROSS that I couldn’t bare to throw them out. I know you freaks are going to fight for them, so I posted them on ebanned. Start a bidding war NOW!

Forced to Wank With Reduction Cream

So I’m sure you all remember My tiny little fag cash loser james from such clips as this beauty:

Tiny Dick Humiliation Request

tiny dick loser pindick humiliation

Well he’s back and begging for more! In our latest session, I made james wank with penis reduction cream, making his tiny little nub even smaller (if you can believe that!). Here’s a quick preview of what happened on day 1:


If you want to see the whole thing, you’ll have to pay for the privilege ;3


Ppal/Amazon: Email Me iwantclips