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Goddess in the mirror

I was driving home from shopping today when I noticed that this guy was following Me. I mean, granted, he could have just been traveling the same place I was and gotten stuck behind Me – I live off of a busy street! – but something was different about this guy. Every time I looked up in My rear view mirror, his eyes would dart away when I caught him staring at Me in My mirror! Ugh, what a pathetic loser!

It’s not like this is the first time that it’s happened or anything. I notice all the time that men that are driving in front of Me glance in their mirrors FAR too often. They are just so captivated by My beauty that they have to keep glancing back at the Goddess that they are not worthy to serve…

I bet that each and every one of those losers gets home and lays in bed, recalling memories of his beautiful Goddess in the mirror and touching himself – wanking his tiny little dicklet and messing in his panties, lol!

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