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More AMAZING News – First Public Nude!!!

It’s October, which has always been My favorite month. Obviously I’m a goth girl at heart and I just LOVE dressing up and doing fun makeup for Halloween! But being a Pagan, there’s also Samhain to look forward to! I’ll do a more in-depth blog about the Witch’s New Year later I’m sure. But I also love the milder temperatures, not needing to run the air conditioner, snuggling up with blankets, wearing longer dresses and hoodies, pretty much just everything about Autumn is great! But this Autumn is particularly Amazing so far!


femdom Mistress kiara chastity fetish keyholding key holding keyholder holder

First off, happy Locktober to all My chastity subs! For anyone who has the Qiui “Cellmate” chastity device, I made an account so that I can better control that little ‘distraction’ of yours during My favorite month. Locking fee (complete with locking ceremony cam session) is $50. Weekly payments can be discussed after that. Are you brave enough to try…?

6th Place for Favorite Footwear Contest!

So I’m not big on competition. Which isn’t to say that I’m not COMPETITIVE; in fact, therein lies the problem… When I compete for something, I feel this overwhelming NEED to win! I get SUPER invested in giving 120% and doing as well as I possibly can. I LOVE being proud of Myself since I know I’m the best Me that I can be.

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Solidarity and Witchcraft

Today is May 1, which marks 2 very important holidays that I celebrate. The first, May Day, is a holiday commemorating the struggle of workers for their rights. The other, Beltane, is a pagan holiday which welcomes the returning of spring and celebrates all the abundance and prosperity to come.


May Day

In most countries, May Day is celebrated as “Labor Day.” May Day started as a commemoration of the Haymarket Affair, when workers set up a peaceful strike for an 8 hour work day (instead of ‘however long the boss said’). The strike ended when the workers were bombed and shot to death until they were silenced. On May Day, we celebrate the struggle of the working class by taking a break and spending time with our friends and families. It’s also a day that many Socialists tend to set up demonstrations as well.

May Day Amazon Strikes

One of the ways that I’m celebrating May Day this year is by observing the Amazon strikes. That means that I will not be buying anything from Amazon until the strikes are over and will not be accepting gifts from My Amazon wish list either. If you’re looking to recognize this holiday as well, I encourage you to do the same. Simply avoid shopping at Amazon until the strikes are through. I will also personally be boycotting Whole Foods, Instacart, Target, and Shipt (which is owned by Target) as the workers for these companies are all striking starting today.


To celebrate Beltane, I tend to start My garden on or around May 1. I love to till the soil, plant the seedlings that I’ve been sprouting for the past few months, and really just take time to connect with the plants. I also do an abundance ceremony, both for crop yields and income. This year has been My best so far as a Domme, and I plan to keep that streak going!

femdom findom Mistres income success

I also do a fire ceremony to honor the fire god, Bel, who the very holiday is named for. This year I did a sexy photo shoot as well! I did My makeup in a fiery theme and took some VERY racy photos! Some of these pics are the most revealing ones I’ve ever taken, so you won’t want to miss them!

sexy femdom witch beltane sorceress photo shoot picture pack sexy femdom witch bitch sorceress dominakiara

These are just a couple previews of this sexy picture pack. I’ll be releasing them over the next few days on My LoyalFans Stars for My subscribers only. If you’re not a subscriber though, or if you jut want all these HOT pics right away and don’t wait, you can buy the whole pack of 14 photos on Niteflirt right now for just $30!

Clip – Double Domme Erectile Dysfunction Curse From Femdom Witches

witch curse hex magick magic femdom witchcraft erectile dysfunction double domme ebony Mistress

I know that I’ve been very open with My practices lately, but did you know that My good friend Empress Hana is also a practicing witch? Before the quarantine, She and I made a few clips together where We use Our powers for Our own benefit… And to your detriment of course! In this first 7 minute clip featuring Us together, Empress Hana and I pray to Baphomet to curse you so that your dick won’t work anymore! That is, unless you surrender to Us and serve Us properly…



I have a new good sub to brag about today as well! her name is belle and he is just a delight! you could ALL learn some things from her about what it means to be submissive! So far, belle has given Me over 350K bells in Animal Crossing as ‘bells meets,’ along with tons of wonderful in-game items priced well over 1 million bells! We currently have an arrangement where every morning belle will send Me on positive affirmation about herself along with screenshots of everything for sale in her in-game shop. I get first pic of any and all items that I may want. she also does one bells meet per week, weeds my island, makes My bait for fishing, waters My plants, etc.

