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Things Just Keep Getting Better!

Another month means it’s time for another update. So much happened last month and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Samhain Celebration

femdom witch witchcraft ceremony samhain

First off, October was amazing for so many reasons, not the least of which was My Samhain celebration! Due to covid (and the HUGE spike because of the EXTREMELY stupid decision to re-open the U of M campus), the ritual was smaller than it usually would have been. But it was all together just wonderful! We made personal offerings to our ancestors, and did a ceremony to help them cross over. Plus the leader made this great punch!

femdom witch witchcraft ceremony samhain ritual

After the ritual and leaving our offerings, I then went home to do an extra powerful curse! The moon was full on Samhain, so this curse is gonna hit like a ton of bricks! I can’t wait for him to come crying to Me, begging Me to reverse it! And I REALLY can’t wait to get the clip edited and release it so the rest of you can ‘enjoy’ it too LOL!

$14K+ in October

femdom findom Mistress domina domme

Another reason that Oct was amazing, it was My best month ever for findom! As you can see from the screen shot of My income tracking spreadsheet, this year has been great. Up to this point, My best month was about $10k. I’ve blown that out of the water THREE times this year so far, and last month was the best so far! Nearly $15K! Think My good pets can get Me to $15K for another record-breaking month in December?

New Tattoo


I’m sure all of you know doughboy, My real-time sub. Well, doughboy, being the rich cis het white male that he is, has repulsive political views. When I found out that he was voting Red in this election, I knew I had to teach him a lesson! First, I told him to meet Me at the tattoo parlor and pay for My cute ankle tattoo – a rainbow hammer & sickle symbol to promote My communist ways. While he was there, I told him that I had brought a little snack for him – some toenails! What I DIDN’T tell him was that those toenails were My boyfriend’s not Mine LOL!

femdom Mistress Domme dominakiara brand tattoo sub

Once that was finished, I told doughboy that I was going to make him an offer he couldn’t possibly refuse. If he got a matching rainbow communism tattoo, AND redistributed some wealth (to Me, of course) and, of course, renounced his disgusting fascist beliefs, then I would suck cock that night. Shocking no one, he hopped right up on the table and handed Me a big wad of cash after his tattoo was complete.

femdom findom Mistress Domme dominakiara tattoo

So, of course, I went home and sucked My boyfriend’s dick… LOL! Fucking pathetic moron! NOTHING in the UNIVERSE would get Me to suck your pathetic excuse for a dick! Keep dreaming! And, most importantly, KEEP SENDING!

New LoyalFans Contest

avn stars Mistress femdom domme fetish

There is a NEW LoyalFans contest coming up, and I want to WIN! I did SO well in the last one, so I’m sure that with My new devotees I can get even higher up in this one! It’s just in pre-nominations right now, so use this link to nominate Me!


Nominate Me once every 24 hrs, even if you’ve nominated someone else that day! And don’t worry about all the empty sections in that link. you can, of course, choose to nominate someone for any and all of the other categories, but I am personally only interested in the Favorite Domme category! And while you’re there, sub to My profile and get 15% off on IWantClips purchases, a free dick rating, free clips, exclusive sexy femdom content, and more!

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New Pictures & Clips

That’s it for now, pets. I also updated My gallery this month with all My hot new free femdom pictures for you to worship! But remember to pay your cum tax if you make a little mess… LOL! I’ve also added SIX new clips, along with My first ever writing assignments (one of which was FREE for LoyalFans subs)! Buy them ALL via the links below, or send Me a message to let Me know what is your preferred payment processor!


Clip – Get Out of your Blackmail Contract for FREE!

real blackmail Mistress fetish contract exposure escape clip

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subscribers!

In this over 9:30 min clip, I tell you how to escape your blackmail contract FOR FREE…

Through being exposed of course!

But will anyone ACTUALLY see you if all your pics and personal information are up on My blog? Watch as I guide you through My analytics, showing you exactly how many people view which pages on My blackmail fetish website… Are you SURE you want out…?

Clip – Succubus Addiction Magic Kiss

femdom witchcraft sorceress succubus magic magick kiss lipstick fetish

Pucker up… I’m going to put on some special lip gloss, then I want to kiss you, My pet. After all, I AM a succubus, and succubi feed off of a man’s pleasure… But I’m ALSO a sorceress, and I’ve cast a special addiction spell on this lip gloss. Will you still kiss Me, knowing that you will be addicted to Me for eternity if you do…?

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subs!



Assignment – Write Lines for My Demon Cleavage!

femdom witch fetish cleavage tease game writing assignment

My first ever writing assignment… Wanna see My sexy cleavage? Just finish the task that’s on the website (the one over My tits at the bottom, write it EXACTLY as listed, CAPS MATTER!) How hard could it be..?

100% FREE for LoyalFans subs!




Assignment – Write Lines for My BBW Curves!

BBW femdom fetish tease game writing assignment

Half off for LoyalFans subs!

Want to see My sexy BBW body? This pic is SOOOO hot, I’m not just gonna give it to you! But how hard could typing a few lines be…?





Clip – IGNORED by the Succubus!

femdom witch fetish tease ignore ripoff clip

Why should a powerful demon like Me pay ANY attention to a pathetic bitch like you!? Sit there and pay to watch Me message friends on My phone, type on My computer, and all around just live My best life for almost 13 mins. It’s all you’re good for anyway…




Clip – Succubus Turns your Balls to Gold!

femdom witchcraft sorceress succubus magic magick castration orchiotomy fetish

Come here, My pet… you have been SUCH a good boy that I’m going to give you a gift… I’m going to finally touch your balls… Just the way you’ve always craved for Me to… What do you mean you can’t feel it…? That’s because I’ve turned them to gold LOL! It’s the ONLY way they’ll ever be useful to Me anyway! you should thank Me for your free magical orchiotomy!

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subs!



Clip – Succubus’ Sacrificial Smoke

femdom witchcraft sorceress succubus magic magick smoke smoking cigarette fetish

your Succubus Queen is going to sit here and enjoy My cigarette break. Just breathe in all this sexy smoke… Don’t worry, I’ve only cast a tiny little sacrifice spell on it… What does it make YOU wish to sacrifice for Me…? (~8 min clip)

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subs!




Clip – Succubus SPH JOI Humiliation

femdom succubus sph joi fetish

How long is your little ‘horn,’ huh nipple dick? How does it compare to Mine? Do I make you jealous? Follow along with Me while I stroke My sexy Succubus horns, all the while teasing and humiliating you for your disgusting, worthless little nub! (6:30 min clip!)

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subs!




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