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Femdom Mistress Kiara Hates Blogging!

Where has your femdom Mistress, Kiara, been? I’ve been around. Not much has happened, really. I’m still here, still draining & training  submissive pets lol. Honestly, My life is Perfect, and it doesn’t really involve you 😛 but you can still try to impress Me and maybe I’ll think of you while I’m relaxing and living the life of the Queen I am.

Fuck Schedules!

Mistress has decided that I don’t need to be held down by stupid things like fetish blogging schedules. Let’s be honest, are you even here to read these? Or are you just over there jerking it to My femdom pics and clips? So fuck it – Mistress will update when I feel like it or when I have something big to share. Deal with it lmao!

femdom Mistress Kiara's phone, cam, and text session schedule

Don’t worry – I’ll still be sticking to My login schedule and trying to release clips once every other week or so. you’ll still have femdom content from Me for your spank bank and will be able to setup fetish sessions with your Mistress.

Your Mistress is an Author!

Mistress Kiara is an author of steamy, sexy, spicy gay fiction!

I’m sure most of you already know this, but your Mistress is an officially published author! I use the pen name Ryder O. Cox and write spicy, steamy, and extra sexy erotic fiction. I’ve written four books, one of which is completely free! That one’s called Practice Makes Perfect, and it’s about cross dressing, so I know some of you are gonna LOVE it!

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Hypnodomme Content Abounds in June!

Summer is finally here and I am having a blast! What have you been up to so far? your findom Mistress and femdom Queen has been doing a lot of back-end work, but here’s some stuff that actually might affect you!

New Editing Software

davinci resolve better than adobe keyboard

So first off, I finally got My package!!! I ditched Adobe and got a copy of DaVinci Resolve for video editing, and UPS finally found the package and delivered it last month. It’s far better in pretty much every way so far. There’s been a bit of a learning curve, but so far I am super impressed! Plus, check out this awesome editing keyboard that came with the software! I am in love! And it only cost $300 or so, so My subs can feel free to reimburse since your findom Mistress makes all this content for you anyway 😛

Custom Hypnodomme Clip Delivered

hypno hypnosis brainwash brain washing mind fuck mindfucking JOI addict addiction clip

Last month, your Hypnodomme Mistress posted about how I was struggling with getting customs done. Well, I’ve got one delivered so far, thanks to the new clip editing software, and it’s available for you to purchase as well! It’s been out less than a week and it’s already headed toward being a top seller! It’s 29 minutes long, so make sure that you have the time and mental bandwidth to sit and really let this one take over.

Are you prepared to have a trigger embedded by your hypnodomme so deeply in your subconscious that you have no choice but to jerk off for Me every time you see the end card in any of My clips? The subliminal messages in this clip will make it so that you feel an insatiable need to stroke for Me any time you see that beautiful picture of Me… Do you think you can resist the binaural beats, entrancing tones, spirals, and special effects of this clip? Buy it now and find out!

I still have 3 customs that need to be finished. Two are voice only and will be pretty easy as long as I can coordinate with the other people I’m recording with, but the third is another custom curse. I’m sure most of you know that, like hypnodomme content, femdom witchcraft takes time. I will be releasing a little bit of new content between now and the time that I finish the customs, but it’s all pre-recorded or voice only (possibly with some special effects) so look forward to that this month!

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May With Mistress Kiara

I skipped last month’s blog in order to fully enjoy celebrating My birthday properly, so you better enjoy and appreciate this month’s!

Mistress’s Birthday Was Great!

I’m sure that this will shock literally none of you, but My Birthday was amazing! I spent it with BF, baked Us a cake (He’s celiac so We couldn’t just buy one, plus I love baking!), and, of course, got a ton of tributes! Celebrate if you missed it by sending a tribute or buying Me something!

PS – this is NOT OPTIONAL for subs who are under a blackmail fetish contract with Me!

