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New Clips & Stores, Birthday Preparation, & Timewasters Update

femdom Mistress sph small penis humiliation clip

Hello again, puppets. I have been having a pretty rough beginning of 2018. My old kitty passed away, and now I’m dealing with some theft issues as well. That just means I’ve been EXTRA bitchy when it comes to unverified subs… But lets start with the good news first. My Birthday is coming up! The Birthday of the Goddess is April 20th, and all gifts can be sent from My Amazon wish list. If you wish to buy Me something specific, contact Me and I will add it to My wishlist. If I like it.

Next up, I’m making clips again! 😀 I got My lighting all fixed and I’m back to recording, starting with the next step in My financial domination addiction rehabilitation 12 step program – the much anticipated step 7!

financial domination addiction rehabilitaiton 12 step program findom clip

Step 7 in My financial domination addiction rehabilitation series has arrived! I will be releasing a new step soon to help My addicted puppets overcome their addiction to financial domination. Be sure to purchase steps 1 – 6 and follow the instructions in these videos explicitly in order to achieve the best results. If you have any questions or need further help with your addiction, you can reach Me via email.

Next is this lovely small penis humiliation lecture:

small penis humiliation sph Mistress clip

In this 8:20 min clip, I explain to you what the 7 different ‘dimensions,’ or rating factors, of a penis are. I tell you exactly where you sit on the scale as far as I am concerned, and even give some tips on how you improve. I discuss length, girth, rigidity, sensitivity, speed, duration, accessibility. Some you can work on, some you are stuck with, but ALL are important if you want to have ANY hope of ever pleasing any Woman like a real man would!

Finally, I’ve recorded an extra special clip for My little foot piggy david aimes. his clip contains financial domination, blackmail fetish, and foot worship & humiliation all in one ;3

financial domination blackmail mistress foot fetish barefeet

My little foot piggy ordered a custom blackmail financial domination foot worship clip – but with a twist! you all get the opportunity to buy this clip, and every time you do he will send Me a $5 tribute… Or else he gets outed on My site! xD What a dope! EVERY SINGLE ONE of you foot puppets are going to buy this clip. Just look at the preview – how can you resist?

Mistress Kiara Empress Hana Femdom fetish crop imact play

And while we’re on the subject of clips, don’t forget to check out My newest clips with My friends at the Pretty Punk Princesses clip stores – now available on IWantClips too! These clips will be exclusive to these individual stores, and will be the only place that I post clips with Me and My Mistress friends! We are still in the process of adding all of the content, but as soon as everything is on these stores we’ll be recording some hot brand new content! What are you waiting for?

And now on to the annoyances….

Like this one, for instance…@ lostinfeet on Twitter seems to think asking for freebies, sessions before payment, and stupid questions which could easily be answered by reading My website is a good idea. When I told him My time was valuable and that he must pay for it, he continued his stupid shenanigans and thus is now outed here.


@ lostinfeet: I was wondering about chat sessions with you

@DominaKiara: Chat sessions are half the price of cam sessions and cam session pricing is pinned at the top of My profile

@ lostinfeet: Yes. Do you do like joi foot tease sessions where you mindfuck with your feet

@DominaKiara: Yes, but that involves cam usually

@ lostinfeet: You don’t do it just with images? Or on kik with foot clips?

@DominaKiara: Yes, but that involves cam usually. Custom images are $10 each. Kik sessions have the same price for custom clips if you want clips. Why would it be any different?

@lostinfeet: I don’t know
So maybe just chat then

@DominaKiara: And how can you pay for the privilege?

@lostinfeet: I’m really interested in the idea of being teased and mindfucked to the point where the session ends with me begging to cum on my own face or something like that

@DominaKiara: Answer the question.

@lostinfeet: I guess amazon if we were to do it
Would you be able to mindfuck like that?

@DominaKiara: Of course

@lostinfeet: Silly question I guess
Even persuade me to send evidence

@DominaKiara: Haha love it

@lostinfeet: 😳
That would be so scary

@DominaKiara Then stop talking about it and do it

@lostinfeet: Do you do sessions in advance of payment ever?

@DominaKiara: LOL no

@lostinfeet: Oh

@DominaKiara: The only people who ask for that are those who wish to never pay. Trust Me, I’ve been doing this for over 12 years. men cannot be trusted. Period.

@lostinfeet: I’m not like that

@DominaKiara: I don’t care
Pay up first or get blocked for wasting My time. Those are your options.

@lostinfeet: Plus if your mindfuck worked I’d have no choice

@DominaKiara: I have 12 years worth of feedback to back Me up. you are some dumbass messaging Me about My feet. Who would you believe?
If you want to serve, follow the rules. Simple as that.