But belle is more than just an Animal Crossing sub, of course. So far, in the roughly one-week period that belle has been serving Me, she has proven herself to be QUITE a good pet indeed! belle has reimbursed 2 Wish shopping trips for Me, the grand total of which comes to about $80. We also have an agreement that she will do at least one Wish shopping trip reimbursement per month.


Along with being a shopping sub, I am controlling belle’s orgasms. Every morning, I spin a wheel and decide whether or not belle gets to orgasm, if she deserves a punishment, and if she will be required to orgasm multiple times (or else spin the punishment wheel for each time she fails to do so!)

belle is also very conscious of Me, My time, My needs, My wants, etc. she constantly makes sure that she is not taking up more of My precious time than she deserves. she has done Retweets for Me when I was overwhelmed, and even made a twitter account specifically for dedications to Me. If you want to learn more from belle, I suggest following her on Twitter and taking notes on our interactions together… If you ALSO want to be an Animal Crossing sub, or to spin the orgasm control wheels, message Me on Twitter!

New Pictures, Clips, & Assignments

That’s it for now, pets. I also updated My gallery this month with all My hot new free femdom pictures for you to worship! But remember to pay your cum tax if you make a little mess… LOL! In addition to the sexy witchcraft clip, I’ve also added 3 other new clips. Buy them ALL via the links below, or send Me a message to let Me know what is your preferred payment processor!

Findom Addiction Rehab – Step 10 of 12

addict findom financial domination rehab programThis is step 10 of My financial domination addiction rehabilitation program. I’ve created this 12 step program to help rehabilitate you and help you completely recover from your addiction to financial domination. Be sure that you have finished steps 1 – 9 completely before attempting to take on step 10.

It isn’t healthy to try to finish them all in one evening, so I will be spacing out the release of each clip. This is a process, and it will take time. But your Mistress will be here to support you and guide you through this difficult addiction.

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans Stars subs!



Clip – Close Up Eating Vore (Recorded Cam Session)

Femdom Clip food eating chewing spit vore findom

1:22 Min preview for LoyalFans subscribers

Wasn’t sure what to call this one as it contains SO MANY fetishes~! I recorded a cam session with one of My subs. he paid $20 for every 5 minutes just to watch Me eat pizza and put the camera SUPER close to (and sometimes even inside!) My mouth while I ate noisily and humiliated him. There’s tons of spit, chewed food close ups, and vore in this clip. It even ends with the camera going down My throat and a loud CRUNCH!




Clip – Worship My Punky Hair!

Femdom Clip hair fetish worship domination humiliationFree preview for LoyalFans subscribers

I know that I have some hair fetish boys out there. This clip is for you! 6.5 mins of Me playing with My beautiful hair, brushing it, fluffing it, flipping it, tossing it, all while teasing you! you’ll never touch it, never even SMELL it… I even clean out one of My brushes that I’ve been using for a long time and show you the big chunk of hair that is stuck there. I bet you wish you could kiss it don’t you? LOL! But at least you can watch Me play with it, right?





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Exxxotica Expo Chicago Pics & Vines

Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo

Yes. I know. Exxxotica Expo was over 2 weeks ago. But guess what? Some of you fuckers are LITERALLY disgusting pigs, and one of you got Me sick! I’ve been resting up and trying to get well enough to post. Lucky you, I’m finally better, so sit back, get out your cocks and wallets, and enjoy ;3

Mistress Kiara Mistress Malvasia Exxxotica expo

I went with Dom Mal, My best friend and sexy partner-in-crime, and we had a blast! We even did a couple sessions with our local Chicago boys and returned home with our pockets bursting with your cash – LOL~!

Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo sex swing foot feitsh shoe fetish

I love this pic! As you entered the expo, there was this adorable ‘sex swing’ and the girl in charge totally let Me play on it. It was super fun, and you get a great view of My sneakers lol. And for those of you losers who would whine about them – fuck you! I was walking around ALL WEEKEND! There’s NO WAY I was going to wear ‘sexy shoes’ just for your lame asses!

Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo corset training foot shoe fetish Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo corset training

I was a total hit in My sexy new custom corset – I love the way these 2 pics show off My sexy curves!

