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Femdom Mistress Kiara Hates Blogging!

Where has your femdom Mistress, Kiara, been? I’ve been around. Not much has happened, really. I’m still here, still draining & training  submissive pets lol. Honestly, My life is Perfect, and it doesn’t really involve you 😛 but you can still try to impress Me and maybe I’ll think of you while I’m relaxing and living the life of the Queen I am.

Fuck Schedules!

Mistress has decided that I don’t need to be held down by stupid things like fetish blogging schedules. Let’s be honest, are you even here to read these? Or are you just over there jerking it to My femdom pics and clips? So fuck it – Mistress will update when I feel like it or when I have something big to share. Deal with it lmao!

femdom Mistress Kiara's phone, cam, and text session schedule

Don’t worry – I’ll still be sticking to My login schedule and trying to release clips once every other week or so. you’ll still have femdom content from Me for your spank bank and will be able to setup fetish sessions with your Mistress.

Your Mistress is an Author!

Mistress Kiara is an author of steamy, sexy, spicy gay fiction!

I’m sure most of you already know this, but your Mistress is an officially published author! I use the pen name Ryder O. Cox and write spicy, steamy, and extra sexy erotic fiction. I’ve written four books, one of which is completely free! That one’s called Practice Makes Perfect, and it’s about cross dressing, so I know some of you are gonna LOVE it!

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Welcome your Femdom Queen Back Plus Twitter & IWC Update!

Took some personal time off but I’m back now and ready to keep kicking ass!

Twitter Issues

So as a lot of you know (and love Me for), I am an opinionated bitch. I made the “mistake” of calling someone out for being racist last year (I think? I don’t keep tract honestly) and suddenly they made a new Twitter account to attack Me with and now all My twitter accounts (including My personal ones and My backup ones and the one for Rate My Tiny Penis) are suspended.

I will keep everyone posted on whether or not I get them back obviously, but I am not hopeful. My long-time subs will remember that I got My last account, @DominaKiara suspended at around 10K followers. That means that I will probably be making a new Twitter account soon and starting 100% from scratch. Keep your eyes here so you can be sure to follow it!

IWantClips Reviews

So I’m sure any clip addicted subs have heard by now, but IWantClips has decided to review every single clip ever uploaded for sale on their site. They have gotten rid of any that have not sold after being up for 6 months, and they are also individually watching each and every one to make sure that they adhere to the ToS. That means that some of My IWC clip links in My shops page may not work. I am a big fan of having you pay Me via Cashapp, Venmo, or Amazon gift card for clips anyway, but if you insist upon using another site, try My Niteflirt or Clips4Sale.

Vacation’s Over

As I said, I took a break for personal reasons, but I’m back now! If you’re waiting on a response from Me and haven’t received one, feel free to send Me an email or Niteflirt message. As stated above, I no longer have access to My Twitter account, and this is the second time that this has happened, so if you sent Me a Twitter message then there is no way for Me to see it. I always encourage email as the best means of contacting Me.

Findom Addict Came Crawling Back

findom findomme financial domination mistress goddess worship tribute wallet rape 101921 findom findomme financial domination mistress goddess worship tribute wallet rape 101921-2

Enough of the bad news, let’s see some good news! As soon as I came back, I had an old addict come crawling back too! This sub has spent thousands on Me in the past, and he hasn’t disappointed this time around either! Unfortunately he ran away again (they always do) but not before I extracted another few thousand dollars from him lol. He’s My biggest spender so far since My vacation ended but I’m sure someone else will come by to blow him out of the water lol!

New Hair

Fetish Domina Kiara femdom goth alt Domme Mistress Goddess Worship domina Kiara hypno femdom

More good news – your Mistress got a sexy new haircut! It’s so much easier to take care of and I think it frames My face very well. I’d ask what you think, but honestly I don’t care that much. I’m happy with it, and that’s what matters.

No More doughboy

femdom Mistress Domme dominakiara brand tattoo sub

Speaking of getting rid of things that no longer work, doughboy is no more. he was caught cheating on Me and then tried to blame his lack of communication on the fact that I am a professional who requires money in exchange for interaction with Me. I’m sure he will be seeking out other local Michigan or Ohio Dommes, so if he comes to you and you want the full story feel free to send Me a message. I may write it up in a blog at one point, but I really can’t be bothered to care enough anymore. he, of course, signed a model release though so I do have the rights to continue selling all of the content (pictures and videos) that I created with him. I hope he enjoys having My lips and a matching tattoo with Me on him for the rest of his life, or at least until he decides to go through the painful process of getting them either covered up or removed LOL!

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Sexy Summer Update from Mistress Kiara

Things are still going great for your Goddess! Here’s a glimpse into how I enjoyed Pride Month 😉

Pride Month Was Great!

