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Welcome to 2021 With Mistress Kiara…

In case you didn’t notice, things are looking great for the coming year! In 2020, I made over 6 figures with Domination as My only source of income, and there’s no WAY I’m stopping in 2021! I know things were a bit concerning with the SISEA bill, but thanks to the ‘lame duck’ period, it has been thrown out. It’s not QUITE a victory, since they could just easily reintroduce the bill (or a similar one), but at least it’s no longer an imminent threat!

New Year, New Layout

goth femdom latex leather fetish Domme cleavage

Just a quick and easy layout change to the site which SHOULD help it look and function better on tablet and mobile devices. Be sure to let Me know if anything looks off, or if there’s anything I can do to change the site which will make it easier for you to use on your device! With so many platforms going the way of Tumblr (like Instagram has recently done), I want this website to be as useful as possible!

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More AMAZING News – First Public Nude!!!

It’s October, which has always been My favorite month. Obviously I’m a goth girl at heart and I just LOVE dressing up and doing fun makeup for Halloween! But being a Pagan, there’s also Samhain to look forward to! I’ll do a more in-depth blog about the Witch’s New Year later I’m sure. But I also love the milder temperatures, not needing to run the air conditioner, snuggling up with blankets, wearing longer dresses and hoodies, pretty much just everything about Autumn is great! But this Autumn is particularly Amazing so far!


femdom Mistress kiara chastity fetish keyholding key holding keyholder holder

First off, happy Locktober to all My chastity subs! For anyone who has the Qiui “Cellmate” chastity device, I made an account so that I can better control that little ‘distraction’ of yours during My favorite month. Locking fee (complete with locking ceremony cam session) is $50. Weekly payments can be discussed after that. Are you brave enough to try…?

6th Place for Favorite Footwear Contest!

So I’m not big on competition. Which isn’t to say that I’m not COMPETITIVE; in fact, therein lies the problem… When I compete for something, I feel this overwhelming NEED to win! I get SUPER invested in giving 120% and doing as well as I possibly can. I LOVE being proud of Myself since I know I’m the best Me that I can be.

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Happy Solstice – Let’s Celebrate With a HUGE Update!

Many people who do pro Domination try to build a wall between themselves and their Domme persona. Over the years, I have striven to break down this wall and be more and more Myself in every way when I interact with My subs and slaves. Today marks a huge moment for Me when I’ve knocked down one more of those walls… And what better time than on the morning after the longest night of the year – the winter solstice.

femdom witch Mistress pagan sorceress

Join the Cult of Mistress Kiara, Femdom Witch

I have been a practicing Witch from a young age, and now I am embracing that practice in My femdom lifestyle. Of course, this isn’t truly the first time for Me… I’ve been casting spells, curses, and hexes to influence My fetish life for YEARS. Causing relapses, bringing subs to obsession over Me, and just generalized spells to bring Me more money and subs in general. But now I’m bringing that part of My life into the forefront with a brand new listing, clips, assignments, and more!

Call Button

Not quite ready for a call with a sorceress? That’s ok. I have plenty of femdom witch PTVs for you to choose from, starting with this hot erectile dysfunction curse clip!

Buy the clip here!

Along with this clip, you can find several other PTVs involving My Pagan practices in My shop. And to give you a bit of a taste of how I do things, here’s a free clip showing you how I celebrated Yule last night…

New Femdom Shop!

In keeping with the above state goal of not procrastinating, I would like to introduce you all to My latest updates in this blog post. First, there is the new shop feature! I have added almost all of My clips, picture packs, assignments, and other PTVs to this new page where you can search and sort them any way you like! I will be going through all of My sales platforms in the next few weeks to make sure that all of My content is available on all of the places I know you like to shop.

doughboy Holiday Session & Clip

Buy the clip here!

Like every year, My lovely little doughboy treated Me to some fun and a big, fat tribute for the holidays. So, of course, I had to film our fun for you to see! This festive role play clip has it all – tons of punching, kicking, and slapping of course, along with some strapon fun, sissification, face sitting, gagging, boot worship, wallet rinsing, and TONS of humiliation! All this in a 26-minute clip, how can you resist? doughboy plays a sugar daddy who uses women for their bodies when they need his money. However, today, he picks on the wrong Domme… I lure him in with My sexy femdom outfit and then proceeds to give him everything he deserves…

