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Solidarity and Witchcraft

Today is May 1, which marks 2 very important holidays that I celebrate. The first, May Day, is a holiday commemorating the struggle of workers for their rights. The other, Beltane, is a pagan holiday which welcomes the returning of spring and celebrates all the abundance and prosperity to come.


May Day

In most countries, May Day is celebrated as “Labor Day.” May Day started as a commemoration of the Haymarket Affair, when workers set up a peaceful strike for an 8 hour work day (instead of ‘however long the boss said’). The strike ended when the workers were bombed and shot to death until they were silenced. On May Day, we celebrate the struggle of the working class by taking a break and spending time with our friends and families. It’s also a day that many Socialists tend to set up demonstrations as well.

May Day Amazon Strikes

One of the ways that I’m celebrating May Day this year is by observing the Amazon strikes. That means that I will not be buying anything from Amazon until the strikes are over and will not be accepting gifts from My Amazon wish list either. If you’re looking to recognize this holiday as well, I encourage you to do the same. Simply avoid shopping at Amazon until the strikes are through. I will also personally be boycotting Whole Foods, Instacart, Target, and Shipt (which is owned by Target) as the workers for these companies are all striking starting today.


To celebrate Beltane, I tend to start My garden on or around May 1. I love to till the soil, plant the seedlings that I’ve been sprouting for the past few months, and really just take time to connect with the plants. I also do an abundance ceremony, both for crop yields and income. This year has been My best so far as a Domme, and I plan to keep that streak going!

femdom findom Mistres income success

I also do a fire ceremony to honor the fire god, Bel, who the very holiday is named for. This year I did a sexy photo shoot as well! I did My makeup in a fiery theme and took some VERY racy photos! Some of these pics are the most revealing ones I’ve ever taken, so you won’t want to miss them!

sexy femdom witch beltane sorceress photo shoot picture pack sexy femdom witch bitch sorceress dominakiara

These are just a couple previews of this sexy picture pack. I’ll be releasing them over the next few days on My LoyalFans Stars for My subscribers only. If you’re not a subscriber though, or if you jut want all these HOT pics right away and don’t wait, you can buy the whole pack of 14 photos on Niteflirt right now for just $30!

Clip – Double Domme Erectile Dysfunction Curse From Femdom Witches

witch curse hex magick magic femdom witchcraft erectile dysfunction double domme ebony Mistress

I know that I’ve been very open with My practices lately, but did you know that My good friend Empress Hana is also a practicing witch? Before the quarantine, She and I made a few clips together where We use Our powers for Our own benefit… And to your detriment of course! In this first 7 minute clip featuring Us together, Empress Hana and I pray to Baphomet to curse you so that your dick won’t work anymore! That is, unless you surrender to Us and serve Us properly…



I have a new good sub to brag about today as well! her name is belle and he is just a delight! you could ALL learn some things from her about what it means to be submissive! So far, belle has given Me over 350K bells in Animal Crossing as ‘bells meets,’ along with tons of wonderful in-game items priced well over 1 million bells! We currently have an arrangement where every morning belle will send Me on positive affirmation about herself along with screenshots of everything for sale in her in-game shop. I get first pic of any and all items that I may want. she also does one bells meet per week, weeds my island, makes My bait for fishing, waters My plants, etc.

But belle is more than just an Animal Crossing sub, of course. So far, in the roughly one-week period that belle has been serving Me, she has proven herself to be QUITE a good pet indeed! belle has reimbursed 2 Wish shopping trips for Me, the grand total of which comes to about $80. We also have an agreement that she will do at least one Wish shopping trip reimbursement per month.


Along with being a shopping sub, I am controlling belle’s orgasms. Every morning, I spin a wheel and decide whether or not belle gets to orgasm, if she deserves a punishment, and if she will be required to orgasm multiple times (or else spin the punishment wheel for each time she fails to do so!)

belle is also very conscious of Me, My time, My needs, My wants, etc. she constantly makes sure that she is not taking up more of My precious time than she deserves. she has done Retweets for Me when I was overwhelmed, and even made a twitter account specifically for dedications to Me. If you want to learn more from belle, I suggest following her on Twitter and taking notes on our interactions together… If you ALSO want to be an Animal Crossing sub, or to spin the orgasm control wheels, message Me on Twitter!

