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Alright, which one of you humiliation losers is it?

One of My new favorite pass times is reading sites with silly real life things – text messages from last night, failblog, and My latest favorite, passive aggressive notes. Every once in a while, I find one that makes Me think of you losers! Today I was reading them before bed and came across this one. All I want to know is which public humiliation junkie was it? LOL If it wasn’t one of you (because I know you fucking losers do this – half the time without even needing to be told!) then here’s your assignment from Me. Open your window, pull open the shades, turn on the computer, look at My gallery, and strip. Once you’re completely and totally naked, start fapping away at that little nub between your legs. Let the whole world see that tiny little dick! LOL And the whole time, I want you thinking of this sexy Princess in the apartment or house across the street, watching and laughing My ass off! When you’re done, post a reply here to let Me know how much you enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜›

6 thoughts on “Alright, which one of you humiliation losers is it?”

  1. It wasn’t me, Mistress!! I’m not a fat bald loser… I’m a scrawny hairy hippy loser! But I must say; I enjoyed Your Assignment Very Much. Your Galleries are a Most Welcome addition to Your Site.

  2. It wasn’t me either but I still did as you instructed…… Fortunately it’s the middle of the day here in England, no one was around to see ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wasn’t me either I am a tall skinny loser. I enjoyed your task immensley but not sure my neighbours did. Your pics are amazing. Thank you.

  4. It wasn’t me Mistress as I do not fit the description nor live on the third floor. I have however completed your assignment and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to more such assignments and personal interaction. Thank-you ever so much.

    Respectfully Submitted,

  5. I so enjoyed completing this task for You Ms. Kiara! I had the blinds open, and live in a highly populated area of gays and had several window watchers. I came into my hand and licked it up thinking of You Ma’am. You’re so amazing.

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