The scene starts with doughboy talking to his viewers. he has set up a webcam so that his internet followers can watch as he humiliates and fucks a desperate sugar baby that he has enticed with his huge wad of cash. I enter the scene dressed to kill – thigh-high leather boots, opera length fingerless leather gloves, a sexy leather corset, and a short leather skirt. doughboy takes the time to give My razor-sharp nails some much-deserved worship, then starts to kiss My neck, trying to turn Me on. When he reaches under My skirt, he gets a huge handful of My strapon LOL! After a long scuffle, wherein doughboy is slapped silly, I finally use the belt that doughboy had threatened Me with earlier to choke him out…

doughboy awakes and realizes he is tied to a chair. he looks down to see that I have sissified him with a humiliating pig mask, rainbow bikini, and high heeled sandals. I take some more easy shots, using his own boxing gloves, while he’s bound. Then I release him and allow (force) him to worship My boots. I make him kiss, lick, and suck all over these sexy leather boots, from toe to heel.

After I make him suck My strapon, I decide that he needs to have his loser mouth filled with cock all the time… I strap a penis gag to his face and he presents his ass to Me. Using a vibrating anal toy, I stretch his ass wider than it’s ever been before. When he is well and truly sodomized, I decide to have some fun by sitting on his face and smothering him with My thicc ass.

In the spirit of the Holiday season, I decorate doughboy like a Christmas tree, wrapping him in Christmas lights. But that’s still not enough humiliation for Me… I want this to be a day that this freak will never forget, and I leave him some claw marks from My manicured nails as a reminder not to fuck with Women ever again. Lastly, I steal a lock of his hair, which I will be happy to use in some nefarious ritual, curse, or hex in the near future… Satisfied that he is fully humiliated, I rape his wallet and flip off his viewers lol!


The last thing I want to say for this post is that I will no longer be accepting Kinkbomb. I may go into further detail later, but suffice it to say that they took over a YEAR to pay Me last time, so I’ve removed all of My content from their platform. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause some of you. If you would like to discuss other payment options, feel free to contact Me personally.

That’s all for now, My pets. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to having lots of fun using you in the new year.

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Session Review, Update, & IWantClips Special!

Happy December, puppets! It’s almost Christmas time, and you know what that means… It’s time for you to head on over to My Amazon Wish List and spoil your Goddess! November was My most profitable month since I’ve been back. It was literally twice as profitable as My previous ‘best month.’ It’s your job to make December even better! And here’s how you can start:

Mistress fetish phone sessions cheap iwantclips iwantphone

IWantPhone (makers of IWantClips) is running a special this month! For the whole month of December, you get 10% back in site credits from the first completed phone call that you make to Me on their platform. So what are you waiting for? Be a good boy and call Me and get yourself some extra money back too!

fetishes Mistress enjoys

Some of My returning puppets may have noticed that the site looks a bit different. I did a bit of updating and added a whole new section to the website – fetishes I enjoy. There you will find links to pages where I describe individual fetishes and what I enjoy most about them, as well as hot pictures and links to clips that you can buy for each fetish.

fetish wrestling boxing trans Dom humiliation

iwantclips fetish wrestling boxing trans Dom humiliation  
Speaking of clips, I’m sure you all remember doughboy, My little sissy pay pig who does real time beat down and fetish wrestling sessions with Me. Well I’m here to tell you about all the fun Dom Mal and I had while filming this clip with him! It’s full of humiliation, forced bi, foot worship, and wallet rape, which you know We love!

Mistress Domme humiliation wallet rape findom financial domination humiliation

In this scenario, Dom Mal and I are doughboy’s neighbors. he calls the authorities to file a noise complaint every time We have Our friends over for a party. Then Dom Mal lets Our dog out, and sees doughboy staring at Them from his kitchen window, stroking his tiny penis and ejaculating into the kitchen sink. We decide it’s time to punish the creep and teach him a lesson he will never forget. Intending to inflame doughboy’s lust as well as his rage, and thereby provoke a confrontation,  I put on a sexy new outfit and take the dog out for a walk …. on doughboy’s property. When he sees the gigantic dog take a massive dump in his yard, he’s filled with hatred for his new neighbors, and when he sees Dom Mal leave the house to go run some errands and is certain that I am home alone, he goes next door to confront Me.

Sexy Domme Mistress Femdom

I invite doughboy in, offering him a cup of tea and apologizing that the two of them have gotten off on the wrong foot. doughboy is in a far less conciliatory mood, and he orders Me to immediately go out into the yard and clean up the dog shit. I laughs at this absurd demand, telling him that’s just what doggies do and that, if it bothers him so much, he can go and clean it up himself.

ballbusting shoe stiletto fetish ball busting

Doughboy is incensed by My flippant display of ‘disrespect for elders’. he unleashes a tirade of personal insults, threatening physical violence, and telling Me that I’m about to get everything that’s coming to Me. I, of course, just laugh and puts an end to doughboy’s threats with a well-deserved kick to the balls.