New Pictures, Clips, & Assignments

That’s it for now, pets. I also updated My gallery this month with all My hot new free femdom pictures for you to worship! But remember to pay your cum tax if you make a little mess… LOL! In addition to the sexy witchcraft clip, I’ve also added 3 other new clips. Buy them ALL via the links below, or send Me a message to let Me know what is your preferred payment processor!

Findom Addiction Rehab – Step 10 of 12

addict findom financial domination rehab programThis is step 10 of My financial domination addiction rehabilitation program. I’ve created this 12 step program to help rehabilitate you and help you completely recover from your addiction to financial domination. Be sure that you have finished steps 1 – 9 completely before attempting to take on step 10.

It isn’t healthy to try to finish them all in one evening, so I will be spacing out the release of each clip. This is a process, and it will take time. But your Mistress will be here to support you and guide you through this difficult addiction.

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans Stars subs!



Clip – Close Up Eating Vore (Recorded Cam Session)

Femdom Clip food eating chewing spit vore findom

1:22 Min preview for LoyalFans subscribers

Wasn’t sure what to call this one as it contains SO MANY fetishes~! I recorded a cam session with one of My subs. he paid $20 for every 5 minutes just to watch Me eat pizza and put the camera SUPER close to (and sometimes even inside!) My mouth while I ate noisily and humiliated him. There’s tons of spit, chewed food close ups, and vore in this clip. It even ends with the camera going down My throat and a loud CRUNCH!




Clip – Worship My Punky Hair!

Femdom Clip hair fetish worship domination humiliationFree preview for LoyalFans subscribers

I know that I have some hair fetish boys out there. This clip is for you! 6.5 mins of Me playing with My beautiful hair, brushing it, fluffing it, flipping it, tossing it, all while teasing you! you’ll never touch it, never even SMELL it… I even clean out one of My brushes that I’ve been using for a long time and show you the big chunk of hair that is stuck there. I bet you wish you could kiss it don’t you? LOL! But at least you can watch Me play with it, right?





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Humiliation & Findom subs Everywhere + Real Time Session Report

Humiliation & Findom Are Love

With working on migrating everything to My new dedicated server on Hostgator, 2 of My sites got kind of broken :/ It sucks, but I’m working on fixing it. So since I haven’t been able to update My blackmail & hypnosis websites, I’ve not been able to promote those two as much. However, that means that I’ve been getting more findom and humiliation sessions, which has been amazing!

I’ve gotten so many humiliation subs, and a few new findom subs too. I even did a real time session with a new sub in My area, which was absolutely wonderful! So I thought I’d take some time to tell you all about some of My favorite humiliation & findom sessions.

Humilation & Findom Blackmail Slut luis Returns (Again)

blackmail slave findom addiction financial domination Mistress Kiara

Ok, maybe I lied. I’ve been doing a LITTLE blackmail… There is a sub on My Niteflirt who LOVES to hear about My other blackmail and findom slaves (I know you’re reading this, ‘priscilla’ lol!) and one of My favorite failures to parade about is luis. luis has been around since like 2015, and he still comes crawling back every once in a while. priscilla liked the stories I told about luis so much that they got luis’s number (since luis is just an exposed, humiliated blackmail slave at this point) and called him. Since then, luis has been hooked again…


luis texted Me this video, just saying ‘you got Me…’ lol! he started off just saying that he wanted to pay to get his blackmail information and humiliating pictures removed, that he couldn’t afford to become My findom slave again… but I know just exactly what buttons to push with this freak lol. he told Me he had deleted all the custom MP3s and clips that I made for him, so I of course sent them to him again. I mean, he paid for them, why shouldn’t he have access to them? xD Then he sent Me this…

humiliation slave addicted to real Blackmail Mistress Kiara

And then My phone rang xD I’m still taking care of My boyfriend and luis only ever calls My ignore line, so Boyfriend and I just sat and chatted while luis fapped in the background. How humiliating, right? he just can’t stay away… So addicted fo My humiliation and being My findom slave… So pathetic… I love it!