@lostinfeet: I’m not a dumbass

@DominaKiara: Bye

@lostinfeet: I was just asking

@DominaKiara: And I told you the answer and you still resisted. So last chance, are you going to buy a session or not?

@lostinfeet: I will when I can

@DominaKiara: K, don’t message Me again until you are ready then

@lostinfeet: Ok Mistress.
I wish we could do it now
I could pay next week

@DominaKiara: Message again without paying and I block you

@lostinfeet: There’s no need for that

@DominaKiara: Bye. you can’t follow a direct order so I don’t want you serving Me.

@lostinfeet: Ok I’m sorry

@DominaKiara: Apologies are useless. Fix the behavior.

@lostinfeet: Yes Mistress 😔


@lostinfeet: Do you do session samples?

@DominaKiara: No

@lostinfeet: Ok

@DominaKiara: Blocking you for asking again

@lostinfeet: Why?

@DominaKiara: Nothing without payment, and I told you last time to stop asking. you said you would change your behavior. you didn’t, so now you will reap the consequences

@lostinfeet: Reap the consequences?
I was just enquiring so I knew

@DominaKiara: you already asked day before yesterday. Reread the conversation. Deal with your mistake. you missed out because of your constant begging for freebies. Bye.

@lostinfeet: Ok I’m sorry Mistress

@DominaKiara: Too late for sorry unless you pay a recompense tribute.

@lostinfeet: I can’t right now
That’s not fair

@DominaKiara: What’s not fair is how you are treating a Woman you supposedly want to serve by making Her life BETTER. you shouldn’t have asked about a session you never intended to pay for, especially when you could have read My profile or website and found the information in minutes instead of wasting My precious time. Bye.

@lostinfeet: I’m not a time waster, I was just making enquiries

@DominaKiara: Inquiries which you could have found the answer to without wasting My time. Not My fault you’re a moron.

@lostinfeet: I’m not a moron

@DominaKiara: Bye. Can’t wait to post this convo.

@lostinfeet: Post?
What do you mean?
I’m sorry
Don’t post it

@DominaKiara: Pay up or fuck off. These are the only choices you have

@lostinfeet: It was an honest enquiry
Mar 4

@DominaKiara: I’ve answered it day before yesterday yesterday and put it on My site and profile. It’s obvious you’re not going to pay and are asking for freebies, so I’m blocking you and warning all the other Mistresses I know of your behavior. Period. Unless you prove Me wrong and send a tribute in the next 3 minutes.

@lostinfeet: Warning other mistresses?
You don’t need to do that
It won’t happen again now


@lostinfeet: Really sorry about the other day
Trying to make amends

@DominaKiara: Pay up then

@lostinfeet: I can’t at the moment
I’d still like to session some time soon though

@DominaKiara: What part of DO NOT FUCKING MESSAGE ME UNTIL YOU ARE YOUNG TO PLAY IN THE NEXT 2 MINUTES so you not fucking get? No, I’m done, I’m outing you for your bullshit in My next blog update.

@lostinfeet: I’m sorry
Please don’t do that

@DominaKiara: Fuck. Off.

@lostinfeet: Ok, I’m sorry


@lostinfeet: I’m worried about what you said. I learned my lesson. It will never happen again now

@DominaKiara: Too bad it just did because you LITERALLY JUST messaged Me again without paying

@lostinfeet: I’ve learned my lesson though. I’m really sorry

@DominaKiara: Lol, you keep doing it

@lostinfeet: This is different though. I’m just apologising

@DominaKiara: No, it’s not. you’re still wasting My time by messaging Me and not paying. you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t wasting My time.

@lostinfeet: Ok. I’ll stop

@DominaKiara: Too late. I told you last time, your only option is to pay before I update My blog next week

@lostinfeet: Please Mistress
I’m really sorry

@DominaKiara: Pay up or fuck off

@lostinfeet: 😔

Seriously, how fucking stupid can you get??? I’ve been MORE than fair with this fuckwad. Mistresses, Dommes, and cam girl friends, I STRONGLY encourage you to block this person and don’t let them waste Your time like they did Mine.

Another one that’s been getting under My skin lately is @blkmailfreak on Twitter. Because I’ve been around as long as I have and because half of you dumbasses don’t know how to properly serve without wasting My time, I require tribute before any blackmail discussion takes place. This dumbass doesn’t seem to understand that….

JUNE 29, 2015
@blKmailfreak: hello ms hope you had a wonderful trip

@DominaKiara: Of course :3 now I’m back and ready to manipulate some prey… Care to play?

