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Summer Vacations and a Free Pay Pork Apology Clip

blackmail fetish loser pay pig of Mistress Kiara

So I’ve decided that this summer I will take ALL the vacations! I’ve got myself scheduled out until Halloween with traveling to different states, so there’s no time like the present to schedule a real time session with your Goddess! On the list this summer are Columbus, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Toldeo, Minneapolis, and a few others I haven’t decided on yet. If you’re in or able to travel to any of those cities, send Me an email at dominakiara(AT) and I’ll let you know my availability.

blackmail fetish loser pay pig of Mistress Kiara

Some of you will remember this pathetic pay porker from My other blog posts, Busy Week for the Goddess and Blackmail Fetish Freaks Everywhere – Another Free Clip, but My pork-on-a-leash is still around and whining, and fucking up. This week, he pestered his God (That’d be ME, by the way) to no end, whining about how I went out of town on vacation (using up his pathetic little tributes and then some, of course) with his other god, Mistress Mal. he also went to a party, met a girl who was (for some fucked up reason) willing to take him home and try to ride his tiny 4.5 inch cock, but he couldn’t even get hard because he’s so addicted to being a worthless slab of pay pork LOL!  his punishment for whining and basically being a fuck up in every way was to send Us something to smile about and laugh at – him apologizing for being a dumbfuck, on his knees in a video. The pic above was just a bonus lol… And as an added bonus to Us, he now owes $50 to get it removed, along with another $500 for the clip below, $50 from the pic in the last post, and the remaining $200 to remove the video of him sucking tranny cock in the post before that. Lucky for you, pay pork, you just got a second job, right? Well consider paying US your third!

blackmail fetish loser pay pig of Mistress Kiara

So when 7:30 rolled around and I hadn’t posted this blog yet, loser pay pork douchester thought he was off the hook. he messaged Me celebrating about how he’d dodged a bullet, which pissed Me off. Let’s get something straight, and this goes for ALL of you freaks out there who come to Me to serve Me… I have a way of doing things which does NOT involve you, your thoughts, your wants, your desires, or ANYthing involving you. Except your money of course lol. I don’t post blogs until later in the day because most of My good pay sluts have jobs, families, wives, etc, and posting a blog while they’re at work or out to eat just doesn’t make much sense, does it? So here’s a thought, if you’re going to assume anything, assume that your Goddess knows better than you. For fucking up, AGAIN, I made him stroke at his new job to the paypal receipt from his most recent tribute, which he later informed Me meant that he wouldn’t be able to afford to take the train home lol!

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