findom financial domination humiliation addiction

The best part is, he did it like 3 more times last week! Every time he texted Me afterward to tell Me how amazing and lucky My boyfriend was for being with Me lol… Believe Me, He knows. And in fact, he even decided to get in on the sexy fun by selling 2 pics of his dick on My niteflirt – just $50 each LOL!

Humiliation Slaves Turns to Findom Because he’s Stupid…

twitter humiliation Mistress

So while I tweeted all of this about luis, another sub messaged Me, telling Me how jealous he was of luis and how much he wanted to be just like him. Look, luis! you have an admirer! he longs to be just as pathetic as you are… xD And coming pretty close, to be honest!

twitter humiliation Mistress

Much like luis, this freak will do ANYthing for My feet… he begs Me (and pays Me!) to humiliate him on twitter at least once a week, and he tells Me constantly how fucked he is lol. he told Me he’s been watching Me and idolizing Me for the past decade but he never had the balls to message Me. he didn’t want to get addicted…. lol too late…

toilet humiliation Mistress

This is a picture he sent Me of him and his new girlfriend, ‘briana.’ briana is his toilet brush, who he made out with for the amusement of My feet… Which he keeps saying he’s not addicted to but I think the evidence is pretty plain. His craving for more humiliation is growing by the day. he even bought a text session from Me this week…

twitter humiliation Mistress

Which he overpaid for because he’s an idiot lol. Of course, he said he liked it… For the humiliation aspect, sure, but all My findom slaves know that that’s where it starts… you start to associate paying with the pleasure that serving Me brings. Then you start to associate paying with pleasure in general… Then it’s all over… lol… Of course there are other reasons why My findom subs pay, which I explain in this clip, Why you Pay Me:


Cum Eating Humiliation slave

Another amazing session I had this week was a double teaming session with Me and Domina Mint! This boy has played with Me before, but it was a first for Mint. he loves to do forced cum eating humiliation tasks, and I do mean FORCED! he tries so hard to weasel out of it but he knows it’s no use with Us… And he even thanks Us after the fact because apparently a lot of Dommes will let him get out of it! Can you imagine? A Domme letting a sub weasel out of a task? Ludicrous!

small penis humiliation size comparison dick

Here is his tiny dick comparison picture lol. he paid Me to post it on Rate My Tiny Penis before, so of course I kept a copy for My own amusement. This time around, Domina Mint and I put him through the ringer in the humiliation department! His assignment was many fold, but I won’t ruin it here (like We did his orgasm LOL)! We had so much fun that I made 2 assignments based off of this session so that you can play along at home ;3

And of course he came back for more later that week for more humiliation and punishment… This time he got to choose his fate so to speak, and there was a bit of a findom twist to it. I gave him 4 choices for his assignment. The more tame the humiliation, the less his tribute was LOL! he chose the $40 option – what would you have chosen?

Real Time Session With a New sub!

Domina Mint and I also got pedicures this week. Aren’t they wonderful? We have a session with doughboy on the 5th, but I wanted Mine early because I also had a first session with a new sub on the 29th! he wasn’t really into humiliation or findom, but we did have a TON of fun! I dressed him up like a doggy, enjoyed some pet play, had him worship My feet and sexy boots, and then gave him a sissy makeover. Isn’t he just precious?

I recorded the first half, including when his phone went off an he had to be punished with some spankings! I’ll have a clip available soon, I’ve got quite the backlog to work through. But for now, here is a clip I released this week of doughboy and I, as well as another progressive findom clip for My little foot piggy!

