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Michael Ammons – Another Outed Blackmail Fetish Loser…

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Meet michael ammons, blackmail loser extraordinaire…

Full Name: Michael Ammons
Age: 45
Married?: yes
Faithful: *REMOVED for a $20 Tribute*
Sex (How often? good/bad): *REMOVED for a $20 Tribute*
Kids?: *REMOVED for a $20 Tribute*
Kinkiest fantasy: *REMOVED for a $20 Tribute*
Pets?: *REMOVED for a $20 Tribute*
Car you drive (make, model, year): ford explorer 1999
E-mail: michael_4222@yahoo.com or m_and_t99@yahoo.com
Wife’s Name: Tera
Yearly Income (approx): 20,000
Cell Phone Number: 724-413-6818

Come on, did you REALLY think you could get away with NOT paying Me, being a disrespectful little shit, and then have Me NOT post all of this? Get a grip, freak…

blackmail fetish blackmail fantasy blackmail loser mike ammons deep throat forced bi cocksucking forced femme

This is michael ammons. This loser has been serving Me for a few weeks now. Things started out well, as they always do. he started by buying things from Me on Niteflirt. he eventually purchased My screen name on YIM and contacted Me there asking for blackmail fetish that was REAL. michael claims to have researched many other women and found them lacking when it comes to actually outing people who fucked up on their contracts. Funny, you’d think that after seeing My blog he’d KNOW I was the real deal…

blackmail fetish blackmail fantasy blackmail loser mike ammons feminization sissification bra panties

We whipped him up a personal contract, as I do for all of My blackmail slaves. he was respectful at first, paid his tributes on time, paid a little extra here and there for Me to spend extra time on him – the way a good slave should be. I told him what I expected of him as a slave and he agreed, going so far as to say:

“Jan 27, 5:44:07 PM  michael: I will always show you respect Princess if that is alright to call you Princess”

We agreed that his tributes would be due every other week and he signed the contract, giving Me access to all of his personal information. michael even completed his first assignment, which was to buy one of My clips I thought he’d enjoy from clips4sale. he loved it, btw…

Fear is Just Another Word for Excitement

blackmail fetish Mistress Clip

Then things swiftly went downhill… michael started to push the boundaries, as most blackmail fetish wannabe slaves do… he started trying to tell Me what I was and was not allowed to do with his information. Then he started becoming belligerent, disrespectful, and bossy, which is something I DO NOT tolerate… michael dared Me to do something. Just to give him a taste, to prove I was ‘real.’ So I sent an email to the email he and his wife share.

Needless to say, michael didn’t appreciate that. But I figured hey – it was just a taste, right? So I gave him enough warning to delete the email before his wife, Tera, saw anything. Then the little bitch started playing top-from-the-bottom games, saying shit like “You may go,” and “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.” So I tell him to go to bed and I’ll decide on his punishment in the morning. I wake up all pissed off and ready to REALLY sock it to him, just to open My YIM to see this :

Jan 29, 6:11:09 AM  michael: Princess I have made a big mistake I should not have disrespected you last night like I did but I felt part of me was scared to death and the other part wanted to see what else you could do. But after I signed out and went to bed I going stop thinking that this is real and that you could really hurt me and everything I love. I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night tossing and turning worrying please don’t do anything I am begging you. Please princess don’t do anything to me I was a fool and I realize that.

corset fetish financial domination Mistress Kiara
“Test Me… I dare you…”

I, of course, told him where he could stick his apology… unless he paid a recompense fee. The loser finally saw things My way and things went smoothly for another couple days. There was a little bit of ‘flirting with danger’ on his part when he sent Me the login to his craigslist account and a few humiliating pics, but other than that things were pretty uneventful.

blackmail fetish blackmail fantasy blackmail loser mike ammons deep throat forced bi cocksucking craigslist

So then, of course, as all of the blackmail fetish freaks do, he wants to go deeper. What can I say? I’m addictive as fuck! So he pays more, sends more info and more pics, and basically digs that hole about as deep as it can go. Then he starts pressing buttons again… Accusing Me of being ‘scared’ of him and shit. Let’s get this straight – you are coming to Me for a fetish. I have every documentation proving that you came to Me for this. There is NO WAY that you can win against Me. I have NOTHING to fear from you…

So for his fuckup, I log in and type up an ad. It is a modification of an ad that he has posted in the past, which I also have screencaps of in case he thinks he can block Me out of his account…

The loser, of course, SWEARS that they were not made by him! It was all posted as a ‘joke’ from ‘some other person,’ even though he SWEARS he’s never cheated on Me… Yeah, uh huh…

So I finish writing up the craigslist post and then I get the email saying that I have to verify with a text code in order to post the ad and the dumbfuck GIVES it to Me LOL! So I post this craigslist ad here: http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cas/5431135103.html

And post about it on Twitter, because why the fuck not? The blackmail slave is now bringing it on himself so CLEARLY he loves it lol and I’m having fun and getting all kinds of publicity for it xD you stupid dumb bastard, do you REALLY think you’re being sneaky? I can see right through you, because I’ve dealt with thousands of you in My lifetime already… And I’ll deal with THOUSANDS more before I retire to My grave…

But the REAL reason you’re here, freako, is because you didn’t pay your blackmail Mistress yesterday when your tribute was due… So now, you get to suffer… I can’t WAIT to see how many texts you get LOL! And just so you know, standard rates apply – $50 per each pic you want removed and $10 per each line of info. I warned you, freak…

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