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Welcome to 2021 With Mistress Kiara…

In case you didn’t notice, things are looking great for the coming year! In 2020, I made over 6 figures with Domination as My only source of income, and there’s no WAY I’m stopping in 2021! I know things were a bit concerning with the SISEA bill, but thanks to the ‘lame duck’ period, it has been thrown out. It’s not QUITE a victory, since they could just easily reintroduce the bill (or a similar one), but at least it’s no longer an imminent threat!

New Year, New Layout

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Just a quick and easy layout change to the site which SHOULD help it look and function better on tablet and mobile devices. Be sure to let Me know if anything looks off, or if there’s anything I can do to change the site which will make it easier for you to use on your device! With so many platforms going the way of Tumblr (like Instagram has recently done), I want this website to be as useful as possible!

$1K Tribute on Jan 1

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you know Me, I LOVE making a statement! Well for the beginning of the year, I lit My favorite money candle, surrounded it with cash, and and manifested a nearly $1200 day for Jan 1! Most of it was Amazon GC, which is NOT My favorite, but even so, a $1K+ day on the first day of the year is pretty impressive!

Adopt a Bill

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Something that I haven’t done in a while is open up ‘adopt a bill’ slots in My stable, so I figured I’d do that again this year. These are all monthly bills, some of which are necessities and others are just to make Me happy. Of course, I can EASILY pay all of them on My own, but isn’t it more fun to live an entirely sub-funded life?

What’s Toreba?


Some of you may not know this, but your Goddess is a HUGE gamer! I have recently rediscovered one of My favorite mobile games called Toreba. The app lets you use your phone to control a crane game in Japan, and you actually get the prizes when you win! I’ve become… Well, not good, but pretty ok at it. I DO manage to sink around $150 per month into the game, though, so one of you (or SEVERAL of you) are going to have to pick up that tab. What could be better than paying for My fun?

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New Pictures & Clips

That’s it for now, pets. I also updated My gallery this month with all My hot new free femdom pictures for you to worship! But remember to pay your cum tax if you make a little mess… LOL! I’ve also added three new clips, along with a new femdom witchcraft prayer and a sexy impromtu ass pic (both of which was 100% FREE for LoyalFans subs)! Buy them ALL via the links below, or send Me a message to let Me know what is your preferred payment processor!


Pic – HOT Impromptu Ass Pic!

Femdom Fetish Mistress BBW Ass Worship Smother pics for sale100% FREE for LoyalFans subscribers!

Took this pic on a whim while filming yesterday. Didn’t even edit it, just slapped a watermark on My hot, juicy ass. Can you handle the full uncensored version? Buy it now and find out!

Clip – Deepening your Previous Curses…

witch curse hex magick magic femdom witchcraft bad luckIn previous clips you were cursed with premature ejaculation in the presence of huge tits and of course blue balls in the presence of huge asses. However, I feel that I have been FAR too easy on you… you could always just avoid people with big asses and huge tits, right? Well, not after this curse… I’m going to make THEM come to YOU LOL!

In this nearly 15 min clip, I curse you to be so attractive that they will flock to you, deepening the previous curses… Beware, pet… Buy at you own risk…

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subscribers!

Clip – Quarantine BBW Ass Worship Humiliation

bbw ass worship femdom clipFREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans Stars subs!

Quarantine hasn’t been ALL bad… Look how I get to lounge around the house and humiliate you in these hot little booty shorts LOL! I love sticking My ass right in your face, knowing that you’re jerking it to the thought of Me humiliating you with My huge BBW bubble butt. I shake it, smack it, spread it, and tell you how PATHETIC you are for enjoying every second of this 8:30+ min video. How long will you last…?

Clip – Under Desk Shoes Ignore

femdom fetish tease ignore ripoff under desk heels clipWhile getting ready for a Yule gathering, I decided to put My webcam under My desk and record. For nearly 19 mins, I sit and chat with my boyfriend, do My makeup, and completely ignore you, just like you deserve. At least you get to see My sexy goth heels and cute ankle tattoo right?

Prayer to Kiara – Hail Kiara, Full of POWER…

femdom witchcraft sorceress religious humiliation succubus prayer hail Mary100% FREE for LoyalFans Stars subscribers!

Church is out, so you can stop lying about having been good all week. We both know you just wanted to come home and Worship ME anyway… Here’s a bastardized version of ‘Hail Mary’ that I reworked as ‘Hail Kiara’ instead >:) Say it 10 times every day that you don’t serve Me…

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