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Awaiting Spring with Mistress Kiara

First off, sorry that this blog is so late! I usually aim to release a blog during the first week of each month, but things got a little hectic this time around. I had to take My oldest sweet kitty to the emergency vet for a very scary-looking issue involving a lot of blood in the litter box. Fortunately, it was just a bladder infection and he’s back home and fine now. But in the chaos, I completely forgot to write this blog! So without further ado, let’s get to the updates!

Mistress’ Birthday Approaches

femdom Domme Mistress Kiara DominaKiara

Mark your calendars because the most important holiday of the year is coming! My Birthday is April 20th, and I will be expecting a LOT from you this year. I have had many subs slacking as of late, both real time and online. I shouldn’t have to remind you that a Goddess like Me only keeps subs around if they are actively pleasing Me. So get your lame ass over to Pretty Punk Princesses Financial Domination Mistresses Wishlist and buy Me a gift, or check out My recently updated tribute page and just send over some sexy cash to make Me smile!

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Happy New Year! Updates, New Clips, & More!

Happy New Year! I hope the ending of 2019 was great, and that 2020 brings everything you could hope for! My new year itself wasn’t super great – I’m actually fighting an upper respiratory infection. But I’m determined to keep updating, keep releasing new content, and just keep improving in general!

Mistress Goddess Kiara Janus

The God of beginnings and endings is Janus. Janus is often depicted as having 2 faces, one looking to the future and the other to the past. In My past, I see struggle, triumph, and lots of learning. In this past year, I have struggled with My physical and mental health. But I have also triumphed in continuing to push on. Now, in the beginning of 2020, I feel better than I’ve felt in over a decade! I’ve learned so much from so many great people, and I can’t wait to apply all that I’ve learned in My femdom life as well as My personal life. In My future, I see dedication, success, and… even more learning lol. I am determined to make 2020 My year. I will keep updating, keep making more content, and rise to the top of this femdom & fetish world!

ass worship fetish femdom Mistress

One of the great new things I’ve done this past week is start My LoyalFans Stars page. LoyalFans Stars is similar to Only Fans, but it’s more of a community, like Twitter, and I have the option to post free images as well as those for paid members only. Twitter is changing their terms of service and it is unclear exactly who will be effected, but they are no longer allowing posts with BDSM pictures. Whether these posts will simply be removed, or if the posters will have their accounts deleted is not clear. However, I thought it best to start to branch out and start sharing My content other places. My monthly fee is just $9.99, and you’ll get exclusive, sexy, subscriber-only pictures! What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

goth femdom Mistress selfie

Speaking of exclusive content, one of My goals in 2020 is to grow My mailing list! I use Mail Poet, which means you have to actively open emails from Me or else the system will delete you from My list, so in order to keep My mailing list active and fun, all subscribers will get 10% off purchases at My IWantClips store! Purchases must be $10 or more, and the code is only available to mailing list subscribers. I will also be sending exclusive content in My mailing list updates. It’s free to join, so what do you have to lose? Use the form abut to join now!

goth femdom Mistress shoes fetish

Also because of the uncertainty of the future of Twitter for femdoms like Myself, I took the time to go through My entire twitter timeline this week and save all the sexy pictures of Me. I added all of these pictures to My gallery for you to worship and serve, including the picture above of Me showing off My sexy new shoes from kiara’s sole slut! What gallery page is your favorite? Do you have a favorite image of Me? What makes that particular image so special?

Femdom Goddess Mistress Kiara selfie goth

Lastly, I want to share with you all of the great content I’ve released since My last post. I’ve released 2 new assignments, 2 clips, and one picture. you can purchase My new content by using the links below, or you can check out all of My content by visiting the store page.

Holiday Topless Breast Pic

femdom Mistress Domme topless tits breast worship Firstly, I took My first ever topless picture on Christmas Day! This picture is SUPER hot – I’ve had those who have purchased it say that it is the sexiest thing they’ve ever seen… See My beautiful breasts in all their heavenly glory in this amazingly hot photo. I’m laying in My bed with My Xmas makeup on, ready to tease you with My body… Can you handle it?

Available only on Niteflirt and IWantClips:


Goth Makeup Ignore Clip – 24 Minutes Long!

goth gothic makeup fetish ignore Domme cuckold humiliation I was getting ready for a date and thought I’d take a video of My makeup process. I put you right up close and personal while I simply go about My routine – eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner, highlights, and finally lipstick. This clip is great for ignore fetish puppets as well as sissies looking to improve their makeup skills, and even cuckolds who want to see what I look like when I’m getting ready for a date with someone who will NEVER be them LOL!

Available only on Niteflirt and IWantClips:


Financial Domination Addiction Rehabilitation Step 9 of 12

addict findom financial domination rehab program Welcome to step 9 of My financial domination addiction rehabilitation 12 step program. Be sure to complete all previous steps before attempting this one. That’s right My pets… I’ve had so many pay puppets come to Me and tell Me how much their life is ruined by their addiction to financial domination. I’ve decided to take mercy on you… I’ve created a 12 step program to help rehabilitate you and help you completely recover from your addiction to financial domination. I will be releasing a new step for this program as often as possible. It isn’t healthy to try to finish them all in one evening. This is a process, and it will take time. But your Mistress will be here to support you and guide you through this difficult rehabilitation. I personally recommend attempting no more than one step per week. Some may move faster, some slower, everyone’s addiction is different. However, trying to move too fast can cause relapses that can spiral out of control and land you in the very ruination that you are trying to avoid.