Just then, Dom Mal returns home to find Me shoving My stiletto heels down the unconscious doughboy’s throat. I, of course, had taken the time to rough doughboy up with kicks, face slaps, and punches while Mal was out and am now having My way with him in any way I see fit.

I invite Dom Mal to stick Their toes into doughboy’s mouth as well, and the two of Us take turns humiliating Our loser neighbor, forcing him to worship Our bare feet and toes while he’s still woozy from the severe beat down.

Now it’s Mal’s turn to put on the boxing gloves and administer a beat down to the man who had so obscenely gotten off to Them without Their permission.

When he has again been knocked out, We lather up a series of large soap dildos and fuck his face with them, washing his mouth out with soap like the sick fuck he is.

To further humiliate him, We force feed him dog food, and then bring him to his ultimate disgrace by making him wear a leather hood.

Finally, We fuck his nice, thick wallet, and celebrate Our victory by counting Our money while discussing plans for the future …. plans that include having doughboy live in Our dog‘s old house, and taking possession of his house for Our own uses. We have friends, after all, and they all deserve a nice place to live, too

That was such a fun session, but that’s not all I’ve been doing lately! I’ve also recorded a new clip, and I must say I think it’s My most popular yet on both Kinkbomb and IWantClips!

Financial Domination & Cum Eating Brainwash Mindfuck Hypnosis
Mistress femdom hypnosis fetish iwantclips
Financial Domination CEI Femdom Hypnosis Binaural Beats

Be warned! This clip is very powerful! This clip is not to be listened to unless you are in a safe environment, can sit or lay down, and you have ample time afterward to come back around. Being a certified hypnotist, mindfuck and brainwashing comes naturally to Me. This clip will bring you under with a slow induction, at which point I will plant post hypnotic suggestions into your brain. Brainwashing takes time. Anyone who says they can do it in one clip is deluding themselves. However, this clip is a great start. Listening to this clip with headphones and enjoying it at least once per day will ensure the best mindfuck brainwashing mesmerize you’ll ever get.

I’ve had a very busy couple weeks! I’ve also been making sure that all of My older clips are available on ALL of My clips site, not JUST Clips4sale. Here are the new addictions to Kinkbomb and/or IWantClips.

Double Caged for My Amusement
Chastity Key holder cock cage Mistress iwantclips
Chastity Key holder cock cage Mistress Clip

I’ve kept you caged for such a long time, but I don’t think that’s good enough. Something of yours is still escaping, if you catch My drift… So I’ve gotten you your very own steel chastity device to make sure that ALL of you stays exactly where I want you…

Ball Busting foot boi don
ball busting ball kicking clip video iwantclips
ball busting ball kicking clip video

Another hilarious clip I did with foot boi don. he stands in My kitchen while I kick his balls until he collapses from the pain lol! Did I mention that I love Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Muay Thai? xD

CBT Hypnosis Mezmerise Brainwash Minsfuck
CBT Hypnosis Mezmerise Brainwash Minsfuck iwantclips
CBT Hypnosis Mezmerise Brainwash Minsfuck

This was a custom request.”Most Devine Mistress Kiara, i humbly request that you create for this pathetic loser a custom video. i want YOU to hypnotize, mesmerize, brainwash, and totally mindfuck me. Make me beat my loser cock for YOU, and then wrap it in duct tape so that when i pull it off for YOU, the skin comes off too.”

CBT & Humiliation for loser maggot – 1
CBT cock ball torture humiliation Mistress iwantclips
CBT cock ball torture humiliation Mistress

This was a special clip that loser maggot ordered from Me a while ago. maggot is a worthless, nasty, tiny dicked loser who can’t get it up. Yep, that’s right, maggot has ED and he’s totally worthless in the sack. So I have him torture his nasty dick and then proceeded to humiliate him about his ‘short’ comings lol! NOTE: The sound isn’t so great, so this clip is at a discount

CBT & Humiliation for loser maggot – 2
CBT cock ball torture humiliation Mistress iwantclips
CBT cock ball torture humiliation Mistress

The first custom video that loser maggot requested has done so well that I’ve decided to upload the second one just for you losers lol. My friend, Mistress Kitty, has joined Me in this fun clip to humiliate, tease, and torture this dumbass! This one is far more brutal than the first one – maggot has a shock collar with 100 different settings, and we let the fate of the dice decide exactly what setting and how long he has to keep it on his tiny loser dick! LOL! Got a new HD cam, so the sound is absolutely perfect on this one!

That’s all for now, puppet. Until next time…

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