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Brainwashing Mantra

My sissy brainwashing assignment program has been such a success at brainwashing My boys into cock-craving sissy sluts that I’ve decided to create a mantra to further ingrain into your subconscious what you are to Me. In brainwashing, as in hypnosis, repetition is one of the most important factors, along with the subject’s belief in the ability to be brainwashed/hypnotized. This mantra will be repeated twice per day to make absolutely sure that you know your place. I have used this on a select few of My blackmail slaves and it has worked WONDERS. I no longer even have to remind them when their tributes are due! I have adapted the mantra so that it is not fetish-specific – all you need is a genuine desire to serve a Superior Female for this mantra to apply to you.

I have created a niteflirt PTV mail for this brainwashing slave mantra, but if you don’t have or want a niteflirt account, feel free to email Me for alternative payment options.

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