Mistress Kiara big black dick sph

God, aren’t you just so TINY compared to this!? LOL! You know Me, I love small penis humiliation…. And I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity for some SPH fun with this toy! BBD, anyone?

Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo bbd big black dick sph small penis humiliation strap on

I LOVED playing with this ludicrous BBD strapon… thing… LOL! Don’t be intimidated… It won’t hurt… Me… LOL!

Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo dungeon

We spent most of Our time in the Dungeon area, which had a really fun set up! It was great for Me, but I was REALLY happy to see a bunch of ‘newbies’ just playing around with all the equipment!

Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo dog cage puppy play

OK, I officially need one of these – it’s a combination cage and spanking bench! Isn’t it fantastic!? Bet you wish you were there to be caged by Me, huh, freak?

Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo flogger flogging Saint Andrew's Cross bondage bdsm

They had these sexy custom Saint Andrew’s Cross’ made up. I meant to get a pic from far away but I forgot because I was too busy flogging and paddling this sub lol! I DID, however, make a couple vines of Me enjoying Myself. Just a little taste, though… Wouldn’t want you to blow it without remembering to PAY UP first!

LOL I was so happy with this paddle! It had a Batman symbol on the back – idk why that just totally amused the shit out of Me lol.

findom financial domination princess Mistress Kiara Exxxotica expo

So there you have it. That was My experience at Exxxotica Expo Chicago. Grand total – not including hotel, food, drinks, and travel (all paid for by a local Chicago sub) came out to around $1500 + tips & tributes. But ask yourselves this – do I REALLY look impressed by that…?

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Back From My Trip – Let the Humiliation Begin!

So as many of you know, your Princess loves going to conventions. This past weekend, there was a convention in Alma, which is only a couple hours from My house, so I decided to take a bunch of your money and go there lol! It was a lot of fun and I got a TON of souvenirs on your dime as well! However, the weather was SO SHITTY that I had to stay in the hotel (using MORE of your money lol) for the rest of the week. But I’m finally back, and I had a bunch of GREAT sessions before I left, so I figured I’d give these freaks their few minutes of ‘fame’ by posting the pics here lol.

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

Three of these hilarious humiliation sessions really stick out in My mind, so I decided to post the pics I took here for you freaks to drool over and for My Mistress friends to laugh at. Aren’t these boys lucky? LOL

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

This first one was hilarious. CBT to the extreme! I had him tie up his balls as tight as he could, then I made him clamp his cock with several clamps all along the shaft. At the time I took the picture above, he was actually screaming in pain LOL! I loved it! But it still wasn’t enough…

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

Before I would even THINK of letting him cum, I made him literally put his loser dick in a vice. Look how tortured that cock and those balls are… They’re all purple and pretty just for Me lol! you’ve heard of the ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ thing? Well this loser freak was flat as a pancake and STILL stiff as board for Me!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

This next ‘boy’ was a totally hilarious sissy slut fag for Me! he turned on his cam and he was already all dressed up, so I made him do a ‘sexy’ striptease lol! Check out those man titties!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiarasissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

‘he’ showed up all dressed up for Me, so I made him strip down to his panties and ride a butt plug for Me lol! he took it like a champ!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

he showed off his cock sucking skills for Me and then made Me laugh at how tiny his little dicklet is. he can play with it without even showing it to Me! he just sticks his loser hand in his panties! lol!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiarasissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

When I finally let him cum, I told him he had to do it on his toy and then suck off every last drop. And he did so, of course, with gusto! xDpindick tiny penis humiliation clip

James Tiny Dick Humiliation Request

I’m sure many of you remember this clip featuring tiny dick loser james. Well, as Mr. Elton John was wont to say – the bitch is back!

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

As you can see, he’s just as underwhelming as ever, not even measuring up to his tiny 4-inch dildo.

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

And he’s not even CLOSE to this BBC dildo he’s got! Though he can take it down his throat like a good little sissy lol

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

And of course I had him put that right where it belongs – in that loser pussy lol.

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

Then we moved on to bigger and better things… Up until he served Me on cam, james had never taken this big boy in his ass all the way to the hilt…

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

I, of course, solved that problem, and I even made him suck his tiny little loser cock so that he could see what it felt like to have a disappointing clitty in his mouth lol.