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Gamer Chicks are Hot

I rarely seek out slaves Myself. 99 times out of 100, what happens is I get an email or instant message from a slave BEGGING Me for a chance to serve this perfect, divine femdom Mistress. Many of My slaves, especially the ones who enjoy humiliation, financial slavery, and foot worship, also enjoy buying Me presents from My Wish List.

Before I go any further, this is not an ‘I want presents’ post, so keep reading pets. I like to think that, for those who enjoy gifting more than tributing, My wish list is a way to get to know the one you serve better. you will find many of Mistress’ favorite bands, authors, and pastimes on My wishlist. One of those pastimes is video games.

*GASP* A female who likes video games!? How absurd! Not as much as you would like to think actually. Despite the fact that the stereotype for MALE gamers is that they smell and never go on dates or leave their basements (sounds like some slaves I know, lol!), female gamers are quite the opposite. We are fit, cute, quick to anger, rise to any challenge, and can dominate the pants off of most male gamers in any game without even breaking a sweat. Sound familiar?

I have been a bit of a closet-gamer for a while, but I wanted to bring it up because I added an xbox 360 to My wish list and have since gotten several submissives contacting Me demanding to know if I am actually a femdom Mistress or just some guy pretending to get money and a 360… Ok, I have countless pictures and videos on My site, along with over 3 years of ratings on NiteFlirt, plus a cam listing – if My slaves were serving a guy pretending to be a Princess, they would find out and move on. ‘Nuff said.

Video games simply allow Me to exert My dominance, just like online and phone sessions, but in a different way. I can sit in an arcade and have 5 boys hovering over Me, begging to serve Me drinks, snacks, and trying to get on My good side enough for Me to face them in Battle Front 2 on X-Box. I LOVE to see them grovel! And when I finally agree to let them play, they end up submitting to My dominance, in and out of game, and then they are putty in My hands.

So next time you look at My wish list, leave your criticism behind and try to use it as a tool to get to know your Mistress better. Maybe you will learn a little something about pleasing your Mistress instead. And after all, isn’t that why you’re here?

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