Twitch Affiliate

DominaKiara Gamer Girl Twitch Streaming Affiliate

Another amazing thing that happened on My birthday is that I became a Twitch affiliate! That means that I can now make money off of just hanging out and playing video games on cam LOL! Honestly, I’ve been loving it! It’s so much fun and it’s a great way to connect with My subs on a more personal level. We get so caught up in the D/s side of things sometimes that we tend to forget that there’s an actual human on the other side of the computer.

sexy femdom blackmail Mistress DominaKiara streams on twitch

I’m still offering gaming together, but now those who can’t/don’t play can watch Me game too. Be sure to subscribe and use ‘bits’ to do random things – that’s how I get paid! Those with Amazon Prime can subscribe for free 😀  You can also just watch and hang out in chat, suggest games for Me to play, etc. I’ve already given away a few games on stream as well, and will continue to host game giveaways when we reach bits milestones, so subscribe and never miss a stream! Also, I am still offering femdom & fetish sessions during My scheduled hours, even if I’m streaming on Twitch! I will just pause the stream, do the session, and then go back to streaming. Simple 😉

Sub to My LF, Get Free Clips!loyal fans loyalfans sexy femdom fetish domme Mistress content

I’m still continuing to move all of My too-sexy-for-Twitter content to LoyalFans, a platform that has had no problems adhering to the new adult content guidelines. I’ve been focusing lately on releasing clips there for free, and I’m running a permanent sale of ‘first 3 days free for new subscribers’ just because I know that once you subscribe you won’t be able to resist seeing more of My sexy fetish content! Don’t miss out on all the hot pictures and videos that I’m posting there every day, go subscribe!

$10K Club for a Long-Term Financial Blackmail Sub!

So one of My long-term (though somewhat flaky) financial blackmail subs has achieved a goal of his – joining the $10K club! We went through all of his transactions together and figured out the total, which was just shy of $10K. So he decided to be a good blackmail sub and pay the remaining balance. you can read more about his journey in his blog post on!

Custom Issues

femdom hypnosis hypnodomme fetish

So I know that some of you are still waiting on custom clips. As it stands right now, I have 4 customs that need to be finished. One is recorded already (the femdom hypnosis one from above) and the other 3 need to be recorded still. The issue I’m having is with Adobe. No big deal, right? Just buy new software. Well, I did, and UPS sent it to the wrong damn address! So now I’m fighting with them to get software that is powerful enough (and not as buggy!) to do what I want with the clips. I apologize for those who have been waiting for your custom femdom clips, and for those who have noticed that I have not been putting out much new content lately. This is why – I don’t want to release new content until the custom fetish clips are sent out.

Still Rocking the New Femdom Twitter

Just wanted to remind you that I have a new twitter  – @TheDominaKiara so go be sure to follow Me now and get all of My safe for work femdom & fetish updates – like this one!

Descent Hypnosis

I am happy to say that I am now a proud member of the Descent Hypnosis team! If you want to listen to the other lovely hypnodommes on the channel, click the link above! Everyone there has been great and super supportive, so I highly recommend them! Don’t miss out, go listen now!

Free SPH at

rate pindick tiny penis little cocks

Another of My favorite fetishes of course is small penis humiliation. That’s why I made rate my tiny penis; a free website dedicated completely to tiny pindicks showing off their short comings for Me and My Domme friends to laugh at lol! We average between 200-600 views every single day from other tiny dick boys and the Mistresses like Myself who love to laugh at them. Want to feature your little dick for free small penis humiliation? Check out the site and get your pinidck posted LOL!

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Happy New Year! 2022 is the Year of the Mistress!

2022 is the year of the Black-Water Tiger. She is fierce. She is bold. She is strong. She enacts changes she wants with the patience and planning of a predator and executes them with the confidence that her power gives her.

Like everyone, I’m experiencing the jarring reality of going into 2022 with all the same fears of 2020, but I’m determined to make the most of it. There are many new beginnings for Me, and I’ve already got My first 2 findom blackmail fetish contracts of the year!

