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Communication is Key in Femdom & Fetish Play…

Happy December! I hope that you all had a very lovely socially distanced Turkey Day. I don’t have anything big to share because I was a bit under the weather in November, and it’s unfortunately hanging on into the beginning of December as well.

LoyalFans Stars 50% off Sale!

femdom LoyalFans OnlyFans fetish Mistress sale

Due to My being sick, I haven’t been updating as much as I would like, so I’m running a huge sale on My LoyalFansStars! I set 12 spots for 50% off! This is the biggest sale I’ve ever run, and they’re going fast (at the time of posting this, 3 have already been claimed!) so get them while you can. Happy Yule!

Communicate With your Domme/Mistress!

femdom bbw Mistress Domme dominakiara Mistress curvy alt goth domme

So instead of My normal ‘here’s what’s been going on with Me’ blog, I’d like to address a topic that is very important to Me – communication in femdom and fetish play. This is on the forefront of my mind because, as you may have noticed, all of My NiteFlirt goodies are missing. This happened due to a sub’s inability to communicate. I won’t go into details, but basically he couldn’t express what he wanted in our femdom relationship and got angry when I didn’t provide the service exactly as he wanted it. I’m in the process of re-uploading all of My content to Niteflirt, but it is all still available on My other platforms.

…but this could have very easily have been prevented with communication.

Required Purchases

Femdom Fetish Checklist . femdom fetish mistress rules How to Approach a Femdom Mistress

If you are familiar with My shop page, then you will see that one of the categories of content is ‘required purchases.’ I have posted so often about My continued and ever-growing success as a Domme. I have been around since 2005, 15 years at the time of writing this blog. These are ‘required’ because they help immensely with, you guessed it, communication. My Fetish Checklist gives Me an idea of your likes, dislikes, and limits, whereas the Rules and How to Approach a Goddess documents give you a better idea of how to (and NOT to) communicate with Me as your potential Domme.

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Things Just Keep Getting Better!

Another month means it’s time for another update. So much happened last month and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Samhain Celebration

femdom witch witchcraft ceremony samhain

First off, October was amazing for so many reasons, not the least of which was My Samhain celebration! Due to covid (and the HUGE spike because of the EXTREMELY stupid decision to re-open the U of M campus), the ritual was smaller than it usually would have been. But it was all together just wonderful! We made personal offerings to our ancestors, and did a ceremony to help them cross over. Plus the leader made this great punch!

femdom witch witchcraft ceremony samhain ritual

After the ritual and leaving our offerings, I then went home to do an extra powerful curse! The moon was full on Samhain, so this curse is gonna hit like a ton of bricks! I can’t wait for him to come crying to Me, begging Me to reverse it! And I REALLY can’t wait to get the clip edited and release it so the rest of you can ‘enjoy’ it too LOL!

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Real Time is My Jam!

So, as many of My long-time boys know, I started out as a strictly-online Mistress. I always had an offer on My website for slaves, subs, and fetishists to serve Me real time, but never actually pushed for it. I played with My boyfriends, girlfriends, and play partners, but that was about it. This year, though, that has completely changed…

findom Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara real time session tribute

I am sure ALL of you have noticed how little I’ve been around online lately. That is, of course, at least in part due to the unfortunate tragedy that I mentioned in one of My previous posts involving My uncle. But more than that, I have found a unique love for real time sessions! The pic above is from a German loser who approached Mistress Malvasia and I about taking Us out to coffee and dinner. We agreed, of course, for a fee… This pic is Me holding My half of the (small) tribute he brought for Us.

findom Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara real time session tribute

Yesterday, Mistress Malvasia and I had her ‘puppy’ take Us out to eat and shop. he couldn’t afford much and didn’t have too much time, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! The best part was, we got to do some hilarious public humiliation with him too! This guy was a foot fetish freak, so We brought little baggies of Our precious foot dust and sprinkled it on puppy-boy’s salad like Parmesan cheese lol! At once point he ordered a coffee, and Mistress Mal and I decided it needed to be ‘sweeter,’ so We both spit in it. he was in heaven! We went on a quick little shopping trip to Whole Foods and they had cherry samples there. Malvasia and I ate the cherries and puppydog was more than happy to suck on the pits the whole time We shopped with his money LOL!

Femdom Mistress Shoes Foot Fetish Trample Humiliation

But it’s not JUST about the money. Don’t get Me wrong, money is great! But the POWER I feel when I am actually in physical contact with the sub that I am dominating is so exhilarating! I don’t just hear this submission in his voice or see him squirming as I stare him down… But I actually get to feel his skin give way under My feet and shoes… There’s nothing better…

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

Stuff like this cam session will, of course, still happen for Me. I still love online sessions! But if you can find yourself a way to the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, I will GLADLY play in person over online…

A chance to meet your Mistress!

Mistress Afia Gold and I have decided to do a meet and greet on March 12, 2011 2-4p.m. at the Panera Bread at 100 N. WOODWARD AVENUE BIRMINGHAM, MI – The rules for attending are as follows:

1. You must send Me your name, age and a recent picture of yourself. This will be checked by webcam prior to meeting.

2. You must be willing to be interviewed.

3. There will not be a session afterwards, this is only a meet, greet, and interview.

4. You must bring a gift from My wishlist

5. You must have valid id and a phone number where I may reach you in case of inclement weather( a snowstorm) which would cause us to need to cancel.

6. Number one and five must be completed by March 9th 2011

Any questions? Call or email. dominakiara(at)gmail(dot)com

Shithead loser

Be prepared to be DISGUSTED! This nasty, tiny dicked loser, nicknamed ‘loser shithead’ by yours truly, is one of My new cash cows. he CLAIMS he’s recovering, turning over a new leaf and all that bullshit (pun totally intended!) All I have to do is get this loser drunk and his wallet opens wide!

Our most recent session involved this disgusting loser playing with his own scat! I can’t believe how disgusting he was, just to try to amuse Me! It started with him begging Me to drain his wallet on cam. Then he revealed to Me that his loser ass was drunk as fuck! he thought shitting on the floor and rubbing it over his own foot would amuse Me LOL!

When I wasn’t impressed, shithead shoved his nasty shit covered foot into his own mouth! I almost fucking barfed, he’s so fucking disgusting! The $500 that I drained from him was NOTHING compared to the humiliation he’ll be feeling when he sees his nasty pics on My blog!

The best part was that he kept insisting that he was smart! he didn’t seem to want to admit that he was just another moron paying for My attention. Really, humiliating yourself and eating your own shit while letting a Goddess drain your wallet isn’t the best way to prove that you are ‘smart…’