@blKmailfreak: And ya know losers don’t need much manipulating lol

JUNE 30, 2015

@blKmailfreak: hello ms kiara ever use teamviewer combined with bm ms

@DominaKiara: Of course ;3 it can be a great tool

@blKmailfreak: ive read that as well ms 🙂 especially if someone allowed no limits with it read theres fun installs to assist with it 🙂

JAN 26, 2016
@blKmailfreak: heard suprises can be fun so ive left it on with no limits see what all ends up happening 🙂

@DominaKiara: Well, I don’t play without first being paid, so you’ll get none from Me without a tribute unfortunately.

@blKmailfreak: I understand ms I did see you very much enjoy real bm just wanted to offer ms

@DominaKiara: Of course, but real BM requires a tribute FIRST. Remember that before you message Me again.

NOV 14, 2017

@blKmailfreak: hello ms i was wondering if you know tv well and perhaps wanted a new toy to abuse and control with it im open to just about anything installs , controls even humiliation,exploition,and real blackmail if your interested i have tv on and its your to use as you like no limits more invasive the better with real bm 233 929 081 pw 6266

@DominaKiara: Did you forget that I require a tribute first? Because you’ve asked Me this before. If you’re willing to send a small tribute up front then I’m fine with playing on TV and am very well versed in it.

@blKmailfreak: so youve used teamviewer with bm before ms ?
is it something youd be interested ongoing with installs and such ms ?

@DominaKiara: Yes

MARCH 5, 2018

@blKmailfreak: hello ms i see your into blackmail do you enjoy teamviewer and installs to make it more fun and invasive for you as well ms

@DominaKiara: Did you forget that I require a tribute first? Because you’ve asked Me this before. If you’re willing to send a small tribute up front then I’m fine with playing on TV and am very well versed in it.

@blKmailfreak:im actually wondering if you were versed in hacking and installs to assist with blackmail ms or you just use tv

@DominaKiara: Then pay the initial tribute

I didn’t believe My eyes when I went through My older messages – he’s been bugging Me without paying since 2015! I’m going to have to get better about blocking you freaks who don’t pay…

Next is someone who goes by the name Joe Smith. his email is and he thinks that, because I require an initial tribute before I will even CONSIDER meeting one of you freaks in person, that makes Me ‘fake.’ SO TEMPTED to post his phone number, but I won’t because he’s probably the type of asshole who would pay for a lawyer to get it taken down… Though that’s an interesting thought – financial domination where, since I don’t really NEED the money, you still suffer financially for/because of Me in other ways… lol…

Anyway, here is our conversation:

joe smith: Can you please give me a call at 313-***-****

Mistress Kiara: No, I don’t message or give My phone number out to unverified subs. you can communicate just as easily via Email.

Joe Smith: Okay great can we meet for coffee today I could give you the $25 fee

Mistress Kiara: How will you be paying the deposit?

Joe Smith: I will pay the deposit cash

Mistress Kiara: No, the deposit is to be prepaid electronically

Joe Smith: Go wash your ass you are fake bitch

Mistress Kiara: Lol the thousands I make a month in real time sessions says otherwise.  Feel free to read My blog and see what you’re missing. Http://

Joe Smith: I will buy you a life you are fake

Finally is @thereluctantsub on Twitter. Not only is he annoying by not paying, but he’s completely disrespectful. I have MANY trans friends, including trans Doms like @DomMal with whom I work on a regular basis. DO NOT say things like ‘tranny,’ that’s completely unacceptable.

FEB 12

@thereluctantsub: It would be so amazing to suck tranny cock for you

@DominaKiara: Then book a session.

@thereluctantsub: With a tranny?

@DominaKiara: Stop saying that. It’s offensive.

@thereluctantsub: Oh ok
I’m sorry

@DominaKiara: Don’t be sorry, just fix your behavior

@thereluctantsub: Yes Mistress
I’ll never say that again

@DominaKiara: Good. Do are you going to book a session do that you can suck cock of a Trans Dom/me?

Oh god that sounds so hot

@DominaKiara: Then do it. If you’re just going to waste My time talking about it I’m just going to ignore you

FEB 13

@thereluctantsub: Great work

@DominaKiara: Last chance to buy a session before I block you

@thereluctantsub: Please don’t block me

@DominaKiara: Where’s My money then?

@thereluctantsub: Please, I’ll stay quiet now

@DominaKiara: Bye. I have no use for subs who do not pay. If you wish to become unblocked, send a $200 Amazon gift card to My email.

That last part goes for ALL subs who are on My loser list and outed both on twitter and My blog. If you wish to have your information removed, pay for it like you should have done in the first place.

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