New Femdom Twitter

Fetish Domina Kiara femdom goth alt Domme Mistress Goddess Worship domina Kiara hypno femdom

The first thing I did to prepare for all of these great new changes was to get a new twitter. My new twitter ID is @TheDominaKiara and I encourage you ALL to follow for My latest updates and mostly-SFW content. This is My third twitter, and I still regret the loss of the first 2 (with a combined follower count of around 16000), but 3rd time’s a charm, right? And, of course, the first day I had a lovely little findom blackmail relapse! So Perfect 😉

LoyalFans is out LoyalFans is in, subscribe NOW for 30 days FREE!

loyal fans loyalfans sexy femdom fetish domme Mistress content

The second big change is dumping LoyalFans! Ok, ok, I can’t take credit for the breakup. LoyalFans dumped all sex workers’ abilities to make money there, so of course they’re out of My life! I’ve moved on to LoyalFans, a platform that has had not problems adhering to the new Mastercard Guidelines. I’m in the process of moving everything over from LoyalFans to Loyal, and it’s a huge process. There’s no way to bulk-upload anything, so I have to upload each picture and video individually, which is taking a ton of time. Because of that, I’m offering everyone a FREE 30 day subscription if you sign up before Jan 31st! Don’t miss out on all the hot content that I’m posting there every day, go subscribe!

Mistress Movie Nights

Another fun thing that I’m going to do this year is Mistress Movie Nights. My best friend lives kind of far away so we’ve been watching movies together every night with some other friends as well. I use Hyperbeam, and I’m selling ‘tickets’ to join Us in the chatroom to watch the stream. We take time off when her fiance is home from deployment, but when he’s away we pretty much watch 1-3 movies every night.

I’m sure you know this, but I’m a big horror fan, so most of what we watch are horror movies. We start anywhere from 5pm to 10pm EST time (whenever My bestie gets home from work, basically) and I’ll be posting about the movie nights on Twitter and LoyalFans. Follow Me now so you don’t miss out!

Polycule Covid

Lastly, sine we’re talking about reality a little bit, I’m currently absolutely terrified of what’s going on in the world. My entire poly family of 6 has covid. My boyfriend and I were the only two who didn’t get it, and that’s because I don’t leave the house anymore. I’m on Humira now, a very strong immune-suppressant medicine, and it’s really scary. So please be careful everyone! Get your vaccines and your boosters, wear your masks, and stay safe and healthy! Continue reading Happy New Year! 2022 is the Year of the Mistress!

Communication is Key in Femdom & Fetish Play…

Happy December! I hope that you all had a very lovely socially distanced Turkey Day. I don’t have anything big to share because I was a bit under the weather in November, and it’s unfortunately hanging on into the beginning of December as well.

LoyalFans Stars 50% off Sale!

femdom LoyalFans OnlyFans fetish Mistress sale

Due to My being sick, I haven’t been updating as much as I would like, so I’m running a huge sale on My LoyalFansStars! I set 12 spots for 50% off! This is the biggest sale I’ve ever run, and they’re going fast (at the time of posting this, 3 have already been claimed!) so get them while you can. Happy Yule!

Communicate With your Domme/Mistress!

femdom bbw Mistress Domme dominakiara Mistress curvy alt goth domme

So instead of My normal ‘here’s what’s been going on with Me’ blog, I’d like to address a topic that is very important to Me – communication in femdom and fetish play. This is on the forefront of my mind because, as you may have noticed, all of My NiteFlirt goodies are missing. This happened due to a sub’s inability to communicate. I won’t go into details, but basically he couldn’t express what he wanted in our femdom relationship and got angry when I didn’t provide the service exactly as he wanted it. I’m in the process of re-uploading all of My content to Niteflirt, but it is all still available on My other platforms.

…but this could have very easily have been prevented with communication.

Required Purchases

Femdom Fetish Checklist . femdom fetish mistress rules How to Approach a Femdom Mistress

If you are familiar with My shop page, then you will see that one of the categories of content is ‘required purchases.’ I have posted so often about My continued and ever-growing success as a Domme. I have been around since 2005, 15 years at the time of writing this blog. These are ‘required’ because they help immensely with, you guessed it, communication. My Fetish Checklist gives Me an idea of your likes, dislikes, and limits, whereas the Rules and How to Approach a Goddess documents give you a better idea of how to (and NOT to) communicate with Me as your potential Domme.

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