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Awaiting Spring with Mistress Kiara

First off, sorry that this blog is so late! I usually aim to release a blog during the first week of each month, but things got a little hectic this time around. I had to take My oldest sweet kitty to the emergency vet for a very scary-looking issue involving a lot of blood in the litter box. Fortunately, it was just a bladder infection and he’s back home and fine now. But in the chaos, I completely forgot to write this blog! So without further ado, let’s get to the updates!

Mistress’ Birthday Approaches

femdom Domme Mistress Kiara DominaKiara

Mark your calendars because the most important holiday of the year is coming! My Birthday is April 20th, and I will be expecting a LOT from you this year. I have had many subs slacking as of late, both real time and online. I shouldn’t have to remind you that a Goddess like Me only keeps subs around if they are actively pleasing Me. So get your lame ass over to Pretty Punk Princesses Financial Domination Mistresses Wishlist and buy Me a gift, or check out My recently updated tribute page and just send over some sexy cash to make Me smile!

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Cum Eating JOI Lipstick Humiliation

Mistress Kiara Wasn’t really sure what to call this one as it incorporates many different fetishes. It was made as a cum eating stroking instruction for one of My pets who had been in chastity for a while. I decided to add some forced bi, panty sniffing, and a lipstick fetish section as well. It’s a perfect storm of femdom fetish fun for My addicted stroker boy wankers!


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Busy Week

I have been so busy lately! I’ve made a new clip, redone parts of My website, prepared for foot night, and had a photo shoot this week, and that’s not even counting school shit that I’ve had to do! I haven’t even had time to go shoe shopping for foot night yet!

I made a quick custom hypnosis fetish clip for one of My CBT freaks. Here’s the email the dumbass sent Me when he paid for the clip:

“Most Devine Mistress Kiara, i humbly request that you create for this pathetic loser a custom video. i want YOU to hypnotize me, make me beat my loser cock for YOU, and then wrap it in duct tape so that when i pull it off for YOU, the skin comes off too.”

CBT hypnosis hypno fetish

I also uploaded one of the clips I did with Princess Kitty. She and I had so much fun when we got our pedicures that we needed to stop for a minute and have a smoke break lol. Watch as we blow smoke in your faces and humiliate you in the process. Human ashtray bitches will LOVE this! As always, both clips are available through clips4sale.

smoke smoking cigarette fetish

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Returning pay puppet cum slut

So as all of My well trained pets and addicted financial puppets know, it is impossible to resist My perfection. And yet some of you always seem to want to try for some reason or another. It never works, though, does it? lol!

Just this week I had 2 of My puppets contact Me who had sworn NEVER to tribute again because they were CURED. It didn’t take more than a couple days to get them to see the error of their ways lol!

Most pointedly is My nipple puppet. he even spent a bunch of money on professional therapy to kick what he thought was an addiction to Me. I convinced him of the truth – there is no addiction, because addictions can be cured. What he has is a part of his being that NEEDS to tribute Me as his one and only Goddess.

I had fun making him cum in his coffee for Me at work and he BEGGED Me to post these pictures here for you all to enjoy lol! He loves being My sissy cum slut and drinking his cum coffee at work, don’t you My puppet?

My favorite sissy puppet

I’ve been meaning to write a blog about my brainwashed sissy financial puppet for a while now. This boy is someone that all of the others who strive to be My owned financial pets can learn from. My puppet first approached Me several months ago regarding My financial domination rehabilitation program and video set. After buying the first three findom videos, as well as several of My other femdom videos, My puppet realized the truth – he is too weak to rehabilitate, so he may as well submit to his one true Goddess – Me. Like many of My pets, My puppet is lost without his Mistress. When I cannot get online, he feels restless, hopeless, and tries anything he can think of to fill the void that his Mistress has left in him. As soon as I log back on, My puppet is there, ready to surrender again with only minuet coaxing from his Goddess. One of My favorite things to have My puppet do, besides tribute Me of course, is to cum in his coffee for Me while at work. his little clitty gets soooo wet when I make him drink his cummy coffee like a little sissy fag. I can only imagine how wet his panties will be when he reads this and sees all the pictures I’ve taken of him! LOL!