Gay Pride Beatdown, Sissification, Boot Worhsip, Force Strapon Sucking, & Wallet Draining Findom Humiliation

You’re Going to JAIL to Worship Convict Feet & Dicks! Another Foot Humiliation & Progressive Findom Clip for My Little Foot Piggy!



Flipflops and Shrinking Cream, and a New Layout, Oh My!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally decided to update My entire website. New look, new content, and even more ways than ever to serve Perfection! There’s still a bit of work that needs to be done, but I’ve done a serious overhaul on a lot of the pages, so be sure to take a fresh look around and see what’s new. I’ll be working the rest of the weekend to get the rest of the pages up to snuff.

foot fetish Mistress Kiara buy nasty worn shoes

How NASTY are these after pedicure flipflops? I wore them for FAR longer than I usually do, and the bottoms are just covered in grime! They’re SO GROSS that I couldn’t bare to throw them out. I know you freaks are going to fight for them, so I posted them on ebanned. Start a bidding war NOW!

Forced to Wank With Reduction Cream

So I’m sure you all remember My tiny little fag cash loser james from such clips as this beauty:

Tiny Dick Humiliation Request

tiny dick loser pindick humiliation

Well he’s back and begging for more! In our latest session, I made james wank with penis reduction cream, making his tiny little nub even smaller (if you can believe that!). Here’s a quick preview of what happened on day 1:


If you want to see the whole thing, you’ll have to pay for the privilege ;3


Ppal/Amazon: Email Me iwantclips

Summer Vacations and a Free Pay Pork Apology Clip

So I’ve decided that this summer I will take ALL the vacations! I’ve got myself scheduled out until Halloween with traveling to different states, so there’s no time like the present to schedule a real time session with your Goddess! On the list this summer are Columbus, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Toldeo, Minneapolis, and a few others I haven’t decided on yet. If you’re in or able to travel to any of those cities, send Me an email at dominakiara(AT) and I’ll let you know my availability.

blackmail fetish loser pay pig of Mistress Kiara

Some of you will remember this pathetic pay porker from My other blog posts, Busy Week for the Goddess and Blackmail Fetish Freaks Everywhere – Another Free Clip, but My pork-on-a-leash is still around and whining, and fucking up. This week, he pestered his God (That’d be ME, by the way) to no end, whining about how I went out of town on vacation (using up his pathetic little tributes and then some, of course) with his other god, Mistress Mal. he also went to a party, met a girl who was (for some fucked up reason) willing to take him home and try to ride his tiny 4.5 inch cock, but he couldn’t even get hard because he’s so addicted to being a worthless slab of pay pork LOL!  his punishment for whining and basically being a fuck up in every way was to send Us something to smile about and laugh at – him apologizing for being a dumbfuck, on his knees in a video. The pic above was just a bonus lol… And as an added bonus to Us, he now owes $50 to get it removed, along with another $500 for the clip below, $50 from the pic in the last post, and the remaining $200 to remove the video of him sucking tranny cock in the post before that. Lucky for you, pay pork, you just got a second job, right? Well consider paying US your third!

blackmail fetish loser pay pig of Mistress Kiara

So when 7:30 rolled around and I hadn’t posted this blog yet, loser pay pork douchester thought he was off the hook. he messaged Me celebrating about how he’d dodged a bullet, which pissed Me off. Let’s get something straight, and this goes for ALL of you freaks out there who come to Me to serve Me… I have a way of doing things which does NOT involve you, your thoughts, your wants, your desires, or ANYthing involving you. Except your money of course lol. I don’t post blogs until later in the day because most of My good pay sluts have jobs, families, wives, etc, and posting a blog while they’re at work or out to eat just doesn’t make much sense, does it? So here’s a thought, if you’re going to assume anything, assume that your Goddess knows better than you. For fucking up, AGAIN, I made him stroke at his new job to the paypal receipt from his most recent tribute, which he later informed Me meant that he wouldn’t be able to afford to take the train home lol!