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Femdom Mistress Kiara Hates Blogging!

Where has your femdom Mistress, Kiara, been? I’ve been around. Not much has happened, really. I’m still here, still draining & trainingĀ  submissive pets lol. Honestly, My life is Perfect, and it doesn’t really involve you šŸ˜› but you can still try to impress Me and maybe I’ll think of you while I’m relaxing and living the life of the Queen I am.

Fuck Schedules!

Mistress has decided that I don’t need to be held down by stupid things like fetish blogging schedules. Let’s be honest, are you even here to read these? Or are you just over there jerking it to My femdom pics and clips? So fuck it – Mistress will update when I feel like it or when I have something big to share. Deal with it lmao!

femdom Mistress Kiara's phone, cam, and text session schedule

Don’t worry – I’ll still be sticking to My login schedule and trying to release clips once every other week or so. you’ll still have femdom content from Me for your spank bank and will be able to setup fetish sessions with your Mistress.

Your Mistress is an Author!

Mistress Kiara is an author of steamy, sexy, spicy gay fiction!

I’m sure most of you already know this, but your Mistress is an officially published author! I use the pen name Ryder O. Cox and write spicy, steamy, and extra sexy erotic fiction. I’ve written four books, one of which is completely free! That one’s called Practice Makes Perfect, and it’s about cross dressing, so I know some of you are gonna LOVE it!

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More AMAZING News – First Public Nude!!!

It’s October, which has always been My favorite month. Obviously I’m a goth girl at heart and I just LOVE dressing up and doing fun makeup for Halloween! But being a Pagan, there’s also Samhain to look forward to! I’ll do a more in-depth blog about the Witch’s New Year later I’m sure. But I also love the milder temperatures, not needing to run the air conditioner, snuggling up with blankets, wearing longer dresses and hoodies, pretty much just everything about Autumn is great! But this Autumn is particularly Amazing so far!


femdom Mistress kiara chastity fetish keyholding key holding keyholder holder

First off, happy Locktober to all My chastity subs! For anyone who has the Qiui “Cellmate” chastity device, I made an account so that I can better control that little ‘distraction’ of yours during My favorite month. Locking fee (complete with locking ceremony cam session) is $50. Weekly payments can be discussed after that. Are you brave enough to try…?

6th Place for Favorite Footwear Contest!

So I’m not big on competition. Which isn’t to say that I’m not COMPETITIVE; in fact, therein lies the problem… When I compete for something, I feel this overwhelming NEED to win! I get SUPER invested in giving 120% and doing as well as I possibly can. I LOVE being proud of Myself since I know I’m the best Me that I can be.

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blueballz – Back in Chastity!

Some of you may remember My post back in May about locking one of My pets in chastity for a month. Well, he made it through his one month and then took some time to be unlocked due to health reasons, but he contacted Me last week, begging Me to put him back into his chastity device!

male chastity male chastity device keyholder

As you can see, his little willy NEEDS to be in chastity – it’s a disgrace to REAL cocks everywhere! What’s particularly hilarious about My little blueballz is that he is married and has offspring, but he has sex so infrequently that his wife doesn’t even notice that he’s wearing a chastity device!

The mere idea of being locked in chastity again by his Goddess was enough to make the device uncomfortably tight on him, LOL! We went with a plastic lock this time, and I have the serial number written down so I’ll know if he cheats…

male chastity male chastity device keyholder

Little bblz told Me that the first morning was the hardest he’s experienced since last time he was in chastity. he said he tried to stroke, but it was all in vain due to the chastity device hiding his little wee wee from him LOL. I love being a keyholder… I wonder if he can last 2 months this time….