Available on IWantClips, Niteflirt, and Clips4Sale:

Assignment – Self Ballbusting ‘Contest’

femdom Mistress assignment ball busting ballbusting I LOVE ballbusting. It really is one of My favorite fetishes! Unfortunately, most of you live too far away for Me to actively come kick you in the balls… Well don’t fret, My pets, because I have thought up the next best thing… How do you rank? How much can you take? lol! Send Me video proof and I’ll rank you Myself xD

Available only on Niteflirt:




Assignment – SPH Penis Comparison

sph small penis humiliation fetish femdom assignment penis comparison Just a fun little assignment to amuse Me at your expense lol! Are you man enough to send Me proof and get your pics rated by Me? What about going even further and letting Me post them for everyone to rate and humiliate?

Available only on Niteflirt:





That’s all for now, My good pets. Until next time…

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Back From My Trip – Let the Humiliation Begin!

So as many of you know, your Princess loves going to conventions. This past weekend, there was a convention in Alma, which is only a couple hours from My house, so I decided to take a bunch of your money and go there lol! It was a lot of fun and I got a TON of souvenirs on your dime as well! However, the weather was SO SHITTY that I had to stay in the hotel (using MORE of your money lol) for the rest of the week. But I’m finally back, and I had a bunch of GREAT sessions before I left, so I figured I’d give these freaks their few minutes of ‘fame’ by posting the pics here lol.

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

Three of these hilarious humiliation sessions really stick out in My mind, so I decided to post the pics I took here for you freaks to drool over and for My Mistress friends to laugh at. Aren’t these boys lucky? LOL

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

This first one was hilarious. CBT to the extreme! I had him tie up his balls as tight as he could, then I made him clamp his cock with several clamps all along the shaft. At the time I took the picture above, he was actually screaming in pain LOL! I loved it! But it still wasn’t enough…

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

Before I would even THINK of letting him cum, I made him literally put his loser dick in a vice. Look how tortured that cock and those balls are… They’re all purple and pretty just for Me lol! you’ve heard of the ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ thing? Well this loser freak was flat as a pancake and STILL stiff as board for Me!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

This next ‘boy’ was a totally hilarious sissy slut fag for Me! he turned on his cam and he was already all dressed up, so I made him do a ‘sexy’ striptease lol! Check out those man titties!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiarasissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

‘he’ showed up all dressed up for Me, so I made him strip down to his panties and ride a butt plug for Me lol! he took it like a champ!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

he showed off his cock sucking skills for Me and then made Me laugh at how tiny his little dicklet is. he can play with it without even showing it to Me! he just sticks his loser hand in his panties! lol!

sissy slut fag for Mistress Kiarasissy slut fag for Mistress Kiara

When I finally let him cum, I told him he had to do it on his toy and then suck off every last drop. And he did so, of course, with gusto! xDpindick tiny penis humiliation clip

James Tiny Dick Humiliation Request

I’m sure many of you remember this clip featuring tiny dick loser james. Well, as Mr. Elton John was wont to say – the bitch is back!

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

As you can see, he’s just as underwhelming as ever, not even measuring up to his tiny 4-inch dildo.

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

And he’s not even CLOSE to this BBC dildo he’s got! Though he can take it down his throat like a good little sissy lol

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

And of course I had him put that right where it belongs – in that loser pussy lol.

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

Then we moved on to bigger and better things… Up until he served Me on cam, james had never taken this big boy in his ass all the way to the hilt…

Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick Mistress Kiara's SPH small penis humiliation loser dick

I, of course, solved that problem, and I even made him suck his tiny little loser cock so that he could see what it felt like to have a disappointing clitty in his mouth lol.

Fetish Fun Fun Fun!

financial domination Mistress Kara Mandy Loes Money Slavery Mistress Malvasia

So I’ve only been back for 2 weeks, but I’m already having a blast and getting SO MUCH DONE! My good friends Mistress Malvasia, Princess Mandy, and I have been hanging out a LOT! We have a blast every time We hang out, And MAN do We rape wallets like fucking crazy!

Lastly, and DEFINITELY not least, I released the first clip with Mistress Malvasia and I in it, and it is super HOT and selling like crazy! It actually surpassed My financial domination addiction rehabilitation series and has become My number 1 best selling clip on C4S!!! you’re not gonna wanna miss this one!

 Double Domme Tit Worship – Mistress Malvasia Debut!

Introducing a HOT new Goddess – Mistress Malvasia! Tattooed bitch Princess Mistress Malvasia and I show off our HOT, sexy, huge tits for you to drool over. 36D and 38 J – can you handle it? Click and spend for Our sexy tits, freak!

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