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Free Clip – LOSER in Panties!

blackmail loser james property of blackmail Mistress Kiara

So as usual, I got totally sick over the holidays. If you haven’t noticed, My immune system is total shit. But I’m back now and going to try to stay healthy as I can ;3

ALSO as usual, as soon as I logged in to YIM, I got a message from My mascot. you all know who I mean – the black bitch who sucks his own cock and steals panties from his female friend’s houses to wear for Me on cam. Little loser bitch paid Me to call and leave a message for one such friend, but then freaked out, stole her phone, and deleted the message lol. The little prick was totally disrespectful, and actually thought he pulled one over on Me… Until today ;3

Today,  james (or robert, as his paypal name reads), messaged Me (under a new screen name since I blocked his last one lol) and begged to go on cam for Me. I usually charge him $50, but today I made him pay it twice. Once was for the session, and once was because he was a disrespectful little bitch lol. So he goes on cam and I think, what the hell? I’ll have some EXTRA fun with him! Why take pics when I can record a clip? And so that’s exactly what I did ;3 Enjoy! This bitch has to pay $100 if he wants this clip removed – a STEAL if you ask Me… lol

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