Fetish Domina Kiara femdom goth alt Domme Mistress Goddess Worship alt

June was Pride month, as I mentioned in My June update, and I am still in love with My rainbow pride manicure! I have gone on about 4 dates this month with women and non-binary folks this month and they all loved it! It cost about $180 for the manicure and the simple green glittery pedicure I got. A good sub already reimbursed it, but feel free to reimburse again lol. I’m going on another date this weekend, so you can look forward to more reimbursement opportunities then too.

Losing Weight

Fetish Domina Kiara femdom goth alt Domme Mistress Goddess Worship goth alt bbw

So I haven’t been taking many full body pictures or clips lately because My body has been changing so much. I have lost over 30 lbs over the past few months, and I’m pretty damn happy about it! I don’t think I’ll ever not be a BBW (I had a belly even when I was like 130 lbs) but I am loving the way I feel and look. Look forward to more body worship femdom content from Me as I embrace My new found love of My body even further!

New Satanism Clip – Succubus’ Magic Blasphemy Smoke Makes you Gay!

femdom witch magick magic witchcraft succubus demon gay smoking curse

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subscribers!

Happy Pride Month! In this ~12:30 min clip, your Succubus Demon Queen blasphemously uses Bible paper to roll a cigarette made from magical herbs. I have blessed these herbs – or are they cursed? While blowing each hit of magical smoke in your face, I tell you about how this magickal smoke made Me gay, and it will do the same for you! Buy the clip and become My fag bitch!

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June with Goddess Kiara

Happy summer! Things are FINALLY heating up here in Michigan, and I’ve been enjoying it a LOT! I’ve been releasing a ton of sexy femdom content too. Here’s what’s been going in My perfect life so far…

Back in the Dating Game

Fetish Domina Kiara femdom goth alt Domme Mistress Goddess Worship Queen

I announced last month that I dumped one of My partners. Well, I’m still poly, so that means I’m back in the dating game! What does that mean for you, My submissive pet? Do you FINALLY have a chance to date your Mistress!? LOL, no. Keep dreaming. I would NEVER date a sub. All this means is that I’ll be going on more dates, which means more cute pictures and more days off too. I’ll still be doing My best to stick to My weekly schedule, but I will definitely not turn down a date with someone cute on account of YOU.


nasty dirty femdom feet pics findom Mistress Kiara

I have been LOVING gardening this year! And I know My foot fetish addicts out there LOVE to see My sexy feet all nasty and covered in dirt and filth. So I’ve decided to garden either barefoot or in sandals this year in order to give you all a weekly treat! I’ll be taking pictures of My feet whenever I come back from the garden just for you! But don’t get TOO excited; most of the pics will be posted on My LoyalFans Stars or will be purchasable in My shop for non-subscribers. Some of these pics cost almost as much as a 30 day subscription to My LoyalFans, though, so don’t be stupid; just subscribe! By the way, this preview pic is the ‘cleanest’ you will see My feet after gardening LOL!

New Satanism Clip – Converting you to Satanism with Demonic Sunday School

femdom witch magick magic witchcraft satanism demon conversion curse

FREE PREVIEW for LoyalFans subscribers!

How strong is your faith in your religion? In this over 21 min clip, your Demon Queen takes you logically through why it just makes sense to convert to Satanism like I did. I address the 10 commandments, the Satanic Bible, & the 7 Tenets of the Satanic Temple to show you why the path you’re on is just wrong. Will your faith stand up, or will you fall before My logic and become a convert for Me? Buy the clip and find out!

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April Update From Mistress Kiara

Happy Spring! Summer is My favorite season, but spring feels like the drumroll before summer’s official arrival. Some BIG updates are coming soon to make sure that My summer is the best it can be, so let’s jump right into it!

My Birth Month

femdom fetish Mistress Kiara DominaKiara birthday gifts

April is the month in which I was born, and thus the whole month should be spent celebrating! As you can see by the screen shot above, My good subs are already working on getting Me the lovely gifts I deserve. Get your ass over to Pretty Punk Princesses Financial Domination Mistresses Wishlist and buy Me a gift yourself, or check out My tribute page and just send over some sexy cash to make Me smile! The 20th is My official birthday, so be sure NOT to bother Me with ANYTHING but tribute notifications on that day.

Getting Vaccinated – 1 Shot Down, 1 to Go!

real time in person femdom fetish Mistress Dominatrix Domme sessions

Last month I posted about My plans for doing real time dominatrix sessions after being vaccinated for covid. Well good news! I got My first shot last week and I will be getting shot 2 in about 2 more weeks. 2 weeks after that (around the second week of May) I’ll be as protected as possible! At that time I will start contacting people who have paid to be on the wait list. If that’s  you, you will be contacted via email in the order in which they were added.

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