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More fun with My blackmail cumslut!

I have been using this boy for a few months now and I have him completely under My control! I have had several femdom hypnosis sessions and he is CONSTANTLY texting Me, craving to serve Me, make Me happy, see Me smile… I have his subconscious so wrapped around My little finger that he only has one desire – to see Me smile. And THAT means I can do whatEVER I want in our femdom cam sessions! LOL!

As you can see, he is feminized for Me in his sexy bra and matching panties that I made him go and buy. he was sooo humiliated when he did! LOL! It took him about a week of being hypnotized by Me in order for him to finally obey, but now he is completely My slave. he lives ONLY to make Me happy!

I started out with some nice hard thwacks to the balls, thanking Me profusely for each of course. Once he was nice and bruised from his wooden spoon, I had him tie his pathetic little balls up with a rope and jerk off in his new panties. he almost started crying when he couldn’t cum because he was still tied up, lol!

When I finally let him squirt it, I made him aim for the spoon and fill it up for Me. It was his first time eating cum, so I made him fill it up all the way with his nasty cum! And, of course, he happily licked off every last drop, just to make his Mistress happy.

6 thoughts on “More fun with My blackmail cumslut!”

  1. WOW, Mistress!!! I think I need some Hypno-Therapy! If it would help me to Please You more – Anytime, Mistress. Anytime at all. I look forward to it!!

  2. Goddess

    i think you are to indeed be feared my god hypnosis and blackmail dare i tell you i fantasize about being Pimped out to suck cock for you with everything controlled completely by you dare i ???

    slave stephen kelly

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